Team Black Box!

Officially introducing your affiliate team!
Let’s all wish the best of luck to our Affiliate Team team members who are competing this weekend at the Northeast Regionals in Albany: Lenny (“HOG”), Mike K. (“Killa”), Mike M. (“Maniac”), Sophie (“Blahdhound”), Christine (“Crusher”), and Avery (“Averex”).
Stay tuned…tomorrow we’ll be wishing well to our individual competitors!

Try a FREE BEGINNERS’ CLASS: Tuesdays @ 6:30pm (women-only), Wednesdays @ 9am & 7pm, Saturdays & Sundays @ 10am. Click here for the schedule and to pre-register for a class.
#124 Mon/Thur @ 7:30am, starts May 24 (4 slots left)
#125 starts May 25 SOLD OUT!
#126 Mon/Thurs @ 6am, starts June 7
#127 Mon/Wed @ 6:30pm, starts June 7 (3 slots left)
#128 Mon/Thur @ 7am, starts June 14
#129 Tue/Thur @ 7:30pm, starts June 15

Wednesday 100519
Row 1000m
10 Turkish get-ups (5 left, 5 right)
Row 750m
10 TGUs (5L, 5R)
Row 500m
10 TGUs (5L, 5R)
Row 250m
10 TGUs (5L, 5R)
Post time and kettlebell weight to comments.

6:30-7:15am, 7:15-8am; 12:30-1:30pm: Black Box WOD
5:30pm: No class (rest day)
6-8pm: make-ups of the last 3 days’ WODs (back half of gym)
6:30-7:30pm, 7:30-8:30pm: Black Box WOD
Setting goals with my BFF Nancy Pelosi
Freestanding handstands!
Can dirt do a little good?
Herring pairing, yum
Harvard beats Yale 29-29
QUESTION OF THE DAY: Awhile back, Black Box co-owner and coach Josh Newman wrote “Tabata My Job” for the CF Journal, wherein he applies the brutal efficiency of CrossFit training principles to his job. Have you ever taken any lessons learned from CF WODs and been able to apply those lessons to other aspects of your life? Tell us your story in the comments.


  • Dave A.

    Allright so it looks like we’re gonna have some t-shirts made. Please keep in mind this will not be a Brooklyn Be hard to kill t-shirt, it will be an RIP Brooklyn t-shirt which will most certainly have be hard to kill on it somewhere. Here is the list I have for shirts:
    Dave A.
    Mike K.
    Luke S.
    Mike N. X 2
    Justin F
    John G.
    Nicole W.
    Craig G and Nicole G
    Chris C.
    Paul B.
    D Smith
    Mike Mishik
    Matt K
    James keller
    Matt D.
    I have not heard from him but we’re chipping in to get torch a shirt as well. I will get the quote tomorrow, if I missed anybody please let me know ASAP, otherwise plesse put what size shirt you want on TOMORROWS blog. Thanks, I will get with everyone in regards to costs.

  • Kurt

    Sweet photo montage (especially Sophie with beer in hand). Good luck at the games and have a great time. Hopefully, they will post WOD times so I can swing by and cheer you on. Kick some ass.

  • Emily

    Sara and I have talked a few times about creating an efficient practice schedule. There are soooo many people that spend hours upon hours in the practice room not really accomplishing much. There has to be SOME way to weed out all the bullshit and get 8 hrs of work done in 2 or 3 hrs… right Sara????

  • Brook B

    Please add me to the list above.

  • jenn

    Black Box WOD:
    24:28 (8kg kb)

  • Mike S

    Modified BB Wod: 25 Box Jumps / 10 TGU / 25 Pullups / 10 TGU / 15 BoxJ / 10 TGU / 15 Pullups / 10 TGU
    1 pood KB; 20:40
    Things carried over from CF into work:
    1) Standing; I now stand between 2-5 hours a day at work, in large measure as a result of Josh’s periodic slumped forward shoulder demos. Generally keeps me awake longer.
    2) Logging things; Shortly after I started recording workouts, I started keeping a standardized list of pending work things; basically, I have a sheet of green paper that I keep on my desk with specific places for active projects, new projects, things I owe people, things people owe me, and notes/phone numbers. At the start of each week I write out a new one, and file the old one. This way I have a record of everything I’ve worked on over the course of the year, and a way to keep important projects top of mind.
    3) Laying on the floor in a pool of sweat (this doesn’t go over very well)

  • Tim B

    good luck all!
    still staying off shoulder
    leg blasters every 2 mins x 5
    (10 squats, 20 lunges, 10 jumping squats, 20 jumping lunges each round0

  • Grace

    Dave A, I will take a small T please if it’s not too late.
    Excited for the affiliate team to kick ass this weekend! Great pictures!

  • Tim B

    also can we get the soap replaced in the bathrooms? its been like a week and a half

  • Sara

    Tim B:
    I purchased a bottle of soap for the bathroom last week and it got thrown away.
    Please do not throw away the soap bottles. I refill them.

  • Jason

    Please put me down for a T-shirt please!

