Triple the fun

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Tuesday 100323
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of the triplet:
Chest-to-bar pull-up
Box jump, 30 inch box
GHD sit-up
Post time to comments.

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  • Scaling options for today’s workout, courtesy of the CrossFit BrandX forums:
    If you do not regularly do GHD sit ups, please do not do them in a met-con environment. Practice them in your warm ups or cool downs often and regularly before doing high numbers of them or using them in a met-con.
    Big Dawgs:
    as Rx’d
    The Porch:
    10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of the triplet:
    Chest-to-bar pull-up
    Box jump, 30 inch box
    10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of the triplet:
    Box jump, 20-24 inch box
    10-8-6-4-2 reps of the triplet:
    Beginner or Assisted pull-ups
    Box jump, 12-15 inch box

  • Seth

    Can anyone recommend a good iphone app for a stop watch. in particular, something that one can use for tabata.

  • Adam

    There is a tabata app
    search tabata

  • Adam L

    there is a tabata app
    just search tabata lite and it will come up

  • Naveen

    I use an mp3 for tabatas on iPhone (when not using my watch). There is a site where you can download a few versions; google if interested

  • 14:38, scaled:
    a few pull-ups were chest-to-bar, most were just chin over bar
    24″ box
    limited-ROM GHD sit-ups (just below parallel)

  • Tim B

    I use a tabata mp3 i found a while ago. its the music from rocky = awesome
    if anyone wants:

  • Jenn

    13:12 scaled (purple band, 24″ box)

  • Steve-O

    is anyone doing the level 1 cert april 10-11 in jersey? if so would anyone like to car pool out there, i have a car and live in astoria and wouldnt mind taking some people out there. shoot me an email at if interested.

  • Just now worked on high box jumps with Jacinto’s (very crucial) encouragement and got up to 27 1/4″! (I’d never done higher than 24″ before.)
    So much fun and such a mental game! Gonna start practicing these more often and incorporate them into classes.

  • Jeff

    14:02 scaled (big band), the regular tall box (is that 20″ or 24″?)

  • Greg H

    Visiting from NW Crossfit in Seattle
    11:45 RXd (had to make up for my awful DL WOD yesterday)
    Great workout and great to meet Jacinto. Total inspiration.

    For time:
    15 thrusters (95#/65#)
    15 KB swings (24kg/16kg)
    10 thrusters
    30 swings
    5 thrusters
    45 swings

  • Mike Mishik

    when will they post our sectional wods…the suspense is killing me!!!

  • Ari karason

    8:31 28inch box
    miss u guys

  • jim

    7.34 rx’d with the lunchtime crew.

  • ya, I wish they would post the sectional wods already, its only a few days away!

  • Zach Singer

    Last year the regional WODs announced the Wednesday before the event….
    Not sure that’s what will happen this year, but who knows. I think it’d be cool if they didn’t reveal them until Friday night for movement standards. Or Saturday morning. That would be fun.

  • Adam M

    Just want to confirm there’s an 830 WOD, even though it’s not on the class schedule.

  • Avery

    15:54 (rx’d with 26 inch box)

  • Sara

    There is an 8:30 WOD. Updated MB accordingly.

  • naveen

    14:56 rx’d

  • Zach Singer
  • james keller

    15:21 with little tiny (purple?) band, 30″ box and ab mat situps

  • Jonathan P

    9:57 rx’d. I’m happy with it but I can do better.

  • Lenny

    9:16 Rx’d

  • Lenny

    Those workouts look good. keep your legs fresh. I guess we’re staying in NJ Fri or Sat Night. WHo’s my roomie? Zach, Mike M?

  • Bryce

    What’s with the female scaling on the Sectional WODs?
    I hope you guys and gals kill it this weekend.

  • Matt D

    13:24 rx’d, disappointing. Also got a box jump on a 24 inch box + 5 45lb plates and 1 25lb plate, which was not disappointing.
    are there still spectator tickets available for sectionals?

  • Rickke

    10:37 Rx’d