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Rowing Workshop — Saturday, May 15th
Wednesday 100512
Five rounds for time of:
5 Muscle-ups
135 pound Power clean, 10 reps
Run 220 meters
David Millar 10:08. Post time to comments.

QUESTION: Which WOD has brought you the closest to tears or actually made you cry? Why? (Feel free to post under a pseudonym if you’d rather not admit this information publicly.)
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  • For scaling options, click here:
    Also, I believe the distance is supposed to be 200m not 220m, we’ll see if that gets corrected on mainsite but for now I’m cutting and pasting from crossfit.com…

  • jenn

    13:06 (knee MU, 63#, 250m row)
    I distinctly remember wanting to cry during the 200 burpee WOD. I hit the wall at about 50 and it was just ugly from then on.

  • Lisa

    I had tears of frustration during a one-rep max front squat WOD. I was feeling frazzled to begin with – stressful day – and not being able to do the movement successfully enough to lift decent weight pushed me over the edge. Sniff.
    Right now I am ready to cry over NOT doing WODs – I have been too busy to get to the Black Box the last 10 days, grrrrr.

  • Lenny

    Fran gives me anxiety.

  • Jai

    Does anyone have memorial day weekend plans? I just signed up for an urban escape trip. I talked to the organizer (to make sure there would be gluten-free options), and even though they already have about two hundred people going, they’re looking for more to join. Right now they have more women than men, and they want a more even ratio. So if anyone is interested (men and women, doesn’t really matter), I talked them into giving people from Crossfit a discount for signing up ($50 off if you sign up before Sunday).
    The website:
    The promo code for us: Crossfit50
    3 nights and 3 days at our private 500 acre camp, cabin accommodations (with hot showers!), Friday dinner thru Monday lunch included, beer and wine included at all dinners, all activities covered in the price of admission. Bonfire parties, zip lines, huge sports fields, beer and random dance parties . . . pretty much the most insane, awesome weekend we could put together.

  • Mike Mishik

    Lenny gives me anxiety…the first time i did murph, was in and out of consciousness for a while after that one

  • james keller

    jai that looks awesome – i already have plans but would do it later in the summer if it happens again
    workouts with 50+ wallballs bum my day out

  • Other Grace

    Jai, ditto to what James said … I have a wedding that weekend but would love something similar later on in the summer!
    I wanted to cry the morning after I mistakenly doubled the WOD with three rounds of 100m walking lunges.

  • Other Grace

    And by meters, I mean feet.

  • Jai

    Cool, I’ll let people know if they plan another summer-camp type event. They have other escapes (sky diving, hikes, climbing), and if we get together a group of about 7, they’ll give us discounts. So explore their website. If anything appeals, let me know and I’ll see if we can get better deals! They’re really nice over the phone and over emails.
    In terms of crying, I’ve had close calls with some of the weight lifting WODs. There was one where I had a cold and kept thinking I should have stayed in bed, but even though I was upset I managed to get a few PRs. Further proof that I shouldn’t listen to myself when lifting.

  • Sara H.

    “Linda” almost brought me to tears twice, but I held it together! : )

  • seth

    It made me vomit a couple weeks back.
    For the past 3 weeks I have been in exam period at law school, basically, it is a 3 week period of no sleep, tons of caffeine and you feel like you are living with one of these on you: http://www.mirweightedvest.com/
    my birthday is in 2 months, my goal is to get my first pull up by then. if anyone can give me advice on a scheduled routine, it would be much appreciated.

  • seth

    It made me vomit a couple weeks back.
    For the past 3 weeks I have been in exam period at law school, basically, it is a 3 week period of no sleep, tons of caffeine and you feel like you are living with one of these on you: http://www.mirweightedvest.com/
    my birthday is in 2 months, my goal is to get my first pull up by then. if anyone can give me advice on a scheduled routine, it would be much appreciated.

  • Mike K

    Seth – http://www.kbnj.com/FighterPullupByPavel.htm
    Use the smallest band you can, and don’t be shy about switching to a lighter band when the one you are on gets easy.

  • Emily

    another shameless plug for myself…
    come out to hear some FREE, killin jazz!! We’re performing the music of Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers. (if you don’t know who that is, then you are in serious need of attendance)
    9-10:30 PM
    5th floor, 55 W 13th St (btw 5th and 6th, loser to 6th)

  • Mike Mishik

    Seth… I haven’t seen it much at our box, but i got mine by jumping up and doing negatives on the way down.

