The few, the proud, the individual competitors

Officially introducing the individual competitors who will be representing us up in Albany this weekend:
Let’s all wish best of luck to Sara (“Busdriver”) who qualified at the NY/NJ Sectionals to compete at the Northeast Regionals and to Jacinto (no nickname needed when you’ve got your own t-shirt) and Hari (“Milkman”) who are both competing in the Masters’ Division.
Try a FREE BEGINNERS’ CLASS: Tuesdays @ 6:30pm (women-only), Wednesdays @ 9am & 7pm, Saturdays & Sundays @ 10am. Click here for the schedule and to pre-register for a class.
#124 Mon/Thur @ 7:30am, starts May 24 (2 slots left)
#125 starts May 25 SOLD OUT!
#126 Mon/Thurs @ 6am, starts June 7 (4 slots left)
#127 Mon/Wed @ 6:30pm, starts June 7 (3 slots left)
#128 Mon/Thur @ 7am, starts June 14 (4 slots left)
#129 Tue/Thur @ 7:30pm, starts June 15 (4 slots left)

Thursday 100520
For Time:
185 pound barbell, Shoulder to overhead, 20 reps
40 Burpees
Partition as needed, any order.

Feeling sore? Forget ibuprofen–try some ginger
Moose at the threshold
Study: ADHD tied to pesticide exposure
Tell me what to eat (at John Welbourne’s new blog, Talk to Me Johnnie)
The right way to warm up is (your answer here)
The power of touch
QUESTION: Friend of the Black Box Jon Matzner has a great post on his blog entitled “The Man Who Dies With The Most Pogs, Wins.” In it, he asks the question “What do you think it is that makes Crossfit so contagious?” So, I’m hijacking the question for our own blog because I think it’s such a great one. (Hope you don’t mind, Jon!)


  • Click here for scaling options (courtesy of BrandX):
    Also, you can watch Jason Khalipa do this workout in just 2 minutes 55 seconds by clicking here:

  • Gillian Mounsey

    Good luck to those competing this weekend. You are all ready. Go have some fun! We are proud to have you represent us.

  • Sophie

    Sara you look scary I’m glad I’m not competing against you! You are going to dominate, can’t wait to watch!

  • Sara

    I’m not sure my scare face can compare to your scary rowing face….

  • seth

    Sara– I’m still a work in progress at crossfit but I’m proud to say you helped train me into what I am today
    good luck to sara and everyone competing.

  • Annie

    Good luck everyone!! You guys are awesome!!!

  • Dave A.

    The shirts are $12 each. Cash works best for me, I do not have paypal so if you are away post your email address and I will send you an address to send a check to. My goal is to get these made and shipped before next Friday to have for the BBQ, so please I need everyone who I list below to both confirm they want that shirt and that size, I will be ordering tomorrow so if I don’t hear anything by tomorrow night if I know you I will guess your size if I don’t I won’t order anything. Here is what I have:
    Avery ?
    Mike K. XL
    Luke S. L
    Mike N. L XL
    Justin F L
    Brett ?
    Cathy ?
    John G. M
    Nicole W. S
    Craig G. ?
    Nikky G. ?
    Lauren ?
    Laura ?
    Nick ?
    Chris C.
    Emerson L
    Paul B. M
    Rohan L
    Lenny ?
    Billy ?
    D. Smith ?
    MK M
    Mike Mishik M
    Matt K ?
    James Keller L
    Matt D. L
    Brook B. ?
    Guy ?
    Jeff ?
    Ramon XL XL
    Grace S
    Emily S
    MC XL
    Craig Cincy L S
    Jim M
    Court M
    Brian S. M
    Dave S. S
    Dexter L
    Josh R M
    Lt. Gabe L
    Torch L
    Mike S.
    Rickke M
    Steve O
    Pleaes let me know and confirm if possible when I have a better idea of when they are arriving I will talk to you all about payment, in the meantime feel free to give me the cash when I see you I will be putting this on my CC.

