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#122 Women-only Elements (first ever!) — M/W/F @ 6:30pm, starts May 17 (3 slots left)
#123 Tue/Thur @ 9pm, starts May 18
#124 Mon/Thur @ 7:30am, starts May 24 (4 slots left)
#125 Tue/Thur @ 8pm, starts May 25 (4 slots left)

Saturday 100515
5 rounds of the following:
5 left-hand kettlebell presses (24kg men / 16kg women)
5 right-hand kettlebell presses
15 GHD sit-ups
5 left-hand kettlebell overhead squats
5 right-hand kettlebell overhead squats
Post time to comments.

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  • Hari

    For those of you who may not be aware, we are closing Black Box Brooklyn at the end of the month. As part of the transition, we are going to do everything we can to make our Brooklyn members as welcome as possible. The culture in Brooklyn is rather distinct, and we believe that blending the best of what Brooklyn has created into Manhattan will make us a significantly better affiliate. Pulling this off without a major schedule change is going to be a challenge, but we think we have figured out an optimal strategy.
    We will be starting a subtle shift in the way we run our evening classes. The traditional WOD’s in the Front of the gym will remain unchanged. In the back of the gym, we will be running Elements and Beginners classes in the part closest to the Front half, and we will be running the “Brooklyn” gym in the remainder of the space.
    (If you look at the pull-up bar, you will notice that there are twelve pairs of stations. Six pairs of stations are in the front half of the gym and six pairs of stations are in the back half. The first three pairs of stations that are in the back half of the gym will be the primary area for Elements and Beginners classes. The final three pairs of stations that are closest to the back platforms plus all the remaining space will be referred to as “the Brooklyn Gym.”)
    Currently, we run 40-minute “Express WOD’s in the “Brooklyn” Half, Mon thru Thurs from 6:00 PM– 6:40 PM, 6:40 PM – 7:20 PM, and 7:20 PM – 8:00 PM. Experienced members will still be able to do express WOD’s, but they will no longer need to arrive at a precise time. You can now show up any time from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM, check in with the “Brooklyn” instructor and go. Starting at 7:00 PM, the area will also serve as an Open Gym for experienced members who want to practice and/or pursue alternate programming (e.g., CrossFit Football, OPT, etc.) This approach works well in Brooklyn, primarily because the members have developed a level of competence and skill that allows them to work easily among one another.
    A few polite warnings. To our Brooklyn members: We are in an office building. No dropping in the back before 7:00 PM and minimal dropping thereafter. Our neighbors (concentrated below the back platforms) are typically gone by 7:00 PM, but we are still in an office building that is constructed like an office building. The floors cannot take much abuse. To our Manhattan members: If you know what you‚Äôre doing, are good at coaching and at being coached, then the Brooklyn space will be a welcoming environment. If not, you may be less than comfortable in the middle of what may appear like chaos. Or, to put it another way, if you need to ask the sub for an OPT exercise, the answer is, “the Main Site.”

  • Brett_nyc

    Thank you Hari and owners for your efforts to accommodate us.

  • Jenn

    Black Box WOD:
    10:47 (25# dumbbell)
    Hari, are there any changes to the morning classes, ie a possible re-addition of the 8am class to accommodate the BK members that would normally attend morning classes in BK?

  • Mike Mishik

    Eva as rx’d 41:20

  • Hari

    There has been a fair amount of interest expressed in an 8:00 AM WOD. With the additional demand from Brooklyn people, the possibility has significantly increased. As a first step, we may offer two 8:00 AM classes per week, and if they are well attended, we will likely add additional days.

  • Emily

    Everyone should start their day just like this…..