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#21 Mon/Wed @ 8pm, starts March 22

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Black Box WOD (adapted from the Midwest Sectional WOD #3)
For Reps:
5 minutes of Rowing for calories
4 minutes of Box Jumps for reps (20″ women/24″ men)
3 minutes of hang squat snatches for reps (45# women/75# men)
2 minutes of wall balls for reps (10 ft high) (14# women/20# men)
1 minute of Handstand Push-ups for reps
Post number of reps to comments.

9:00 AM “Tabata This!” or Thrusters and Pull-Ups
10:00 AM: Free Beginners’ Class
11:00 AM: “Linda” or Black Box WOD
1:00 PM: “Tabata This!” or Thrusters and Pull-Ups
3:00 PM: “Linda” or Black Box WOD


  • Mike Mishik

    BB wod : 241 rx’d

  • Mike K

    BW:200 – used 305/205/155
    22:02 PR
    Felt heavy today and needed to break the benches more than I would’ve liked. Faster next time.

  • torch

    got the day off, sort of. thought I’d post. Miss the box and looking forward to visiting in 5 week. I expect everybody to be kicking my butt when I get back.

  • Emily

    BB WOD : 189
    subbed hang squat cleans @ 65# for hang snatch
    subbed squats for wall balls
    thought I’d give a try @ HSPU’s…bad idea. did 5 and when I came down my shoulder killed. I’m just hoping I didn’t really tear my shoulder up again…

  • Jai

    Torchy, it’d be nice to see you around again. 🙂
    Played with thrusters and pull-ups, but was apparently still a little smoked by Thursday’s Linda. Use 48# and usually got in 7 reps (7/7/8/7/6), and tried gripping the bar with my thumb around instead of over, which meant fewer pull-ups until I switched back (by memory, I think it was 6, 6, 5, 12, 11).

  • Grace

    BB WOD
    186 total (68,68,10,30,10)
    Rowing was tough today. Used 33# for the hang squat snatches. I suck at those and stopped at 2.5 mins to took a break before wall ball. Also used 2 abmats for the HSPU’s.
    Torch – look forward to seeing you back at the box!

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