Friday 100430

For time:

70 Burpees
60 Sit-ups
50 Kettlebell swings, 1.5 poods
40 Pull-ups
30 Handstand push-ups

Post time to comments.

Compare to 040823.

QUESTION: You’re sitting next to a guy or gal at a bar who asks you to explain CrossFit. You want to answer the question without being boring or obnoxious. What do you say?

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Out at our Brooklyn location, Brett, at a bodyweight of 212#, sets a new PR on the back squat: 405#.

BT 405lbs from Brett Tom on Vimeo.


  • Scaling options for today’s WOD, courtesy of Brand X:

  • james keller

    to quote chris farley in tommy boy: “son of a!”

  • seth

    I say:
    The program is based on functional, whole body movements that works the biggest muscles in your body. Most of the workouts are timed.
    I’ve also compared it to cross training, hitting different areas of the body.

  • Hari

    Brett, all you need to do now is get to Josh’s bodyweight of 135 and you’ll have a 3 x BW back squat.

  • Avery

    Strong work Brett!

  • Emily

    I usually say something along the lines of “it’s basically high intensity circuit training involving all natural movements.” seems to work well….
    nicely done, Brett!! one of these days i’ll get my ass out to brooklyn…

  • Dave A.

    Brett throw some weight on the bar I thought you were strong.
    To the question when I tell people I crossfit and they ask what it is I say it is competitive exercise, and to checkout to get a better idea of the movements. They then ask will I lose weight and get jacked up, and I respond if done as recommended with proper diet it is impossible not to!

  • Steve S.

    I like to tell people that Crossfit is like adult recess. It’s hard work, but it’s a whole lot more fun than running on a treadmill.

  • GabeK

    You need to redo that video with 6 bumper plates and 2 metals….looks a lot more impressive that way!

  • You aren’t cool enough to know.

  • Leslie

    Hey Crossfitters! Anyone up for a picnic/hang in the park tomorrow. It’s supposed to be beautiful out! Bring your softball gloves, frisbees, etc and let’s play

  • james keller

    21:01 subbed hspu’s (heh) with a box as my arms were donezo

  • 17:06 rx

  • Mike Mishik

    did a wod with Crossfit Tribe today..
    For Time:
    10 Power Cleans (155#) 250m Row
    9 Power Cleans 250m Row
    8 Power Cleans 250m Row
    7 Power Cleans 250m Row
    6 Power Cleans 250m Row
    …… reducing 1rep on cleans each round
    1 Power Clean 250m Row

  • Leslie

    scaled 50-50-40-30-20
    aminute slower than the reverse Exercise

  • Other Grace

    James Keller. You’re killing me.
    – 21:13
    – Blue band
    – HSPUs: first 1/2 w/two 45 lb. plates, second 1/2 from box

  • Jonathan P

    21:03 with GHD situps and 45+25lb plate HSPU
    I thought it would be faster than Tuesday until I saw the board, and it seemed like most people (except Gillian?) were slower. I guess my already bad HSPUs didn’t get any better after 70 burpees and all that.
    I usually say CF is part Olympic lifting, part gymnastics, and part running/rowing, and it’s different every day, and the coaches tell you what to do. I think the last part is the most crucial.

  • Jai

    22:04 with anchored sit ups, 25# kb, hspu off box. I started my pull ups without a band imagining that I was kipping as beautifully as Annie, but in reality-land I wasn’t even getting my chin over the bar and Sara called me on it. Back to the purple string for high reps. Le sigh.
    A picnic sounds awesome, Leslie. Might you be free Sunday instead? I have an all day workshop tomorrow. Sun, I hardly know thee.

  • Carlos

    I say, “CrossFit is something that (1) starts on time, (2) should take you more than an hour unless you’re a wuss and scale down, and (3) gets rid of your old arms and puts boa constrictors in their place, especially if you (a) follow the trainers’ directions precisely, (b) say ‘Boom!’ upon completing lifts, and (c) verbally analyze lifts while still holding the bar.” I haven’t recruited any new members yet, but I’ll keep trying.