  • Steve S.

    Got 3 unbroken muscle-ups today, which I’ve never done before. After that, the muscle-ups just went downhill.
    I had have to say the 15 hang power clean/15 burpee WOD was the closest to bringing me to tears. I.hate.burpees.

  • seth

    cool, thanks for the advice.
    my time today was 23:23.
    as a knicks fan, i think this is a sign, Lebron is coming!

  • Mike L

    400m of walking lunges always makes me tear up about 24 hours afterwards..
    seth, do jumping pullups and negatives for 5 days (continuous) on, 2 days off. google the “armstrong pullup routine” if you’re interested in another structured program.

  • Mike K

    Just be careful on jumping pullups with negatives if you work those in. They are a very potent exercise and have been linked to rhabdo in high volume.

  • mike n.

    26 even

  • jenn

    Seth – if you just want to get over the bar, work on your kipping. I was able to do kipping pull-ups after a few weeks, though I’m still working on my deadhang pull-ups! The kip will get you through most of the WODs though. Good luck!
    And I agree with Mike L – I sobbed for days after the 400m walking lunge. Will.never.do.that.WOD.again.

  • brad s.

    seth, here is what the man/myth/legend, torch williams gave me as advice for achieving a deadhang (the “attached program” is fighter pullups):
    flexed arm hang. try to get up to about 30 seconds. can be pull up or chin up grip. i don’t particularly care.
    negative descents. 3-5. jump up to the flexed arm hang. come down as slowly as you can, especially in that bottom third.
    freeze frame negatives. 3-5. negatives only you pause for a 3 count at the top. 1/4 down. 1/2 down. 3/4 down. the bottom.
    Work some volume on the bands as well. Get on the small black band. work up to 10. when you have 10 without a kip on that band, you’ll have about 3 deadhangs without. once you have 3 dead hangs, move on to the attached program.

  • Sophie

    worst wod ever, very close to crying:
    sectionals wod: 1000m row, 30 burpee box jumps, 1000m row
    most people didn’t seem to mind this one, I thought it was awful, especially since it was 35 degrees out

  • Dave A.

    Worst wod for me was the 3rd sectional wod.
    30 95# OHS
    30 C2B Pull-ups
    30 95# Power Snatches
    30 Toes to Bar
    30 95# SDHP
    30 Air Squats
    30 1.5 Pood KB Swings.
    The mainpage wod 5 rounds 50 wallballs, 25 pull-ups was miserable too.

  • Matt D

    25:17 scaled to 125 lb. cleans weren’t bad, muscle ups were awful.

  • Mike Mishik

    Did the affiliate wod:
    broken between 3 members:
    90 Overhead squats (95/65)
    90 pull ups
    90 Deadlifts (215/125)
    90 burpees
    …followed up with todays mainsite wod…
    as rx’d 17:20

  • Mike Mishik

    by the way, nice job Christine and Avery

  • Jonathan P

    18:52 @115#
    I think I wanted to cry when I did Kelly for the first time (my 4th day), aborted after 3 rounds because I wasn’t holding it together. There was also that one that had two parts w/ 50 sets of 2, and I think the counting was just depressing. Doing 50 twice is easier on my morale. Doing 10 five times is nice.

  • james keller

    25:23 – jumping mu / 105# cleans – should have done 115#, psyched myself out right before we started

  • Sara

    Eva… totally cried the first time I did it.

  • Emily

    ventured out to Brooklyn today with Ari.
    sub ring rows/dips 1:1 for muscle ups
    75# cleans..probably could have gone heavier on these, but I need to work on them a bit before i feel comfortable going heavier in a workout

  • Rickke

    16:31 subbed 115# cleans
    should’ve gone a little heavier.

  • Jai

    If I remember correctly, my time was 19:08. 53#, 5 kipping pull ups, 5 dips on half the blue band. This one felt good.

  • brad s.

    19:20ish. 115# was too light, which surprised me after the hang power clean/burpee debacle the other week, and my kneeling ‘muscle-ups’ were a joke. next time more boom; less sandbag.

  • jim

    rx – 15.24 in manhattan. run to broadway, touch red box, back up stairs.

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