Inside or out? Plus a scheduling announcement

The Black Box will be closed for classes this weekend (Feb. 27th & 28th).

We will be hosting CrossFit Mobility and Recovery Certifications (which most of our coaching staff will attend). Originally, we had planned to host only a single one-day certification on Saturday, February 27th. When we made this decision, we expected that February 27th would be a Rest Day, and that attendance would be at its lowest.
Subsequently, CrossFit HQ altered the normal 3-on/1-off routine by having an unprecedented four WOD’s during a single cycle. (The fourth WOD was in honor of the soldiers killed at Fort Hood.) Because the Saturday, February 27th certification sold out so quickly, we agreed to hold a second certification on Sunday, February 28th, which will be a Rest Day.
We make nothing for hosting. The complementary slots we receive are all donated to our coaching staff.
If you are interested in doing the Saturday WOD at Black Box Brooklyn and/or doing a Rest Day WOD on Sunday, please post to comments, so we can decide whether to add extra classes in Brooklyn. Thanks.

In Brooklyn (Upon completion, includes 2 free weeks of classes at either location.)
#20 Mon/Wed @ 8pm, starts March 1
#21 Mon/Wed @ 8pm, starts March 22

In Manhattan (Upon completion, includes 2 free weeks of classes.)
#105 starts February 23 SOLD OUT!
#106 Tue/Thur @ 8pm, starts March 2 (just 1 slot left!)
#107 Mon/Fri @ 6am, starts March 8 (5 slots left)
#108 Mon/Wed @ 8pm, starts March 8 (4 slots left)
#109 Tue/Thur @ 9pm, starts March 16 (5 slots left)
#110 Tue/Thur @ 8pm, starts March 23

Monday 100222
Run or Row 5K
Post time to comments.
If running a 5K, compare to 091209. If rowing a 5K, compare to 091229.

Barbell rollouts for everybody!
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Make a healthy eating routine
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Skiing with rifles
Thanks to all who came out for the Run for Haiti. From left to right: me (Allison), Scott R., Tim B., Brian H., Kirk, and Matt K. (not pictured: Stephanie D., Jed S., and Laura):


  • Scaling options for each of the two possible WODs:
    (For the 5K Run)
    Big Dawgs and Pack:
    I know you hate it, but do it anyway Run 5 K.
    Run 1-2 miles depending on your ability
    Run 1-2 miles depending on your ability
    Additional resources on with regards to proper running technique (just do a search function for “POSE,” “sprint,” and/or “run” to find the relevant videos):
    Furthermore, if you need help mapping out 5K (3.1 miles), try
    Lastly, why typical running shoes suck:
    (For the 5K row)

    Big Dawgs and Pack:
    As Rx’d

    Row 1500-2500 m depending on your ability

    Row 1500-2500 m depending on your ability

    Better rowing: notes on erging is a great resource:
    Understanding drag factor
    Online world rankings
    and lots more

  • Chris S.

    Must have had a premonition. Rowed 5k today on my own. 22:22

  • felix

    anyone has a good GP (General Practicioner) that they can reccomend?
    paleo inclined would be best. thanks

  • Carlos

    I’m interested in doing the Saturday WOD at Black Box Brooklyn. Thank you.

  • Craig F.

    I’d like to work out Sunday at the BBB. Thanks.
    Similar to Felix, if anyone knows a (CF knowledgeable) PT like Kelly Starrett in the city, I’d appreciate the name.

  • Will

    I’d like to do a Saturday or Sunday WOD in Brooklyn.

  • Michael R.

    Does anyone know if there’s a crossfit recommended damper setting or stroke rate?

  • Steve S.

    “warm up”
    4 rounds for time:
    10 squat cleans 85#
    10 box jumps
    10 push-ups
    10 sit-ups
    10 wall ball 20#
    Row 5K: 21:34

  • Ricardo

    I rowed a 5K the other day at 19:39
    This morning I ran one at 23:22…
    This was my slowest running 5K ever. Last time was a little over 20 minutes. Maybe it’s the 10lbs I’ve put on since the summer.

  • Jenn

    Didn’t feel like rowing or running so…
    4 rds:
    10 squat cleans 65#
    10 box jumps 20″
    10 push-ups
    10 sit-ups
    10 wall balls 10#
    Will there be a morning WOD in BK on Saturday? I’d like to hit a 9am if possible. Thanks!

