Bar & Bell

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Running Workshop — Saturday, April 17th
Rowing Workshop — new date! — Saturday, May 15th
Wednesday 100324
15 thrusters (men: 115# / women: 85#)
15 kettlebell swings (men: 24kg / women: 16kg)
10 thrusters
30 kettlebell swings
5 thrusters
45 kettlebell swings
Post time to comments.

NY/NJ Sectionals (finally!) announced. Good luck to all our competitors!
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  • Emerson

    Good luck to everyone competing this weekend! Hopefully next year I’ll be strong enough to join you.

  • Zach Singer

    If you think you’re gonna stay in Jersey, I’d be down to check hotels and get a room. My understanding is that Mike M’s parents are going and they have a room and he’s staying with them.
    Call me anytime tomorrow if you want – might be easier to just sort things out over the phone. If we get a room, I think Dave A can give us a ride out to Monclaire on Friday night…or we can potentially catch a ride out Saturday if we just want to get a room for Saturday night. Anyway, let’s discuss tomorrow.
    212.526.8664 (office)
    314.541.0958 (mobile)

  • Lenny

    Sounds good.

  • Matt D

    There’s a highlight video from crossfit oahu and the hawaii sectional on the main site. crossfit oahu dosn’t charge visitors, they just ask you bring a t shirt from your affiliate. about 1/3 of the way through the video one of the female competitors is climbing a rope, and you see a cfnyc t-shirt hanging from the rafters, 5,000 miles away.

  • Mike Mishik

    keep me in the loop on rides.
    Saturday wods seem to be a little leg dominant

  • Zach Singer

    Will do, Mike.
    And yeah – the whole weekend is really gonna crush your legs. That said, I’m pretty disappointed that there’s no real test of the strength component of crossfit. No heavy 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. RM and no metcon with any semblance of a heavy lift either. Sort of a let-down, but whatever. Just show up and go, I guess.

  • Mike Mishik

    Zach, agreed…none of the workouts are going to make much seperation between all the competitors…I’m thinking a lot of people are going to be grouped into a short time frame for results.

  • Agreed, strange that there is no strength component at all, legs are definitely going to be dead after the first day!

  • Zach Singer

    How sweet would it be if Saturday when we finished or Sunday morning when we showed up they surprised us with a 1RM Deadlift or Clean or C&J or something? That would be pretty sweet! 🙂
    Not gonna happen, but a guy can dream, right?
    Sophie – shoot me a text or give me a call if you get a chance.
    212.526.8664 (office)
    314.541.0958 (mobile)

  • Emily

    I wanted to make up yesterdays WOD subbing ring rows for pull-ups, but the only time I can come in today is 8:30. is it cool if I do that?

  • Jenn

    Black Box WOD:
    6:52 – I thought I did it Rx’d with 65# but now the WOD says it’s 85#?? Blast!
    Allison, can you double-check on this?

  • Mike K

    I had heard a rumor yesterday that there was going to be a clean & jerk event in a similar format to last year’s deadlift event. No such luck I guess.

  • Sara

    I usually don’t have too many people for the 8:30 class so that shouldn’t be a problem but no 100% guarantees.

  • Zach Singer

    That would be a fun event – I’d love an increasing weight clean and jerk event like that. Start at 185, increasing by 10# and don’t cut it off…let people go to failure. Would be sweet.

  • Hari

    Here’s why I think the Sectionals are (can be) less than complete in testing: The two local sectionals are choosing a total of 60 men and 60 women for the Regionals. The NE Regionals are in turn choosing 3 men and 3 women for the Finals.
    We would like to believe that the Sectionals will find the 60 top men and women for the Regionals. But actually, this is not really true. All the Sectionals really need to do is find the top 3 men and women, and the current system is likely to do that. (Recall that the ultimate objective from CF’s point of view is to find the fittest people in the world, not to accurately rank everyone who competes at the lower levels.)
    I agree that a greater strength component will move someone people up or down in the standings at the Sectionals (and that this would produce more accurate results). However, the question is whether the Sectionals will get the top athletes to the Regionals.I believe it will.
    If, to make up some numbers, a given athlete places 20th at the Sectionals, when he or she might have otherwise placed 10th, it wont make a bit of difference to the outcome at the Regionals. The athlete will move on, and still have a fair shot at winning the Regionals (where there will, no doubt, be a more comprehensive set of WOD’s).
    The only way for an athlete to be unfairly eliminated is for him or her to come in below 30th at the Sectionals, when in fact he or she is among the top three in the Region. This seems to me an unlikely outcome. It certainly is possible that a person who comes in, say, 35th, would have come in 25th under a more inclusive set of WOD’s, but such a scenario would not likely effect the final outcome at the Regionals (i.e, that person was probably not going to be in the top three).

