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Try a FREE BEGINNERS’ CLASS: Mondays @ 6:30pm (women-only), Wednesdays @ 9am & 7pm, Saturdays & Sundays @ 10am. Click here for the schedule.
#23 (Williamsburg) starts April 19 SOLD OUT!
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Running Workshop — Saturday, April 17th
Rowing Workshop — Saturday, May 15th
Tuesday 100413
5 rounds of the following:
10 deadlifts (men: 185# / women: 135#)
15 burpees
20 GHD sit-ups
Post time to comments.

Hour-long WOD classes:
7am, 8am, 12:30pm: Black Box WOD
5:30pm: No WOD (Rest Day)
6:30pm, 7:30pm, 8:30pm: Black Box WOD
Express WOD’s (in the back half of the box)
6:00-6:40pm: back squats / handstand walks
6:40-7:20pm: DB split cleans / pull-ups
7:20-8:00pm: snatch balances
The upside of injury
My essential kitchen tools
Biography of Usain Bolt, mutant
The things we don’t want to do (the 10-minute rule)
Research roundup: Focus on childhood obesity
Granny gets her gun
9am this past Sunday, we had our largest 9am Sunday class ever: (from left) Simon, Jenn, James, and KJ.


  • jake

    the upside to injury article doesn’t work…as an injured person, i assume the article got rid of itself because there are no upsides to injury 😉

  • Jenn

    Jacinto’s 8am WOD:
    AMRAP 20 min:
    10 weighted sit-ups, 10#
    10 goblet squats, 16kg
    15 burpees
    8 rounds + 6 burpees

  • Jake, the link to the “upside to injury” article is posted–well worth reading, and the gentleman who wrote it dealt with a serious injury himself so he knows of what he speaks.
    Everybody, sorry I wasn’t able to get today’s post up until this morning, had internet connectivity issues last night. Try to always get the rest day posts up the night before so the morning classes know what the Black Box WOD is. Fortunately, when this happens Jacinto always has plenty up his sleeve for the morning crew.

  • FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO LIKE TO RUN AND/OR LIKE TO EAT BRUNCH ON SUNDAYS…I’ll be celebrating my 38th birthday this Sunday, April 18th, by running 4 miles in Central Park at 8am with some of my NYC Endurance/Black Box buddies and then heading to Niko’s Grill on the UWS for brunch right afterwards. If you know me, consider yourself invited to either or both. If you’re planning on attending brunch, please email me at allisonATcrossfitnycDOTcom ASAP so I can get a head count for the restaurant and I can give you my cell for texting purposes day of the race.
    Sign up for the race here:
    You’ve got til tonight to register online. After that you can register in person–details at that link. The race costs either $37 or $40 for non-members and this race raises money for the Central Park foundation so it’s for a very good cause (plus you get a rad t-shirt). (We’ll all meet up at 7:30am on the NW corner of 65th and 5th Ave.)
    Info on the restaurant here:
    http://www.nikosgrillnyc.com (located at 76th & B’way)
    I hope a lot of you can make it. Even if you’re not a “runner” it’s a great thing to do races to challenge yourself. Believe me, with your crossfit mentality you’ll spend the entire race just sizing people up and picking them off. You’ll think, “I can deadlift more than SHE can” and then pass the woman on the hill ascent. Lots of fun.
    And like I said, if you can’t make the race but like to eat, feel free to just join us for a 10am-ish brunch!

  • Hari

    (Reposted and Updated. Please continue to comment):
    Three scheduling questions:
    (1) Weekday AM Schedule:
    We had been planning on switching the weekday morning WOD’s to 6:30 – 7:30 and 7:30 – 8:30, effective May 3. However, based on the feedback we have received, we have come up with an alternate schedule that also meets our objectives of (1) providing a WOD class that ends earlier than 8:00 AM; (2) providing a second WOD class that ends before 9:00 AM; (3) allowing us to run two AM Elements courses, while not requiring an instructor to come in to teach only one class. The alternate AM schedule would be:
    6:30 AM – 7:15 AM (with members free to cash out on their own until 7:30 or later)
    7:15 AM – 8:00 AM (with members free to cash out on their own until 8:30)
    Essentially, we would create two “Express WOD’s.” The downside (or perhaps upside) is that the morning classes would be 15 minutes shorter. The upside is that it allows those who want to continue a 7:00 AM – 8:00 AM schedule to do so, while also creating an earlier class for those who need to be out before 8:00 AM. It eliminates the (minimally attended) 8:00 AM WOD, but that would be true under either option.
    Given the choice between 6:30 – 7:30 and 7:30 – 8:30 or 6:30 – 7:15 and 7:15 – 8:00, which would you prefer?
    UPDATE: Based on yesterday’s comments, we are inclined to go with the 6:30 – 7:15 and the 7:15 – 8:00 option, effective May 3. Those who are affected and have not weighed in, should do so.
    (2) Weekday Evenings:
    We are looking at eliminating the 7:20 – 8:00 Express WOD, and instead having a only a 6:00 – 6:45 Express WOD and a 6:45 – 7:30 Express WOD. We have observed that most people are choosing the regular 7:30 – 8:30 WOD over the 7:20 – 8:00 Express WOD.
    How do you feel about this possible change?
    Update: Based on yesterday’s comments, we are likely to leave 7:20 Express WOD as is for the time being, while we continue to monitor the attendance patterns. Those who are affected and have not weighed in should do so.
    (3) Sunday AM:
    The 9:00 AM Sunday WOD has not been well attended. We are speculating that while people would prefer a WOD before 11:00 AM, 9:00 AM may be too early. We are considering ending the Sunday 9:00 AM WOD and creating a 10:00 AM WOD (and eliminating the 10:00 AM Sunday Beginners’ class)
    How do you feel about this possible change?
    Update: No determination has been made yet. The choice is between eliminating the Sunday 9:00 AM WOD and creating a Sunday 10:00 AM WOD, or leaving the 9:00 AM WOD and not creating a 10:00 AM WOD. Those who are affected and have not weighed in should do so.

