Women get fit here, too

Nonetheless, CrossFit NYC: The Black Box is still very proud to be featured in this month’s Men’s Fitness, on newsstands now. Here’s a sneak peek:

Want to read the rest? Like I said, check your local newsstand!
And in other important news, for those of you Black Box members who go way back, you’ll remember the fact that our head trainer and co-owner/co-founder Court Wing, RKC-certified kettlebell instructor, once “courted your favor” and asked you to help vote him into the Top 10 RKC-certified instructors of the entire country. We were a small gym back then, yet apparently a powerful one, as we managed to raise Court’s ranking to the grand heights of #4 on that very list!
However, it seems we’ve had our backs turned for too long and Court’s ranking has slipped lower than the Top Ten. So, please, dear loyal students of our very own supreme Court, please take a moment out of your busy schedule to offer your review of Court’s abilities as a trainer (whether specifically on kettlebells, crossfit, or Z-Health for that matter). We appreciate it most highly!
Monday 100510
Seven rounds for time of:
10 Handstand push-ups
45lb dumbbells Squat clean, 10 reps
10 L-pull-ups
Post time to comments.

QUESTION: What’s the most shocking thing you’ve learned at the Black Box? (That is, what most upset your previous thinking on health, fitness and/or nutrition?)

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  • For scaling options for today’s workout, click here (BrandX forums):

  • Justin Katz

    seven rounds
    handstand pushup on box, 10 reps
    35 lbs dumbbells squat clean, 10 reps
    pike pullups, 10 reps

  • Ben

    Most shocking: That I didn’t have to run 3 miles to get a cardio workout.

  • forgot if it was 34:03 or 33:04..
    35#, tuck pullups.

  • Lisa

    The most shocking thing I learned: that I could have aches where I did not even know I had places. ie. pain BETWEEN my ribs for DAYS after my first ever high rep. GHD situps and back extensions WOD.

  • jenn

    28:43 (2 abmats, 25#DB, coral-band strict pull-ups)
    What’s shocked me the most so far is the ability for me to improve on certain exercises in a relatively short amount of time. There were so many things I couldn’t do when I first started Crossfit (ie pull-ups, double-unders), and 8 months later I feel like I’m kicking some ass, which is cool. I hope to never plateau like I usually do at regular gyms and always find something to get better at.
    The Men’s Fitness article was decent, but they totally cut out the ladies (yeah, men’s fitness, I get it). Maybe we should get Women’s Health Magazine to come in and feature the chicks next time. I’m just sayin.

  • P$

    35# DB’s
    HSPU broken to 5/3/2
    L-pull ups broken to 4/3/3 mixed grips helped.

  • james keller

    subbed 7 rounds of 7 each – hspu to 25# plate for first four rounds, off the bench the last three, 35# db, no sub for l pullups – 26:21. should have done the whole thing.

  • Emily

    7 rounds
    10 push-ups
    10 db squat cleans @ 25#
    10 ring rows w/feet on the box
    with the ring rows, I barely used my legs until the last round or two. squat cleans were good, but i know i had a few curls in there somewhere. push-ups are getting better. Thanks Court for the tip on keeping my lats tight on those…helped a lot!
    most shocking thing? there are sooo many. I agree with Jenn on the ability to improve so quickly. 6 weeks ago I could barely get 1 DU and now my PR is 44 unbroken. ๐Ÿ™‚ nutrition, too. I had no idea what I was doing to my body before I started eating more Paleo. And now I really feel it when I “cheat”… aka I feel like shit and I feel like I want to “pull the trigger” (though it never happens….).

  • Rickke

    28:56 sub 95# barbell squat cleans

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