  • Avery

    Ran for an hour at prospect park in the sun. Its hard to run more than a mile now without wanting to stop to do some other exercise like squats or push ups. But not surprising since I don’t do that many long runs anymore.
    As for sectionals I think the best athletes will certainly prevail however all the middle of the pack people will be much closer to the leaders than say if a very strength biased wod was there on day one. A little disappointed with the female scaling on the wods but perhaps this region just isn’t as competitive as others and they want to ensure 30 women advance?
    Good luck to everyone competing this weekend!

  • Seth

    black box WOD
    11:14 55# 20#
    Good luck to everyone competing.

  • Rickke

    Made up C2B, box jump, GHD WOD.
    10:37 Rx’d
    Good luck to Sara, Sophie, Mike, Zach, and anyone else competing this weekend. Gonna try to make it on Saturday to support. Looks like they’re doing first come, first served for spectators who don’t have tickets. Email me if you have space in your car on Saturday or wanna commute together via train. rmananzala at gmail dot com

  • Lenny

    Im not doing shit really btwn now and sat. Practice some of the skills like power snatch and burpee box jumps just so I can get a rhythm for them. Otherwise all intense training is shut down. I want fresh legs for sat. I’m just doing jiu jitsu for the next couple of days to stay loose and limber.

  • Luke S

    As sectionals approach, it’s important to avoid injury. Here are some important tips to preserve good hip function.

  • Emily

    Sounds good. I’ll come in and we can modify as needed for my shoulder.

  • Lisa

    Luke S (and anyone else), please warn if NSFW!
    As someone with tight hip flexors though it was very instructional 😉
    Wishing good luck and strong legs to everyone going to the Sectionals this weekend.

  • jacinto

    anybody looking for a ride to the sectionals
    I’ll be driving,but I have to be there before 7AM
    that means if you want a ride you have to be at the front the box by 5:45am Sat.morning sharp.I will not wait for you if you are late.I hate rushing or being late,so please be on time if you want a ride.I have space for 5.
    my email

  • Jonathan P

    10:15 for the Black Box WOD at what I understood to be rx’d. . . . which was 95#. I guess if I had known about the 115# I would have given it a try, but it’s all good. I love the clean 10 minute workout like it is. After that did some work on OHS with 95# in the sub-10 rep range and some other random stuff like one-arm pullup negatives with the real one-arm.

  • 11:09 same old story with the 95#. may have died with the 115# though.

  • Jeff

    3 rounds
    3 clean & jerks, 160#
    muscle up triple
    Felt slow.
    Cleans were full squat. Jerks were split and were probably really ugly.
    Muscle ups were piking, but not kipping.

  • Mike Mishik

    3 rounds:
    15 burpee box jumps
    15 chest to bar pull ups
    15 feet to bar

  • Grace

    Made up yesterday’s WOD in 12:47
    10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of the triplet:
    Chest-to-“collar bone” pull-ups
    Box jump: 20″ box + 25#plate + 45#plate = 24″?
    GHD sit-ups
    I made it to about my collar bone each time on the Chest-to-bar pull-ups (started out a little higher but gradually went down to my collar bone) but according to Jeff Yan the bar should have made body contact each time to count as a chest-to-bar, which I’m not sure it did.
    Hands touched the ground on the GHD sit-ups, but need to work on keeping my legs straight.
    Good luck to everyone competing this weekend!!

  • Emily

    made up yesterday’s WOD w/Grace
    subbed ring rows for pull-ups. should have put my feet on a box or something to make them harder….
    cash out: tabata row–786. BAM! haven’t done that in a while….
    Grace, let me know if you want to go to sectionals for a day this weekend. I’ll totally go with you!!

  • Lisa

    Black Box WOD 7:21 but scaled to 53# bar, 12kg bell. This was a nice short and sweet workout for tired legs.
    Sara gave a thorough review of the clean. I can never have too much practise or too much instruction on this.
    Jonathan P, nice going on practising the one-arm pullups. These are a goal of mine.