Wednesday Options

The Black Box will be closed for classes this weekend (Feb. 27th & 28th).

We will be hosting CrossFit Mobility and Recovery Certifications. (Details on why we’re hosting these certifications can be found here.)
If you are interested in doing the Saturday WOD at Black Box Brooklyn and/or doing a Rest Day WOD on Sunday, please post to comments, so we can decide whether to add extra classes in Brooklyn. Thanks.

In Brooklyn (Upon completion, includes 2 free weeks of classes at either location.)
#20 Mon/Wed @ 8pm, starts March 8
#21 Mon/Wed @ 8pm, starts March 29

In Manhattan (Upon completion, includes 2 free weeks of classes.)
#106 Tue/Thur @ 8pm, starts March 2 (just 1 slot left!)
#107 Mon/Fri @ 6am, starts March 8 (4 slots left)
#108 Mon/Wed @ 8pm, starts March 8 (4 slots left)
#109 Tue/Thur @ 9pm, starts March 16 (just 2 slots left!)
#110 Tue/Thur @ 8pm, starts March 23

Wednesday 100224
Black Box WOD (Based on the New South Wales ACT Sectionals)
600 Meter Row
Then 2 rounds of:
Deadlift 175 / 125 lbs, 30 reps
Kettlebell Swings: 1.5 pood (men) / 1 pood (women), 30 reps
Ring Push-ups: 4 inches from floor (men) / 12 inches (women), 30 reps
Post time to comments.

Regular 1-hour WOD classes:
7am, 8am, 12:30pm: Black Box WOD
5:30pm: No WOD class (Rest Day)
6:30-7:30pm: Black Box WOD
7:30-8:30pm: CrossFit Total
8:30-9:30pm: Black Box WODpm
Express WOD’s classes:
6:00-6:40pm: “Garrett” (Recommended Sub = Regular HSPU’s) or Row 5K
6:40-7:20pm: Black Box WOD
7:20-8:00pm: CrossFit Total or Row 5K
Weston A. Price’s classic Nutrition and Physical Degeneration available for free online
The power of the high five
Complaint box: workout miscreants

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Cocoa and coconut snacks
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8 signs you are overtraining
Graham and Annie assist Oliver in his l-pull-ups during last Sundays’ team WOD version of “Garrett”:
l-pull-up montage.jpg


  • Kent B

    Did Black Box WOD at 7:00am class:
    16:08 rx’d

  • Jenn

    Black Box WOD:
    17:36 Rx’d!

  • Jenn

    Also, if there’s a Saturday morning WOD at the Brooklyn Black Box, that would be great… no pressure though. I’m going out of town in the afternoon so it would be nice to get a workout in before I leave.

  • Steve S.

    Black Box WOD:
    For Time
    Row 600m
    2 rounds:
    30 deadlifts 175#
    30 kb swings 24kg
    30 ring push-ups 4″

  • steve S.

    I would also be in for a Saturday WOD at BBB. Preferably early.

  • Tim B

    CFE today
    4 x 800, 3 min rest

  • B Maher

    I’d be in for BBB on Saturday if it was early.

  • Hari

    I theory, we might–might!–be able to run an 8:00 AM WOD on Saturday and/or a 5:00 PM WOD in Manhattan, before and/or after the Mobility Cert. How many people would attend either one?

  • Carlos

    I’m still interested in doing the Saturday WOD at BBB. (I don’t know whether those of us who posted that on Monday are supposed to post it again today, but in case the answer is yes, there it is.) Thank you.

  • Adam R

    I would do an 8am WOD in Manhattan on Saturday.

  • Tony

    I’d be up for a Sunday afternoon/evening WOD.

  • B Maher

    I would be in for the 8am WOD in Manhattan.

  • Mike S

    14:21 BB WOD scaled deadlifts to 155# to work on form

  • Mike S

    also, I would be up for an 8am WOD on saturday; would be fun to do before Kelly’s cert.

  • jim

    cf virtuosity held a level 1 cert this past weekend at their box. subsequently, they offered open gym hours on saturday and sunday evening immediately after the conclusion of the certification. many attended. i liked their thought process…

  • kj

    Busy in the morning, but I would try to make the 5pm WOD on Saturday!

  • Jenn

    I’d go to the 8am WOD in the BBB this Saturday.

  • Grace

    I would be in for 5pm on Saturday.

  • Jenn

    Oh, sorry I think I read Hari’s post wrong – if there is an 8am Manhattan WOD on Saturday, I’d rather go there since I live two blocks away. Thanks!

  • james keller

    i would like to do a saturday workout in manhattahn – either time works ill schedule around when you pick it

  • Chris H.

    I would attend an 8 a.m. or 5 p.m. Manhattan WOD on Saturday.

  • Jess L.

    I would do 5 pm on Saturday!

  • Jai

    5pm on Saturday would be great!
    Possible to also open late on Sunday as well?

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  • Carlos

    I’d definitely attend this Saturday’s possible 5 pm WOD in Manhattan.

  • Matt D

    first wod after a weak off, my back was killing me.
    did he BB wod, felt like i was going to puke half way through. took it slow, concentrated on finishing. don’t remember the time, but over 20 min rx’d.

  • Mike Mishik

    BB wod 11:42 rx’d…couldve probably gave up some time on the row for some time in the latter of the wod…

  • Emily

    BB WOD 14:53
    deadlifts @ 103#
    kb’s Rx’d
    subbed GHD’s for push-ups as per shoulder….

  • brad s

    bbwod @ 155# (also had to drop to knees for final 15 ring pushups due to repeated muscle failure) 15 min and change. holy crap was that hellish. agree with mike m. re: row portion. good time suffering with the 8:30 crew.

  • Mike K

    Started doing the total, but only got through the back squats and some press warmups before I ran out of time. Took longer to warm up than I expected.
    Got 335 easily and missed 350 2x. PR is 345. Need to focus on sitting back more