  • Leslie

    Good luck you all!
    And thanks to the Chipotle/Pinkberry group! Tons of fun. Next Wednesday after the 6:30 WOD, free Chipotle again!

  • Jeff

    I’ll be wanting a large.

  • Emily

    I’ll give you $12 this weekend for the T.

  • Bryce

    Damn, it’s effing game time! Go hard and good luck to everyone competing in Albany.
    Here’s the list of people that are interested in a Crossfit Checklist Challenge:
    Jonathan P
    Adam R
    James K
    Mike M (if a vest is available)
    Matt D
    Steve O
    Dave S
    Mike K
    I think June 12 would be a good date. It’s a Saturday rest day that would give everyone some time to work on some goats and recover from regionals. Post alternative dates if you’ve got any.
    If more people want in, like our gals and Brooklyn members, post in the comments as well.
    I’ll talk to the staff tomorrow about trying to get this going since it may require a bit of equipment and space.

  • jim

    put Gabe K down for an XL as well… ill pay and pick it up from you.

  • Emily

    I’m definitely game…but I might be headed out to Montreal on the 12th. I’ll keep you updated.

  • Steveo-O

    @Bryce- June 12th works well for me
    @ Dave A.- I can give you cash no problem, when are you around the box? I usually go at 530 or 6
    and good luck hari, sara and jacinto! kill it!!

  • Jai

    OK to scale the checklist? If so, I’m in.
    Also, ditto on thanks for the Chipotle tip. I am well fed tonight on your recommendation.

  • Chris C

    Can I get a L and S for Saskia? Also, if it’s not too late, a M would be great too.
    I’ll have Saskia pay you the money at the BBBBBQ

  • Emerson

    email the address to send a check to, since I won’t be back til the end of june, can I get the shirt shipped to me? Ill pay for that as well. emerson DOT hoff AT gmail DOT com.

  • Chris C

    John G.
    I’d also be interested in a classic Be Hard To Kill t-shirt

  • Avery

    Dave will there be women’s sized t shirts? If so I’ll take a medium if its a regular cut then a small. Thanks!

  • MC

    Good luck all. This one’s for you.

  • Dave A.

    Also can one of the owners please get me the date the BBB opened. Thanks

  • Lucio

    9:58 105#
    and what I find most addictive about CF is the fact that it changes everyday and that’s a strong contrast with conventional gym-going where the set of exercises are appropriately (and quite ominously) named ‘routines’ and who wants another routine in their lives?

  • Scott R

    Good Luck Sara, Jacino and Hari!

  • JeffZ

    6:38 80#
    The contagious part is that it’s fun as hell, and it beats you up until you feel great.
    Every morning after the workout, I leave the gym and walk out onto the street about 20 feet tall, made of steel with a big grin on my face. How could that not be contagious?

  • Tony T

    Dave A,
    If it’s not too late, I’d still like to get a t-shirt. Small please.

  • james keller

    Dave A – confirmed for a large
    John G – i’d be interested in a shirt too
    good luck to everyone this weekend!!

  • Matt D

    things on the checklist i’m worried about:
    5 155lb front squats, 3 135lb thruster, 6 pistols
    things on the checklist i can’t do:
    3 135lb squat snatch (current 3 rep max: 115), 5 hspu
    lots of stuff to work on for the next 3 weeks.

  • brendan m.

    6:40 115#
    I think I should have gone heavier, but I’ve got some bruising and a serious calcium deposit on my collar bone after Tommy V. on Monday. Does anyone else have this issue after thrusters?

  • cathy s.

    Hey Dave- I posted Brett’s and my shirt size on Brooklyn site. Thanks for organizing this!
    Good luck this weekend everyone!!!!

  • Tim B

    kick some ass!!!
    voltron + transformers are awesome
    you have the power

  • Mike K

    Bryce – I’m out of town that wknd but am game another time.
    Dave – confirmed. I’ll pay you next time I see you.

