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Wednesday 100210
For time:
50 Wall ball shots, 20 pound
25 L Pull-ups
40 Wall ball shots, 20 pound
20 L Pull-ups
30 Wall ball shots, 20 pound
15 L Pull-ups
20 Wall ball shots, 20 pound
10 L Pull-ups
Post time to comments.

In Brooklyn (Upon completion, includes 2 free weeks of classes at either location.)
#19 Mon/Wed @ 8pm, starts February 8 (5 slots left)
#20 Mon/Wed @ 8pm, starts March 1

In Manhattan (Upon completion, includes 2 free weeks of classes.)
#103 starts February 15 SOLD OUT!
#104 starts February 15 SOLD OUT!
#105 starts February 23 SOLD OUT!
#106 Tue/Thur @ 8pm, starts March 2 (4 slots left)
#107 Mon/Fri @ 6am, starts March 8
#108 Mon/Wed @ 8pm, starts March 8 (4 slots left)
#109 Tue/Thur @ 9pm, starts March 16 (5 slots left)

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  • Scaling options for today’s workout, courtesy of the CrossFit BrandX forums:
    So if you can’t do pull ups this WOD will be a little difficult. We will be breaking up the movements for those of you who need to work on the pull up and the L sit.
    Big Dawgs:
    as Rx’d
    Women – 14# wall ball
    The Porch:
    For time:
    40 Wall ball shots, 20 pound
    18 L Pull-ups
    30 Wall ball shots, 20 pound
    15 L Pull-ups
    20 Wall ball shots, 20 pound
    12 L Pull-ups
    10 Wall ball shots, 20 pound
    9 L Pull-ups
    Women – 14# wall ball
    40 Wall ball shots, 14 pound
    18 L Pull-ups
    30 Wall ball shots, 14 pound
    15 L Pull-ups
    20 Wall ball shots, 14 pound
    12 L Pull-ups
    Women – 10# wall ball
    30 Wall ball shots, 5-10 pound
    15 L Pull-ups
    20 Wall ball shots, 5-10 pound
    12 L Pull-ups
    10 Wall ball shots, 5-10 pound
    9 L Pull-ups
    Usual subs and some explanations:
    The “standard” substitute for Wall Ball is either dumbbell or barbell thrusters. Since you can’t (or shouldn’t, anyway) actually throw the dumbells in the air, use about twice the specified ball weight (40 lbs or so instead of 20) and do them as explosively as possible . . . but it’s still quite different.
    Better to follow David Heyer’s directions for a homemade medicine ball:
    take an old, or cheap, basketball
    cut a slit in it
    stuff with sand
    sew or glue the slit closed (optional), and then tape up with heavy tape (Americans call it duct tape)
    This gives you a perfectly functional 18-22 pound ball (9 or 10 kg) for under $4.
    The standard sub for L Pull ups are tuck pull ups (both legs tucked up to your chest), one-leg extended L-sits (you can alternate legs). If you cannot do a pull up this becomes problematic. We recommend doing your standard assisted or beginner pull ups and then subbing in 15-30 seconds of tuck or L sits with the paralettes at the end of each round.

  • isaac

    I’m down for the 8am. (I think.)
    I’ll check the blog at 6:30am.

  • Natalie

    Dang, I was actually going to make it for the 7am.

  • Craig F.
    Knew it was too good to be true. This is probably more reasonably fair for them.

  • Lenny

    Wall Ball and L pull ups
    11:58 Rx’d
    Took off a week from Crossfit and feel great. Sometimes a little break is what you need.

  • Hari

    We are trying to guage the interest in this evening’s classes. We don’t want to run 7 WOD classes, if attendance is going to be down 80%. On the other hand, we’re running a CrossFit facility, and we want our members to be able to count on us.
    So far, we have canceled only the 7:00 AM class. If we could have known last night what the situation would have been early this morning, we might not have canceled the 7:00 AM. But we needed to make a decision, so people wouldn’t be surprised at the last minute. (We hope no one was surprised).
    So now, we need you to weigh in. Are you hoping to do the WOD tonight, and if so, around what time?

  • Sara H.

    I was hoping for 8:30 tonight, if it isn’t canceled.

  • brad s.

    i’m interested in an evening wod. my preference would be for something on the early side of the typical schedule but i can make whatever’s available. thanks.

  • Mike S

    7pm or thereabouts if possible

  • Rob H

    I had been planning on the 6PM class.

  • Adam R

    I was hoping for 8:30 but could come in earlier if that’s what’s available. Thanks.

  • Kim K.

    prefer 5:30.

  • Graham

    Interested in the 6:30pm tonight

  • Ed

    I was hoping for one between 6 and 7. Thanks.

  • Mike Mishik

    Probably safe to say between 6:30-7 range

  • Jonathan P

    I was planning on going in tonight. I was thinking 7:30, but earlier or later is also fine.

  • Hari

    Here’s our plan (as of noon, may change hereafter):
    You may arrive as early as 5:00 PM (we have not yet decided exactly how late we will stay open). We will run people through the WOD as they are ready.
    The advantages of this approach are:
    1) Given the unpredictability of getting around as the evening progresses, it doesn’t require people to arrive at a specific time in order to attend a specific WOD.
    2) Since the WOD is not very technical, people can do warm up and go, with minimal instruction. They can then cool down, practice skills, or head home.
    In essence, we will be operating on the “Express Track” throughout the evening, with WOD’s starting whenever people are ready to go.
    As of now, the 8:00 PM Elements is still scheduled to go, so we expect to be open until at least 9:00 PM. This may change, so continue to monitor the blog.