  • Michael R.,
    I’d suggest you read this link that I posted above in my scaling comment:

  • B Maher

    “We make nothing for hosting. The complementary slots we receive are all donated to our coaching staff.”
    This piqued my curiosity. Is that true of all the certifications? I can understand how that makes sense for the Mobility and Recovery Cert that brings in $225/person, but what about Level 1 certs? Those things have to generate upwards of $40k a weekend (on average) judging by the pictures posted to the mainsite. I would hope the affiliates receive some of that money. Anybody have any additional insight?

  • Tim B

    PTP day 2
    Buy-in: Dislocates and rotational dislocates +20 squats, 20 push-ups, 20 sit-ups
    603 PTP: Going forward, it will be implied that you work up to your working weight for the DL and press. You obviously don’t roll in and just crank your two work sets cold.
    * Set 1: +5# from Day One, 3-5 reps
    * Set 2: 90% of Set 1, 3-5 reps
    * Set 1: +2-5# from Day One, 3-5 reps
    * Set 2: 90% of Set 1, 3-5 reps
    Cash out: 5 rounds, for time of 10 KB/DB snatches, 24/16K (5L/5R) + 10 one-arm (Russian) swings (5L/5R) + 10 burpees. Then, end your session with some of Tucker’s against-the-wall stripper stretch and pigeon pose to loosen up your shoulders, back and hips.

  • Tim B

    if anyone has a spot they don’t want for Sunday, I’ll be happy to take it off your hands 😉

  • james k

    i was planning on coming in this weekend – interested in going to bbb saturday

  • Hari

    B Maher,
    The short answer is that we are extremely happy with what we get from our relationship with CrossFit. CrossFit makes an extraordinary investment in maintaining its website. I estimate that they spend very nearly $40,000 per week in this area alone, which we benefits us greatly as (the sixteenth) affiliate.
    We like to think that part of the reason we are growing is because we do a good job providing value to our members. But the other big reason we are growing is because of the quality of the product provided by CrossFit HQ. Indeed, this is why so many people choose to attend certifications.
    My point, was to convey that we are not hosting for the sake of making additional revenue. We are hosting because we believe in the quality of the certifications; we welcome the opportunity to increase the knowledge of our coaching staff; and we value being an important part of the CrossFit community. In addition, many of our members have expressed a strong desire to be able to attend certifications at Black Box.
    In sum, we host because it is a good deal for us as an affiliate. The compensation we receive we choose to transfer to our coaching staff, so they may attend at either no charge or a reduced charge. We try to balance all this against the fact that it is also an inconvenience for those of our members who want to use the Box on the rare occassions that we host.

  • Chris

    does anyone want to do this, or already signed up?

  • jake — I am signed up with the Hoboken Crossfit Team. I believe we have about 15 people on it as of now
    Saturday and Sunday I would be interested in open gym or a WOD…preferably an open gym

  • Mike S

    Is 6am still on for tomorrow?

  • Rickke

    Bench Press 5 x 5 – 145# sets across
    5k row – 21:09

  • Hari

    Yes, there is a 6:00 AM WOD on Tuesdays.

  • Adam M

    I would like to work out at the BBB on both Saturday and Sunday. I reiterate my proclivity for later classes.
    I have been useless in LA, as I haven’t been out of the office before 7 and can’t find a proximal locale with later classes and the fitness center in my hotel is as shameful as Brad S’ beard.

  • Mike K

    24:15 – though I spent at leat a minute of that waiting for lights & traffic. PR is 22:18.
    Running form keeps feeling better and I kept my pace more consistent than usual. Just need to pick up the cadence a bit.

  • Steve S.

    I forgot to mention earlier that I would be interested in doing at WOD at BBB on Saturday or Sunday.

  • Tony

    23:14. 5k row.

  • Jess L.

    I would work out at BBB on Saturday and/or Sunday!

  • Kent B

    Easing back in after 2 weeks travelling…
    Diet Linda: 20:06 (185#DL/135#Bench/115#CL–170#BW)
    5k treadmill run: 21:21

  • Ricardo

    re: toughmudder
    Holy crap that looks like fun. is the blackbox gonna have a team? I may be into it.

  • Jai

    Having left my sports bra at home, I elected not to run. And it turns out I’m still pretty slow at rowing: 26:53. Is there any way to avoid crushing your glutes as you sit back? I kept rolling over a muscle on my left side, and no squirming around in the seat would fix it. I need more padding, damnit.

  • james keller

    forgot to post yesterday – 23:37 first 5k row