  • Adam R

    Bryce — 6/12 works for me for the checklist challenge. Need to start working on my squat snatches and HSPUs.
    Crossfitters themselves are the biggest reason for the contagion. After Crossfitting for a while, everyone is stronger, looks better, feels healthier. Other people notice and inquire about it. Usually the question is “hey Adam, I hear you’ve been doing some crazy workout.”
    Then I say, “yeah, last night I jumped up on an 18″ box 15 times, did 15 pull-ups, and cleaned 95 pounds 10 times. I did that for 5 rounds, as fast as possible. Took me 15 minutes 12 seconds, a minute ten seconds faster than the last time I did it.”
    The other person then usually looks at me like I’m a lunatic, and is either repulsed or intrigued. If the latter, then their obsession begins.

  • Dave A., I’m in for a t-shirt if I can get a women’s medium. Are you do women’s shirts that are actually cut for women?

  • mk

    ditto – i’m hoping for women’s sizing too (L for me.)
    also: does anyone use an iPhone app to log your xfit workouts? recos, please, if you got ’em.

  • Dave A.,
    The move-in date at the BBB, when CFNYC couldn’t find a space in Manhattan and had nowhere else to go, was May 8, 2008:
    So I guess you can say that was the birth day of the Brooklyn Box, though certainly no one then knew we’d “keep it.”
    Some other interesting posts from back then:

  • jim

    today’s wod – is it from the floor or from a rack to overhead?

  • michelle foxman

    knock em dead guys. Sara-Gid says good luck! Hari-I owe you a steak when you get back. been too long!

  • Jim, you have to take the bar from the floor. (That’s how it is in the videos.)

  • jenn

    4:26 (85#)

  • Billy

    Dave, please make mine a “L”.
    Wishing yous guys all the best in Albany.

  • Rickey G

    Can you please get me a shirt. Size M

  • Chris H.

    115#, 10:02. Disappointing time, but good practice nonetheless.
    I think CF is successful primarily because it’s a high-value product. For the money, I don’t think you can find anywhere else the same level of programming, personal coaching, nutritional advice, and broad base of knowledge in and out of the gym. I guess you could call it contagious because there is a very positive social aspect, but people not interested in actually getting into shape seem to have immunity. I definitely agree that it is addictive because it is fun and it delivers results.

  • Emily

    Dave A-
    if you end up getting women’s shirts, i’ll take a med. thanks!
    most contagious part about cfit? i’d have to agree with Adam R. which is also why I don’t boast about my workouts to just about anyone…most people think i’m aboslutely CRAZY, doing what i do. but then, i show people the stuff that I ski and they think I’m crazy for doing that, too…..guess I’m just crazy…
    I, personally, really love the community. You can go to any Crossfit gym and fit in. You can push yourself, and be encouraged to go beyond your previous limits. You learn that, in life, the only limits there are are the ones that you put in place. If you place no limits, then you can go farther than the eye can see.

  • Nicole W.

    Dave A. if you have womens sizes I’ll take a medium as well otherwise unisex small.I will give you the money the day of the BBB bbq. Once again.. good luck to the individual competitors.

  • jenn

    Hey Bryce, I’m in for the Checklist Challenge on June 12. There is no scaling for this right (hence Rx)? I think I’m good on 16 out of the 32 challenges; guess I have a lot of training to do…

  • Dexter

    Hey Dave,
    Thanks for organizing the t-shirts. My email is I’m out of the country May 27 – June 1st.
    Best of luck to the competitors/gladiators!

  • Other Grace

    Best of luck to everyone! Michael S. and I are trying to make it upstate to cheer you on. 🙂
    John G – if there will be a “Be Hard to Kill” shirt, I would love to participate in getting one!

  • Kurt

    Good luck to you guys and have a great time.
    Dave, I would like a shirt too. Please put me down for a Large. Thanks.