  • jim

    shirt – m

  • Mike Mishik

    medium shirt

  • Court

    Dave, put me down for an M.

  • Count me in for a t-shirt size Medium.

  • Dave S.

    Dave A., I would like a small T.
    Good luck to the Black Box competitors this weekend!

  • Mike K

    Dave A – XL for shirt size
    Bryce – I’d be in for that challenge thing you posted yesterday as well. I think it’d be a fun Saturday rest day WOD.

  • Hari

    We will order for the bathrooms the same type of soap dispensers we use in the showers. We will order some extra dispensers, so that we can replace the units as they break. We will order a significant inventory of soap, so that this problem is solved once and for all.
    Hence forth, the first person to draw our attention to a basic problem at the Box will be given $20 cash.
    Tim B, we owe you $20. Collect it at the Front Desk.

  • josh / the ant

    Ha. I forgot I even wrote that article,
    More importantly:
    Any members free at 4:00 who want to be (locally) famous?
    NY1 is coming in last-minute to do a piece on the Box, and they’d love to speak with a member or two about their experiences.
    If you’re available and interested, shoot me an email at

  • Nicole W.

    Dave A. small for me. Good Luck Team Black Box! Kick some serious ass!

  • Simon P

    @ Hari – the door for the bathroom on the right (the one next to the old elevator) doesn’t lock shut no matter how hard you slam it.

  • Hari

    Simon P,
    We owe you $20. COllect it at the Front Desk. Thank you.
    (I haven’t noticed this problem. If its subtle, we may need to bring in someone to adjust the door or replace the handle / lock. We’ll take a look at it and figure out what needs to be done with both doors, since I’ve notice a problem with the lock on the other door.)

  • warm-up: 500m row
    WOD: 10 min AMRAP of 3 strict pull-ups, 6 push-ups, 9 DLs w/135#
    5 rounds plus 3 pulls and 6 pushes

  • Simon P

    @ Hari – the other lock works, you just have to turn the lock before closing the door. If you try to lock it after the door is closed, the lock won’t engage. (You don’t have to give me $20 for this one, it’s included 😉 )

  • Dexter B

    Good luck Team!!!!
    Dave count me in on a t shirt (size L)

  • Josh Rosenfield

    Dave, I’ll take a Medium tshirt.
    Hari, The shower curtain rod in one of the front two shower stalls isn’t pressured against the wall, its just sitting on the lip of the stall and will fall down easily.
    The white lifting rack is mostly broken and adjusting it is hazardous to your health. Specifically I think the problem is just the pull-pin on the left side.
    Something I’ve carried over from CF is the persistence to keep going even when it really sucks and you feel like shit. The mental aspect of sucking it up and dismissing any fatigue, strain or lack of motivation. This is applied to tedious Excel sheets, reading legal document jargon or climbing big mountains.

  • james keller

    how big are the shirts? the large american apparel shirts from cfe fit me well so if it is similar to that large please.
    good luck to everyone in albany this weekend – your hard work will definitely show!

  • Lt Gabe

    Dave count me in for a size L. I’ll pick up the tab on Torch’s shirt as well, I think I still owe him a commissioning present. Do you take paypal? I won’t be back in NYC till the fall.

  • Lt Gabe


  • Emily

    @the ant
    shot you an e-mail about NY1. I’m free @ 4 today and can come in. headed out for errands tho, so give me a call (my number’s in your e-mail) and let me know for sure.
    @Dave A–size small (unisex) T-shirt.
    Good luck Team Black Box!! I’ll be cheering you on this weekend!!!

  • Best of luck to team CFNYC. Go kick some butt and have fun!

  • Brett_nyc

    We can’t drop weights at all hours. 20$
    There is no 15′ rope. 20$
    On running wods I have to ring the buzzer and go up steps 20$x2
    The AC is weak in the summer heat 20$
    So when will my 100$ cash be available for pickup?

  • Hari

    Josh R,
    We owe you $20 (re: the curtain rod).
    We know the white rack is garbage. It will be replaced over the next few weeks.

  • Mike S

    Shaving mirrors that I bought have disappeared. I may get new ones with adhesive instead of the suction cups. Any objections?
    Also, I will take a t-shirt large

  • Mike Mishik

    Sara tries to fight me everytime I walk into the box, can we let her know the boxing gym is on the 5th floor…$40 bucks for emotional distress

  • Matt D

    Large t-shirt for me

  • anonymous

    sorry to change the subject guys. I’m new to CF and to Paleo. In the last few weeks, I’ve noticed an increasing difficulty with the #2… Has anyone else experience problems with pooping on Paleo? Is it from too much protein? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Yesterday and today have yielded no success.

  • Scott R

    Hari – It would be great it you can rehang the additional coat rack that used to be us so the morning classes have enough room to hang our work clothes, suits, jackets, etc.

  • Sara

    I just read your post. Seriously, the people who practice 8 hours a day are idiots. Short super focused sessions are all you need… we should start a crossfit musicians website.

