Pure Eva

Friday 100514


Five rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
2 pood Kettlebell swing, 30 reps
30 Pull-ups

Post time to comments.

Compare to 091113.

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Sophie shows us the magical “bulking” properties of consistent crossfit training and paleo eating for women:


  • SCALING OPTIONS for this workout courtesy of the CrossFit BrandX forums:
    Big Dawgs:
    As Rx’d
    (all out pedal to the metal)
    Five rounds for time of:
    Run 800 meters
    1.5 pood Kettlebell swing, 30 reps
    30 Pull-ups
    Four rounds for time of:
    Run 400 meters
    1 pood Kettlebell swing, 20 reps
    20 Beginner or Jumping Pull-ups
    Three rounds for time of:
    Run 400 meters
    15-24# Kettlebell swing, 15 reps
    15 Beginner or Jumping Pull-ups

  • 60:15
    1.5 pood, 33 reps

  • kj

    That picture would be even better if Sophie was flexing! That’s when the she-hulk muscles come out of hiding 😉
    Sad I missed Friday. Looks like everyone had a great time!

  • Matt D

    54:17. Scaled to 1.5 pood.
    An awful workout to do as my first early morning wod. hands tore 12 pullups in to my 5th round, which made my last 18 pullups take over 5 minutes.

  • jenn

    52:49 (1 pood, tan band)
    Happy birthday Brian!

  • Dex

    Oh how I hate love Eva

  • Sara

    Hey guys! Please remember WOD classes tonight are at 5:30, 6:30, and 7:30 only- no express classes. Expect Eva to take close to an hour or more. If you are coming to the 7:30 class you MUST be on time- the clock will start at 7:35. Thanks!

  • Emily

    16 kg to just above eye level, ring rows

  • Jai

    That discount thing I mentioned a few days ago only lasts until Sunday, so if you’re interested in joining me in getting out of New York, here’s the deal again:
    Urban Escapes is hosting a Memorial weekend getaway. It’s 3 days and 3 nights at a private 500 acre camp with cabins (hot showers and beds), Friday through Monday, meals included, beer and wine included with dinner, bonfires, zip lines, dancing . . . should be a great trip! I talked the promoters into giving us $50 off using the promo code Crossfit50. If you’re free and interested, follow the link to find out more:
    The promo code for us: Crossfit50
    A friend of mine is probably going to go, and she’ll be driving if so. So I may be able to hook you up with a ride as well, if you let me know you’re going. jaicat AT gmail, you know the rest.

  • Carlos

    Today is the Friday before a rest day, and I’ve been given the honor by one of the founders of the tradition to announce here that we hope to see as many of you as possible at Ichi Umi on 32nd just west of 5th. We’ll have people there from 7 on, first watching the big hockey game, then having a drink or two til late. It’s a young tradition.. this will be the third installment, after having missed last month.. but a great one nonetheless.

  • dex

    what times does the rowing workshop start tomorrow?

  • Hans Slobo

    I can’t wait to get F-ing wasted tonight!!

  • Emily

    Dex–pretty sure the rowing workshop starts @ 10 tomorrow morning. see you there!
    Jimmy/Lenny–what was the grassfed farm website thingy you were telling me about? i got home and spaced on the website… uddersomething.com??

  • james keller

    dex – emily is correct, it is 10am tomorrow – http://www.nycendurance.com/events/
    im scared to do eva in an hour

  • Lenny

    Uddermilk.com I have posted the affiliate team tshirts on my FB page. They are what they are.

  • Marty Finn

    I may show up at this thing. Reminds me of tour of duty in Seoul.
    Also, I have to finalize the details of my MMA fight with Lenny. Who is looking forward to seeing a 79 year-old Korean War vet choking him into submission?

  • Just signed up for this tomorrow afternoon at 1pm:
    My first step towards learning how to hunt…

  • Jonathan P

    46 min flat with 1.5 pood
    So is this WOD considered mental conditioning?
    To the people using uddermilk, I’ve been wanting to do that, too. It’s been bookmarked in my browser for months now. . . . How do you like it?

  • mike r

    53:09 rx

  • How do you like it?

  • Jai

    60:54, I think. Too lazy to pull out my notes. 25# kettlebell, purple string, and some walking thrown in starting halfway through the third round run. Wow.