  • MC

    A quick message from Mr. Mark Wahlberg:

  • Guy

    8:34 rx’d @ bbb
    Good luck to everyone this weekend!
    Dave A – I’ll take a large shirt and thanks for taking the initiative and organizing all this.

  • Lenny

    Crossfit is a sport. It’s fun to do because it’s like playing a game. Its fun to play because of the camaraderie you develop with other gym members who become your friends. Also because of the friendly competition you devlope with your friends. Hasn’t really ever happened at another gym I’ve ever been apart of.

  • Grace

    Dave A – confirmed for a small women’s shirt, or a small unisex. I’ll pay you this weekend. Thanks!

  • Dave – A size large for me, please. Thank you, sir!
    Email me at

  • Annie

    Dave A – I will buy a small women’s shirt

  • Lisa

    Best of luck this weekend to Hari, Sara and Jacinto.
    Did the WOD at lunch today – 05:50 with 58# bar. Did all 20 shoulder to overhead unbroken so that was too light.
    I find Crossfit is contagious because it is a community. Once you are a member of one affiliate, you can walk into any other and know you are among like-minded people. Would you expect the same going from one globogym facility to another?

  • Steve S.

    Bryce, I’m in for the RX challenge. And 6/12 works for me.

  • Steve S.

    Also, Dave A. put me down for a shirt. Size awesome…..I mean large.

  • Mike S

    Dave – I will take a Large, thanks.

  • Jeff

    if you’re ordering one of Dave A’s shirts, don’t forget to stop by BBB before it closes
    you don’t want to look like a poser

  • Sara

    Thanks to everyone for all of the amazing support and good luck to all of the team members, Hari, and Jacinto!

  • Lt Gabe

    Fran yesterday:
    3:28rx;d 28 second PR!!!
    Dave I’ll find a way to get a check to you. Just let me know.

  • Mike K

    Thank you to everyone for your support! And good luck to Sara, Hari, & Jacinto!
    Game time!

  • Dave A.

    Hey guys thanks to everyone for making this as easy as possible and putting down your sizes. I am only missing 3 right now, please respond tonight:
    Lenny (assuming womens small)
    Matt K
    Brook B
    Women the sizes are mens and womens. Hope despite the holiday EVERYBODY can make it to the BBQ next Friday, it will be unpaleo and lots of fun.
    Good luck to the affiliate team and our individual competitors, I will be cheering all of you on!!!

  • Brett_nyc

    Nice job Gabe. You down in NC yet making things go boom?

  • Rickke

    6:11 sub 145#
    Dave – I’ll take a size small.
    Good luck to Hari, Jacinto, Sara, and the team!

  • 4:12 115#

  • Dave S.

    6:13 100# first 11, 85# last 9

  • Lt Gabe

    @BrettNYC…I’ve been in NC, but I’m in Oklahoma right now attending the Army Field Artillery School. So I’m blowing things up out here. I keep aiming for the Elk that dot our firing ranges, but I’m told that it might be against the law to aim for them. Hitting them would also be a waste of meat.

  • Jonathan P

    7:26 135#x3 115#x17 My overhead skills are lousy, plus my hip drive and especially drop skills are lousy. What can I say. It’s another thing to work on.
    There’s been a lot of improvement going on around here. I’m impressed by you guys. I think that’s the contagious part, watching other people raise the bar. Reaching goals is great, but it’s the part of the addiction that only seems to be the reason to do it. The real reason is missing goals and setting higher goals. It’s just like a drug. It wouldn’t be very addicting if missing it were just as fine as everything else.

  • Bryce

    Okay, a couple more takers on the checklist challenge.
    There will probably be two categories, rx and scale, with an approximate drop in weight and/or reps of 15 to 20 percent.
    6:04 @ 140#
    Drop five zero, fire for effect.

  • Elizabeth M

    Bryce-I would down to join the Challenge if you have a scaled category for the ladies.
    60#(10-6-4) 6:30