  • Tim B

    anonymous –
    how many veggies are you having? more broccoli maybe?
    also throw some fish oil in before bed, I notice a diff when i forget to take it as far as #2 goes

  • brad s.

    fun black box wod. thanks to steve-o for the stretching and mobility tips beforehand.
    24:20-something, 1 pood.

  • anonymous

    I have been eating veggies, but maybe not enough? I’ll try upping the amount.

  • jenn

    Speaking of #2…
    The Chipotle on 31st and Park Avenue South is giving FREE burritos all day every Wednesday this month for whoever shows them their gym membership. I just had lunch there. I highly recommend that everyone take advantage of this. I’m going back next week.
    Anon: go and order the fajita burrito bowl without the rice, sour cream or cheese – it’s basically paleo and comes with a bunch of veggies your bowels will thank you for.

  • Justin Ferris

    I wanted to re-post this here to get some more input, there have been some offline discussions but I wanted to get an idea of an “official” position regarding equipment moving from BK to Manhattan.
    I am out of town for work and could not make the meeting, but I have an equipment question. Is it possible for the tire and sledgehammer to make the move to manhattan, hammer swings come up in CFFB regularly. Also, after working out in manhattan, I do have to say the racks we used sucked. There really was no space to get under the bar, and I would not feel safe doing heavy squats on the racks we used. Also, unless I missed it there is no power rack or a rack to bench on. Are there plans to move these to manhattan?

  • Jonathan P

    I second crossfit for musicians.
    CF has made me feel less guilty for not practicing for 8 hours.
    I’ve considered bringing the measurability and spreadsheet organization to my practicing. . . Hasn’t been implemented yet.

  • Rickey

    Get me one, size Medium.

  • dan def

    Robb Wolf, a nutrition expert well respected in the Crossfit community, recommends Natural Calm in helping to keep the bowels moving (it also helps you sleep)–

  • Emily

    anyone know if josh still needs people @ 4 for NY1?

  • Emerson

    Size large for me plz.

  • Mike K

    One other thing could be that your digestive system is no longer dealing with irritating substances like gluten, lectins, etc, and as a result, things may have started moving slower as there is less toxic stuff that needs to be eliminated.
    A good post from Dr Eades on the topic –

  • michelle

    good luck guys!

  • anonymous

    @Mike K – it’s not a case of not needing to go and wondering if that’s normal. I need to go, but I’m stopped up. Ate a bunch of raw greens at lunch, an apple, and drinking green tea. I think that should help. I think in switching over to paleo, I took it as a free pass to eat mostly meat, and neglected eating enough veggies. Will correct this. In general, I’d love to see what you more experienced folks eat over the course of a typical day. That would be really helpful.

  • Lenny

    @Hari the “maniac” smells a lil ripe after his WODS can we get some BO stick for him and keep it behind the front desk. Maybe even a spray? Just a suggestion.

  • Tim B

    i started taking natural calm after robb’s recommendation. its been helping my sleep tremendously

  • Steveo-O

    Dave I would also like a T, thanks.
    Good luck to all this weekend!! Represent!!!!
    BB WOD sub 30 min with 1 pood KB – a real ass kicker, thanks Brad S. for keeping me motivated!

  • Lisa

    The Black Box has an awesome team – best of luck at the regionals this week.
    Dan, thanks for the Natural Calm recommendation – I plan on trying it for aiding a good night’s sleep.

  • brad s.

    good luck to all this weekend.
    for the team competitors, here’s some extra motivation:
    what was Voltron, really, but an allegory for Crossfit?

  • Jonathan P

    On the topic of bum equipment, is it being chucked/sold/donated or something?

  • mk

    Tshirt: ladies Large, please. if the sizes are unisex, medium.

  • John G

    Dave, a Medium shirt for me.
    I’m still going work on getting a final run of the classic heather grey “be hard to kill” shirts, will see what I can do. Does anyone reading the blog have the original graphics files used to print the shirts?…and could you send them to me, johnnygrace at hotmail dot com
    maybe no one else even wants one of these shirts? Anyone? I tried off and on for the last year to get someone else amped about priting another run and it never happened.

  • mike n.

    Dave, i’m back to just 2, L and XL.
    John, if you can get them i’d get one.

  • Lt Gabe

    John, I’d like an extra be hard to kill shirt. Perhaps a different shirt though? Maybe an american apparel? I don’t mind paying extra.

  • Mike K

    @ Brad S – awesome!
    @ John G – if you get those printed, I’d take one also

  • Rickke

    Good luck to our fabulous team this weekend! Looking forward to cheering you on. My cheerleader outfit is almost assembled.
    back squat 5-5-5
    3 rounds:
    5 strict ring dips
    10 KBS 1.5 pood
    15 pull-ups

  • Jai

    Funny, paleo gave me the opposite problem. Maybe anon should eat what I eat. I keep a log that I can email you, if you’re really curious. Jaicat AT gmail, etc.
    Black box WOD, about 36 minutes and 30 seconds. This will teach me to write down my time before putting things away.
    CrossFit has affected my work by tempting me to check for comments all the time and needing to summon discipline enough to wait fir my lunch break to follow all the links.