Sectionals WOD!

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Running Workshop — Saturday, April 17th
Rowing Workshop — new date! — Saturday, May 15th
Sunday 100328
Event 3 of NY/NJ Sectionals
Time Cap – 17 Minutes
30 OHS 95#/55#
30 Pullups Chest to Bar (chest must make contact to bar)
30 Power Snatches 95#/55#
30 Feet to Bar
30 sumo deadlift high pull 95#/55#
30 Air Squats
30 kettlebell swings, American-style 24kg/16kg
Post time to comments.

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Tim B. was kind enough to take a ton of photos at Day 1 of the NY/NJ Sectionals and get them posted online quickly. Click here to view his tons of pics!
Mike M. during the rowing WOD at yesterday’s sectionals:
Sophie does the front squat/double-under WOD as Rickke spectates (and videotapes):
And thanks to Rickke for making this wonderful highlights video of Day 1 at Sectionals yesterday:

CFNYC @ NY/NJ Sectionals 3.27.10 from Rickke Mananzala on Vimeo.


  • Hari

    “It is better to sweat in peace than bleed in war.”

  • Tony

    Did the first WOD, row/burpee/row, from yesterday’s sectionals.
    12:35 as rx’d.

  • Emily

    Congrats to all those who competed in sectionals. You’ve represented us well!!

  • Emily

    forgot to post yesterday… raced a 5K Haiti benefit through school
    24:03 got second in women, 3rd overall (not many competed, but it was fun)

  • Rickke

    Good luck to everyone today at sectionals!
    Tried yesterday’s sectional WOD # 2:
    15 Min Cap
    For Time:
    10 Front Squats 155# -  Bar is cleaned from the floor to a standing rack position.  A Squat clean would not count toward the front squat reps.
    20 Double unders
    8 Front Squats
    30 Double Unders
    6 Front Squats
    40 Double Unders
    4 Front Squats
    50 Double Unders
    2 Front Squat
    60 Double Unders
    10:58 Rx’d

  • seth

    did not make it in to the box today but did tabata push ups, sit up, squats continuous in my apartment

  • Bryce

    Big congrats to everyone that competed this weekend. Huge kudos to Sara on a 4th place finish, what a firebreather.

  • Sara

    Thanks to everyone for all of the support this weekend, especially those of you who made the trip out to Jersey to cheer for us- you made it a great weekend!

  • Sophie

    Thanks to everyone who came put this weekend! Great
    job to everyone who competed!

  • Mike K

    Thank you for everyone’s support and to all who came out to cheer us on!
    Lots of fun this weekend, and some awesome work done by all our of competitors.

  • Sophie Blahd

    I clearly cant type on my iphone, its supposed to say “everyone who came out”

  • Hari

    Congratulations Sara and Sophie!
    Thank you to David A, Lenny, Mike K, Mike M, Zach, and all the Block Box Members who supported us: Ashley, Bryce, Jeff, Josh, KJ, Tony. (Forgive me if I blanked on anyone.)
    And Jacinto who served as a judge.

  • Kevin P

    Congrats to everyone who competed in the Sectionals! You guys kicked ass!

  • Brian

    Congratulations guys you did awesome!!!
    so honored to workout with such incredible people

  • Matt d

    Congrats everyone!
    Travelling for work all week. 100 burpees in the hotel gym: 7:57 pr.