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Friday 100326

30 Muscle-ups for time

Post time to comments.

If you cannot do the muscle-ups do 120 pull-ups and 120 dips.

Compare to 091005.

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Let’s use the comments below to wish the very best of luck to our competitors this weekend at NY/NJ Sectionals: Sara, Mike M., Mike K., Sophie, Lenny, Hari, Adam, Dave A., and Zach. It’s very exciting that 2 of our coaches (Sara, Mike K.) and one of our owners (who also coaches–Hari) are competing. Let’s kick some ass, guys and gals!


  • SCALING OPTIONS courtesy of CrossFit Brand X forums:
    Big Dawgs:
    As Rx’d
    If you cannot do a muscle up use a 5/1 ratio.
    150 pull ups 150 dips
    3/1 ratio seated muscle ups
    90 seated muscle ups
    Yes I have scaled up here. If you have been CrossFitting for awhile you should be able to do a muscle up, it is not even a rated gymnastics move, it is simply the way a ringman gets up on top of the rings to START his routine.
    The Porch:
    As Rx’d
    If you cannot do a muscle up use a 4/1 ratio.
    120 pull ups 120 dips
    2/1 ratio seated muscle ups
    60 seated muscle ups
    For time:
    15 Muscle-ups
    If you cannot do the muscle-ups do 60 pull-ups and 60 dips 0r 30 Jumping muscle ups and 30 pull ups and 30 dips.
    For time:
    10 Muscle-ups
    If you cannot do the muscle-ups do 40 jumping pull-ups and 40 bench dips or 20 squat muscle ups.

  • Jess L.

    Kill it at sectionals guys – you’ve trained hard!

  • Matt K

    Good Luck everyone! Be there cheering you on.

  • Steve-O

    Good luck to all that are competing this weekend! I know you all will kill it!!

  • Reagan

    Good luck at sectionals everyone!

  • Other Grace

    First time posting here 🙂 Just wanted to shout out Justin and Jeff for being incredibly supportive in teaching the snatch process last night – you guys are great!
    Good luck to everyone competing in Sectionals!

  • Emily

    good luck @ sectionals, everyone!! Grace C and I will be cheering you on on Sunday!!

  • Mike C

    Good luck! Bring the noise!

  • Tony

    Good luck everyone. I’ll be there as well cheering you on!

  • Tim B

    good luck everyone
    see you there

  • If you’re going to Sectionals as a competitor OR as a spectator, PLEASE TAKE LOTS AND LOTS OF PICTURES (and email them to me at allisonATcrossfitnycDOTcom). Thanks so much!
    (If you’re competing and have friends or family coming to support, please ask them to get some action shots of you during the WODs, and send me those, too.)

  • Steve S.

    Good luck at sections, everyone! I hope you all kill it!

  • Matt D

    Good luck everyone!
    Anyone still planning on taking the train out there tmr morning?

  • The cure for diabetes link is a GREAT read, thanks!
    Good luck to everyone

  • Jenn

    I’m in Houston for the weekend and went to the Crossfit gym here. Their WOD today was:
    3 rounds – each round is 6 minutes:
    Run 400m
    Deadlifts for the remainder of the 6 min
    Used 135# for DL
    1st round: 2:00min run – 30 DL
    2st round: 2:40min run – 22 DL
    3rd round: 2:40min run – 23 DL
    3 rounds Max Rep Pull-ups
    3-3-2 – kipping pull-ups. I still suck at them.

  • Matt K

    As Rx’d 4:24 a PR!

  • Jai

    Good luck, everyone! Kick ass!

  • Dex

    Good luck in the sectionals!!!

  • Billy

    Wishing the competitors all the best this weekend.

  • brad s.

    good luck to everyone this weekend.

  • Matt P.

    Hey Matt D.
    I’ll be taking the train over some point in the morning.
    You heading there via train too? What time you planning on taking off?
    Good luck to all the competitors!

  • jim

    best of luck to everyone this weekend.

  • Rickke

    Did this WOD for the first time at lunch with Jim & Levi. Last time it came up, I couldn’t do MUs yet. Hopefully I’ll be able to pick up the pace next time. Nice to have a little motivation doing it with the fast guys. Great time, Jim. And congrats to Rahul on the MUs!
    Good luck to everyone this weekend! I’ll be there to cheer you on tomorrow.

  • james keller

    7:46 knee muscle up

  • Matt D

    13:40 rx’d. never got more then 15 muscle ups before (that was like 5 weeks ago). pretty happy with this.