  • Holly

    Would it be possible to move the 8pm elements earlier? There are only 5 others (besides myself) so they could probably be called to see if that works. I can start as early as 5:30/6.

  • kj

    I definitely want to come in this evening. Thanks for opening!

  • Ray S

    Any word on if the 6:30 beginners class is still on?

  • Hari

    We discontinued the 6:30 PM Wednesday Beginners’ Class and have not been listing it on our website for the past week.

  • jake

    I know I was slacking but Jeez Lenny you slaughtered me

  • Jai is doing a series on science and athletics. They’re also soliciting feedback, so let them know what you’d like to hear about.
    “Sure, talent and hard work still matter. But … cutting-edge competition off the field has helped athletes achieve feats that seemed unimaginable just a few years ago ‚Äî and raised questions about the tools that they‚Äôre using to do so. For every breakthrough in training technique, there‚Äôs another drug that threatens to undermine the very foundation of the games we play.”
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    I’m still figuring out if I’ll go to the box tonight. I don’t think the snow will stop me, but my glute/hamstring on my right has been weirdly sore, painful even when just walking around. So I probably won’t be doing this workout but just messing around doing my own thing if I do go. Since I may show up on the later side, I’ll call before I head out to see if people will still be there. Visibility is still good so if you’re scared of the “blizzard”, you’re a wuss! Or legitimately frightened by drivers that have no clue how to handle these conditions. Sigh.

  • Ray S

    Re 630pm beginners class–I saw that it wasn’t on the schedule, but it still showed up in my personal schedule. Thanks for the update.

  • Ray S

    Actually, scratch that–the 6:30 class is still showing up on the main schedule page…

  • Steve S.

    15:27 RX

  • Jason

    Can you please give us a similar update about the Brooklyn location? There always seems to be more way more communication about NYC.

  • Hari

    At this time, we are maintaining a normal schedule in Brooklyn. Any possibe changed will be announced at least 90 minutes in advance, so check the blog before you head out.

  • Hari

    At this time, we are maintaining a normal schedule in Brooklyn. Any possibe changed will be announced at least 90 minutes in advance, so check the blog before you head out.

  • Annie

    Hari – Thanks for keeping it open! i will be there

  • Carlos

    To Jai and Emily, the two Utahans (don’t know whether that’s a word, but anyway, nobody cares): I’ll stand up for us native New Yorkers, all in good fun of course, after all your talk about “wusses” and “pussies” and “drivers who have no clue how to handle these conditions.” Keep in mind, on a day like today, it’s tougher to get around a metropolitan area of 20 million people than 20 thousand or however many there are in Utah (again, nobody cares, so no need to fill us in). Also, it’s easier to handle a fender-bender informally when everyone’s related.
    More importantly, thank you very much for opening Hari, and I’ll be there.

  • Jordan

    What about the Elements 6 at 8pm?

  • Normal time schedule for Elements.

  • Jenn

    oh snap, carlos. 🙂

  • Mike K

    Wow, Carlos woke up with a vengance today after last nights meal!

  • Jai

    LOL, pretty close: Utahn is what I hear most often. Utahns don’t really adapt to the cold, by the way, they just turn up the heater in their cars. But it is easier to drive in New York in the snow than in Utah. For one, no freeways are involved. And you will slow down to a stop eventually on flat land. I’ve used a minivan as a toboggan, top that!
    If you’ve got the best genes to begin with, why share?
    (Full disclosure: Lived in Utah for seven years, but am not a native. The ground I stand on is quite shaky, feel free to topple me.)

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  • kj

    19:09 w/ 10# ball and blue band.
    Scaled down the pull-ups to 18-15-12-9. Did 50-40-30-20 wallballs.
    60 pull-ups today: Total is 650.

  • Sara

    OPT WOD:
    A1. Power Snatch @ 11X1 – 2.2.2 x 5; rest 120 sec
    A2. Close Grip Bench Press @ 30X0 – 4.4 x 5; rest 120 sec
    5 sets:
    25 unbroken box jumps – 20″/14″
    Row Sprint 200 m @ 100%
    rest 2 min
    post loads and notes to comments
    10 sec rest b/t drops – 2.2.2 means 6 reps per set and 4.4 means 8 reps per set, the weight will drop approximately 10-20% in each drop and approx 10% per set in the starting weight
    A1. 80/75/70, 75/70/65, 75/65/60, 70/65/65, 70/65/60
    A2. 100/95, 100/95, 100/95, 100/95, 95/95
    1:37, 1:33, 1:32, 1:32, 1:30

  • Hari


  • Rickke

    Made up 10 sets 2 back squats. Used 60% of 1RM – 150# sets across.
    Followed by OPT WOD with Mike. First time doing one of these. Seemingly complicated, but good.
    A1 – 95/85/75 sets across (should’ve gone heavier)
    A2 – 115 sets across (should’ve started heavier. forgot that I could drop the weight 2nd set)
    Total time of box jumps/row minus rest – 7:32

  • Mike Mishik

    opt wod:
    a1. 125(1)-115-95, 115-105-95, 120-115-105, 115-105-95(last 2 sets)
    a2. 135-135, missed the last rep on the last two cycles
    b. 1:21, 1:19, 1:18, 1:17, 1: 17

  • keller

    this was my second wod after elements:
    23:58 – 14# wall balls, pullups with a band, reps as rx’d
    loving the atmosphere and the workouts, looking forward to more!

  • Jai

    Welcome, Keller!