Hell’s Bells

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Rowing Workshop — Saturday, May 15th
Tuesday 100511
5 rounds for time of the following movements:
20 deadlifts
20 sumo deadlift high pulls
20 2-arm swings
10 right-arm swings
10 left-arm swings
10 right-arm snatches
10 left-arm snatches
Post weight of kettlebell and time to comments.
Compare to 091018.

QUESTION: What’s your favorite crossfit workout? Why?
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Thought for the day
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Smoother rowing for more power
Roasted radishes / Asparagus pesto
Because you can never get enough of sweaty crossfit men with good lighting, here’s another picture from our Men’s Fitness magazine profile in this month’s issue (on newsstands now!). That’s Lenny on wallball, Chris S. on the rower, Ari on SDLHP, Tim doing pull-ups, and Court coaching.


  • Scaling options for today’s workout:
    Big Dawgs:
    full 5 rounds
    men: at least 16kg / at most 24kg
    women: at least 12kg / at most 16kg
    4 rounds
    men: 16kg
    women: 12kg
    subbing high-pulls for snatches if snatch technique is lacking
    3 rounds
    men: 12 or 16kg
    women: 8 or 12kg
    subbing high-pulls for snatches if snatch technique is lacking
    3 rounds
    men: 12kg
    women: 8kg
    subbing high-pulls for snatches if snatch technique is lacking
    Kettlebell technique videos:

  • Lenny

    My favorite workout is “Grace.” Its fast and it has a strength element to it..

  • Bryce

    3 rounds of:
    400m run
    21 kbs (1.5 pood)
    12 pull-ups
    Classic workout combining all three types of crossfit exercises.

  • dan def

    Friday night rest dinner pictures are now uploaded to the Box computer. What Allison decides to do with them is up to her.

  • Mike Mishik

    Annie or Grace… both are short and sweet…. just how I like them

  • jenn

    Kettle-Hell indeed.
    29:38 (16K DL, SDHP, 2-arm/12K 1-arm swings, subbed squat cleans for snatches)
    I love The Beast. It includes most of the lift movements with a relatively low weight, and really gets you sweating.

  • Brett_nyc

    Gotta be Fran. No other workout gets your stomach heart rate up and stomach queasy BEFORE you do it.

  • Josh R

    Yeesh, Court looks kind of scary in that photo.
    I can’t pick one favorite, but Kettlehell is one of them!

  • JoeR

    My favorite crossfit workout is Run 5K.

  • Janna

    Now that baseball season is underway, I am trying to avoid my favorite stadium junk food–luckily both stadiums have much better food offerings these days. Anyone have some suggestions for paleo-friendly food at Yankee Stadium so that I don’t succumb to chicken tenders and fries? Thanks!

  • Sara

    Janna: Clearly you’re making the wrong choice with baseball food. Corn dogs and cotton candy are obviously what you should be eating.
    Favorite WODs: Barbara and Grace
    I’ve been delinquent about posting my training. Yesterday:
    part 1:
    3 rounds for time:
    7 muscle ups
    30 KBS – 2pd/1.5pd
    rest as needed
    part 2:
    for time:
    21 GHD Sit Ups
    50 double unders
    18 GHD Sit ups
    50 double unders
    15 GHD Sit ups
    50 double unders
    12 GHD Sit ups
    50 double unders
    9 GHD Sit ups
    50 double unders
    Part 1: 16:08
    Part 2: 9:04
    Was dragging on both of these and didn’t go all out. Threw up after part 2.

  • Emily

    For all those jazz lovers out there!
    I’m playing a show on Thursday night (an “end of the semester” shabang). The music of Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers. it’s gonna be killin! and it’s FREE!!!!
    we’ll play from 9 till about 10:30
    5th floor, 55 W 13th St (13th btw 5th and 6th, closer to 6th)

  • Sara H.

    There are definitely paleo options at Yankee Stadium! Try the Lobel’s steak sandwich w/out the bread(located past the food court on the ground level, 3rd base line). $15, but very good. Also, there is a fruit stand on the ground level, on the 3rd base line side of the stadium.
    I haven’t tried them, or looked at the menu, but there are Brother Jimmy’s BBQ items available somwhere too.

  • Lisa

    My favourite WOD is Cindy.
    It uses bodyweight only, works the whole body yet with built-in relief (eg during squats the arms get to recover a little from the pushups), all packed into 20 minutes.
    I can do it as RX’ed, unlike most of the other girl/hero WODs.

  • Kent B

    Cindy & Helen
    Strength, work capacity, and speed all rolled into one.

  • Kettle hell yes!
    As px 28:00
    no me gusta

  • steve s.

    Kettle hell
    29:14 24kg

  • Avery

    Made up the 1 mile run/2 k row/1 mile run WOD: 25:58
    Guessing I lost about a minute with stairs, waiting for the elevator because the door closed, etc.
    Favorite WODs involve any 1 RM effort or running and some exercise. Some classic CF WODs would be Helen, The Beast, and Annie probably because I can do them rx’d!

  • Dave A.

    Made up the wod from last cycle 7 min AMRAP
    10 95# Squat Cleans
    20 Anchored sit-ups
    5 rds + 7 cleans.
    Favorite wod Annie.

  • Jonathan P

    Exactly the same Total as on February 23. It was 635 (215-105-315). Also the same BW of 150. I’m not that upset, but it does seem apparent that I need some more aggressive action in this area. And I promise I eat a lot and sleep abundantly. A couple days a week, I go to this pay-by-weight place for lunch, and the amount I pay compared to the other people is just embarrassing.

  • Jonathan P

    Oh yeah and I might like Lynne the best. . . . It seems like a weird choice, especially because it’s not a typical crossfit WOD, but I used to do stuff like that all the time, orrrr every time. . . .

  • Emily

    Kettle Hell
    22:52 @ 12 kg (LH high pulls instead of snatches)
    Cash out:
    Annie 8:00
    new PR on DU’s today before class. I’m up to 56! 🙂