Gorgeous day for a run

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Rowing Workshop — Saturday, May 15th
As is always the case when CFHQ calls for a 5K run, we encourage you to run it outdoors on your own (or with fellow crossfitters–use the comments to organize a group run) OR come down to the Box and see what your coach has cooked up for you. The choice is yours.
Saturday 100501
Run 5K
Post time to comments.
Compare to 091209.

QUESTION: What was your favorite article or blog post from this week’s links? Why?
Have seed oils caused a multi-generational obesity epidemic?
Vision therapy
Primal nutrition and fertility
Study finds chocolate causes depression. In other news, these kinds of studies cause insanity.
BEST OF LUCK to our three Tough Mudders–Brian H., Jake, and Matt K.–who are participating down in Bear Creek tomorrow. Details here on how they all did as soon as I can get ’em!
Don’t feel like running the 5K? You could always do this guy’s routine (smashing rocks is very paleo):


  • Scaling options for today’s workout, courtesy of the CrossFit BrandX forums:
    Big Dawgs and Pack:
    I know you hate it, but do it anyway Run 5 K.
    Run 1-2 miles depending on your ability
    Run 1-2 miles depending on your ability
    Additional resources on CrossFit.com with regards to proper running technique (just do a search function for “POSE,” “sprint,” and/or “run” to find the relevant videos):
    Furthermore, if you need help mapping out 5K (3.1 miles), try mapmyrun.com.
    Lastly, why typical running shoes suck:

  • Jai

    I’ll be back in the city by 4β€šΓ„ΒΆ anyone want to run the Central Park reservoir with me at 4:30/5:00?

  • kj

    If you don’t feel like running, run anyway. (Ahem, Hari!)
    26:38 at Riverside park. Beautiful morning, so I ran a few more miles afterwards.

  • jake

    Doing tough mudder with crossfit Hoboken group, what time is nyc starting?

  • jake

    Brian/Matt. Give me a call tomorrow when you are there or after
    651 353 7407

  • james keller

    29:18 – this was the first time ever i set out to do a 5k and actually ran the whole thing without a break. was consciously thinking about pose running throughout from the running cert. i think i kept the form up well and need to work on getting my cadence up now.

  • kj

    A shameless plug here. My school is entered in the Pepsi Refresh Project contest for the month of May. You can vote every day, and the top two proposals win $250k. Since you guys all know the importance of physical activity, I would love it if you could help my school win the money for an athletic field. Watch the video to see the sad parking lot we currently have to offer our students and please vote! You can vote once a day for the entire month of May!!

  • Other Grace

    Wish I had been at the running workshop!
    25:09 – mostly flat, outdoors, legs felt extraordinarily heavy today; need to up mileage and coordinate with WODs for a half marathon coming up in a few weeks. Please shoot any ideas my way for doing this correctly πŸ™‚
    KJ – happy to vote!

  • Leslie

    Tomorrow 2 p.m. in Central Park on the hill by the lake at 77th STreet/CPW entrance (by the guitar man if you know what that is)
    Let me know if you’re gonna join. Bring a munchie, something to sit on, frisbees, whatever. We can listen to some music and then find a place to throw a softball around or whatever.
    Let me know if you wanna join. Here’s my number if you can’t find us in the park tomorrow 917-971-6746.
    I know I’m fairly new to cross fit but this could be a fun way for all of us to get to know each other.

  • Hari

    The team WOD we’re doing at 4:00 has already been completed at the North Central Games. The restults are posted. The time to beat is 10:46 for two men and two women to do 50 muscle-ups, 200 overhead squats 95-65 and row a total of 300 meters.

  • Kent B

    Dodgy knee today, so did 5k row instead: 19:09 PR
    Shaved nearly a minute off my previous PR thanks to a great form tip from Sara.

  • Hari

    We could use a couple of volunteers to act as judges for the affiliate WOD from 4:00 to 5:00 today. Thanks.

  • Emily

    was thinking about running 5K around the reservoir in central park between 6 and 7 today. gimme a call if you’re down! 435.640.7284
    headed to the Y right now to put my buddy through his first cfit workout. πŸ™‚ i’m excited to see his pain. haha!

  • Leslie

    I can volunteer for today, Hari

  • Isaac

    23:14. Not a PR but close.

  • Jai

    Should have given my number. I’m running the reservoir today, haven’t set a time but maybe 5 or 6. Call or text if you want to join me! 917-674-9666

  • Lisa

    A very slow and weak 27:30. Have a horrible head cold/flu the last few days. Still, it is a lovely day to be out running and there is a cool breeze off the water.

  • Dave S

    26:00. Nice day out there!

  • Hari

    Avery, Christine, Lenny, and Rickke did the North Central Affiliate triplet WOD in 11:51 (50 muscle-ups, 200 OHS at 65/95, 3000 meters of rowing).
    Their time would have placed us 5th of 31. We estimate that had we had the full team available, we might have finished in a time that would have put us in third place.
    Thanks to Leslie and Tony T for serving as judges.
    Next team practice will be Tuesday at 7:30 PM. (African Regional couplet: 250 pull-ups and 250 wall balls.)

  • Emily

    no PR today, but it was my inaugural run in my vibrams and still a respectable time nonetheless.. (now my feet have blisters…..anyone experience the same problem?)

  • Jai

    At the reservoir, ran one lap (1.57 miles) in 12:48. Rested 5 minutes, ran second lap. Not counting the 5 minute rest (only because I had to pause my clock), my time was 25:25. Going to work up to two laps at once!

  • GabeK

    If you have blisters, it means your vibrams are either not tightened properly (most likely with Sprints more than other models) or they’re a size too big
    does your foot slide around in them? they should fit like a glove

  • Michael S.

    Perfect running weather today. 19:17. This is my first post and I must say that I’ve really enjoyed my first month of crossfit. The people are great and the workouts are killing me. Good stuff all around.

  • Emily

    I was thinking that they might be slightly too big. There’s a bit of movement when I’m running, and they’re pretty tight. I went in to get sized…guess the guy told me the wrong size….
    thanks for the help!

  • Emily

    Thanks for the advice…I’ve heard the comment about not being tight enough, so I made sure they were pulled snug. There is a bit of movement in the shoe when I’m running, so it makes sense that I now have a few blisters… guess the guy who sized me told me the wrong size. damn…
    just e-mailed vibram to see if there’s anything I can do. thanks again!

  • Jonathan P

    I had some abrasion on the insides of my feet near the loop for the strap that stopped coming back after I kept wearing them, so you might still be able to get used to them. A 5K is a long distance for the first time in vibrams, so what you’re experiencing might not be that unusual.

  • Gabek

    Their customer service is pretty strict, and probably won’t all out replace them. However, they run a “pro” deal where you get some percentage off (15-20% i think) if you claim you’re a fitness instructor of some kind….which is a decent way to get a second pair

  • Emily

    Awesome..thanks Gabe! Wasn’t expecting to get an all out replacement, but was hoping for a possible discount on another pair.
    I’ll just claim I’m some freelance crossfit trainer or something…ha!