Final day of the Paleo Challenge!

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Saturday 100130
Seven rounds for time of:
95 pound Power snatch, 7 reps
95 pound Snatch balance, 7 reps
95 pound Overhead squat, 7 reps
Post time to comments.

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  • Scaling options for today’s workout, courtesy of the CrossFit BrandX forums:
    Big Dawgs:
    As Rx’d
    Women 65
    The Porch:
    5 rounds rounds for time of:
    95 pound Power snatch, 7 reps
    95 pound Snatch balance, 7 reps
    95 pound Overhead squat, 7 reps
    Women 65
    Seven rounds for time of:
    65-75 pound Power snatch, 7 reps
    65-75 pound Snatch balance, 7 reps
    65-75 pound Overhead squat, 7 reps
    Women 35-45
    Three-Five rounds for time of:
    20-30 pound Power snatch, 7 reps
    20-30 pound Snatch balance, 7 reps
    20-30 pound Overhead squat, 7 reps
    Three rounds for time of:
    pvc-10 pound Power snatch, 7 reps
    pvc-10 pound Snatch balance, 7 reps
    pvc-10 pound Overhead squat, 7 reps

  • Jenn

    Sleep: 26 out of 30
    Pull-ups: 916
    WOD: 22 out of 30
    14:38 (35#)
    Paleo: Final Day!
    While I’m having a Paleo breakfast and lunch today, I’m ending the challenge a few hours early since I’m going out of town for the week. I did strict paleo (no open meals, no drinking, no cheating) for the other 29.66 days, so I think I’m entitled.
    My thoughts about this challenge: I definitely saw a decent change in my body: lost 10.3 lbs (which I think is kind of drastic). I lost an inch off my waist, 2 inches off my hips. My energy level is super high, credited to lot of sleep this month (credited to me not going out and drinking as much as I used to this month). I feel like my Crossfit performance has kicked up; I’ve even done a few WODs Rx’d!
    Overall I feel really good and healthy. However, I’m completely aware that this is not the lifestyle I can maintain. Josh recommends a 90/10 split, but the reality is my normal schedule will probably allow me to be more like 70/30. I learned a few good recipes which I’ll keep (ie yummy Jennbars), and during the week, especially breakfasts and lunches, will be easy to keep Paleo.
    I’ll start re-introducing the non-Paleo foods in gradually (I’m interested to see how I react to booze again, I might be hurting). This challenge was definitely a useful experiment to see what my body can and can’t do without. Apparently it still needs gummy bears every once in a while though. I imagine I’ll put back maybe half the weight I lost in a few days.
    Congrats to everyone who made it through the 30 days!

  • Ari Karason

    Went out in the cold to do 150 burpees.
    Tried to warm up but there seemed no point in so.
    150burpees in freezing cold – 12:31

  • Rickke

    @ BBB
    22:58 subbed 65#

  • Kent B

    20:45 using 75#

  • Reagan

    I hate the oly bar at my gym, it’s crazy slippery, so this WOD tore up my hands.
    As Rx’d 25:58

  • Jeff

    Thanks for the great workshop today, Tim!
    I PRed on my 500m row by about 4 seconds!

  • Carlos

    Allison, thank you for all the great links and ideas! I feel better than ever, so I plan to keep it going, with very rare treats.

  • Mike K

    Thanks for the workshop today! Definitely feel much better on the rower now.
    I think you’ll find that drinking will be much more economical when you reintroduce some booze.

  • Jai

    21# bar, 24:35. Could have gone heavier except for the snatch balances. My shoulders are a little weird sometimes, so I’d often lower the bar carefully back down… which tired me out really quickly. Had to stop and shake out my left shoulder a lot. Also, I lost count, so it’s possible I did 8 rounds.
    Paleo summary: Really glad I had the potluck party because I tried spoon salad and spaghetti squash, and I think both are going to become dietary staples. Think paleo boosted my performance, too, as I’m getting more pull ups, heavier weights. In the last week I’ve gained two or three pounds, which I take as a good sign that I’m adjusting to the new food regime properly–I was worried that restricted food would mean I’d eat less but I did a good job of keeping calories high. I’m going to add back in brown rice and sweet potatoes as frequent parts of my meals, and I’m not going to worry about sugar or corn syrup much, since I’m not reacting badly to them but I do have a long list of other things to avoid–I’m going to use them as treats to keep me going for the full six months of my elimination diet.
    Speaking of treats, I want to celebrate doing the paleo diet for a month! I’m thinking maybe sushi? I’ve been wanting some warm sake in this cold weather… Who’s in for a night on the town?
    Also, thank you, Allison! For challenging us and providing helpful links every day!

  • Emily

    22# bar
    could have gone heavier, excepts for snatches…another WOD full of movements I suck at! this is great!
    my only complaint…for some reason my left wrist was killing me with all those wide grips. and my old rotator cuff injury was flaring up a bit…felt it in my shoulders (left one especially) when bringing the bar down on the snatches. must take note of that..