  • Brian

    CFE running class tonight 630p @ central park meet at columbus cirle.
    did CFE Strength and Conditioning WOD
    5 rounds do 30 seconds on then 20 seconds rest then rotate:
    double unders, GHD situps, pushups, 12″ seated box jumps to a 30″ box, kb swings 1.5 pood
    round DU, GHD, PU, BJ, KB
    1 42, 18, 32, 11, 18
    2 13, 18, 26, 10, 17
    3 16, 16, 24, 11, 14
    4 27, 14, 20, 10, 14
    5 21, 15, 22, 11, 17
    total 121 84 81 86 86
    This thing was awesomely hard but good.

  • Jeff

    Jacinto’s 7am WOD
    AMRAP 20 min:
    5 pushups
    10 goblet squats, 50# KB
    15 burpees
    Those goblet squats were ruinous! 6 rounds + 1 burpee

  • Other Grace

    Completed my first-ever kipping pull ups yesterday at the box – thanks to Emily for her tips and thanks to everyone for your support over the last couple of weeks! Love this place. 🙂

  • james keller

    awesome work grace, keep at it

  • Steve-O

    Hey everyone, I signed up for the kettle bell cert with Jeff Martone out in Babylon for May 15-16. If anyone else is going let me know if you want to car pool etc. Just email me at steven_bonetti@yahoo.com

  • Martin

    CFE Brian –
    Is CFE at the mall in Central Park??
    I’ll go straight there for apx 6.45pm

  • Grace

    Congrats, Grace! Nice work!

  • Janna

    I wanted to speak up for the 8 am contingent. For those of us in the morning, eliminating the 8 am is definitely a hardship. If you’re thinking about moving to a 6:30/7:15 class, why is it any more difficult to have that same instructor stay on and teach an 8:00-8:45 am class afterward?

  • Janna

    I wanted to speak up for the 8 am contingent. For those of us in the morning, eliminating the 8 am is definitely a hardship. If you’re thinking about moving to a 6:30/7:15 class, why is it any more difficult to have that same instructor stay on and teach an 8:00-8:45 am class afterward?

  • Adam M

    Congrats to Chuck Queso for joining the rest of the modern world on fb.
    I applaud your attempt at a Neo-Luddite revival, but prefer watching you “train” Lenny and Brad.

  • Shayna

    Hi Hari,
    SUN WOD proposal: I am one that usually attends the sunday 9am class. It would be great if you kept it. It will be difficult for me to attend the 10 am regularly.

  • Mike Mishik

    Black Box wod…10:13
    9 is too early but 10 would be a nice option on the weekends..I like the 7:20 wod because it splits up the amount of people at the 7:30, thinking there is going to be a lot more people at 7:30 if we end up eliminating the option 10 mins before hand.

  • Chuck Queso

    Thanks Adam. Its really time people heard about the real me. Enough lurking in the shadows. Lenny and Brad learned most of their moves from Moi. Watch nd see.

  • Grace

    BB WOD – 16:30 rx’d
    Thanks to Justin & Mike M for the push at the 7:20 express. Again, I’m definitely a big fan of the 7:20.

  • Mike K

    Congrats Other Grace!

  • I usually attend the 8am class. My morning preferred schedule change is the 7:30-8:30 class.

  • Matt D

    3 rounds v ups, 2 rounds ghd, limited rom. deadlifts burpees rxd

  • Lisa

    BB WOD – 15:31
    115# deadlift, abmat situps (avoided the high volume GHD nausea 🙂