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Monday 100125
Five rounds for time of:
Row 500 meters
135 pound thruster, 7 reps
Post time to comments.

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  • Scaling options for today’s workout, courtesy of the CrossFit BrandX forums:
    Big Dawgs
    As Rx’d
    Women – 95#
    The Porch:
    Three rounds for time of:
    Row 500 meters
    135 pound thruster, 7 reps
    Five rounds for time of:
    Row 500 meters
    135 pound thruster, 4 reps
    Women – 95#
    Three rounds for time of:
    Row 500 meters
    115 pound thruster, 7 reps
    Five rounds for time of:
    Row 500 meters
    115 pound thruster, 4 reps
    Women – 75#
    Three rounds for time of:
    Row 500 meters
    25-45 pound thruster, 7 reps
    Three rounds for time of:
    Row 250 meters
    pvc – 15 pound thruster, 7 reps

  • Hari

    We have two more rowers on order.

  • Mike S

    Hari: Is the 6am Tuesday starting tomorrow or 2/2?

  • Tim B

    row, row, row no boat
    gently down no stream
    when you’re rowing on an erg
    the waters just a dream
    catching up on weekend comments,
    with all that new equipment on the way, its like christmas
    kj, congrats!
    5 rounds
    Row 500 meters
    95# thruster, 7 reps
    18 something

  • Brendan

    I did that weird one minute squats then difference in pullups/pushups WOD from last week. I went for 35 minutes and did a total of something like 980 air squats. Total overkill. I’ve been next to hobbled for two days. I decided to run to make a red light and found when I got to the far corner that I couldn’t stop. Stairs are unbearable. Perhaps I didn’t game it correctly?

  • steve S.

    5 rounds
    row 500m
    105# thrusters

  • Jenn

    Sleep: 22 – (only has 7.5 hrs last night)
    Pull-ups: 776+10=786
    WOD: 18
    15:29 (65#)
    Paleo: Day 25
    Breakfast: Pork chop, roasted veggies
    Lunch: Leftover broiled cod, salad with citrus dressing
    Dinner: Veal chop, eggplant
    Snacks: bunch o’ fruit

  • Brett_nyc

    It’s obvious that you need to increase your work capacity. I’d recommend incorporating 700-800 air squats in daily, during your warmup, so that these wods with air squats don’t completely wreck you. You could also try the Fighter Squat Ladder. For you it may look like 900-700-400-400-400-200… spread out through the day of course.

  • Tim B
  • Tim B
  • Jenn

    Hey Tim
    I got my food dehydrator from Bed Bath & Beyond: http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/product.asp?order_num=-1&SKU=14099344.
    It’s pretty decent; I’ve only made beef jerky with it so far, but it only takes about 3-4 hours and it’s delicious! Going to try making my own fruit roll-ups sometime soon.

  • Lt Gabe

    Brendan, I agree with Brett. However my $.02 is that you should do heavy, high-rep OHS in order to prep for air squats. Then your arms won’t get tired either!
    Anyone going to King of Prussia L1 this weekend?

  • Naveen

    Brett, I have the same work capacity issue as Brendan. How long would you do the fighter ladder? A week? Longer?

  • Hari

    The new WOD Classes start the first week in February.
    The Tuesday 6:00 AM WOD starts February 2.
    The Sunday 9:00 AM WOD starts February 7

  • sicoli

    1st 3 rds as rx’d
    last 2 rds with 95# for better form

  • Brendan

    Thanks, guys.
    I’m on day two of the Be A Man diet which consists mainly of gravel and safety glass. Once the internal bleeding subsides I’ll jump right in.

  • Isaac

    Today’s WOd w/95 lb thrusters. 15:57.

  • Denise

    Once again, not going to be able to make it into the Box tonight 🙁 but I’ve been keeping up with the Paleo diet:
    Fri, Jan 22
    B: 2 eggs, scrambled
    S: 1 larabar, almonds
    L: chicken w/apricots & celery root slaw w/prosciutto
    D: duck breast w/poached egg & arugula
    2 gl red wine
    Sat, Jan 23
    S: larabar
    L: roasted chicken on greens w/tomatoes & avocado & O/V dressing
    D: broiled scallops w/lime, olive oil, garlic & cilantro; steamed collards w/sesame tahini/lemon/pecans
    2 gl red wine
    Sun, Jan 24
    B: hamburger w/avocado & mango slices
    L: poached shrimp over arugula w/tomatoes & O/V dressing
    D: broiled scallops w/lime, olive oil, garlic & cilantro;
    steamed collards w/sesame tahini/lemon/pecans
    1 gl red wine

  • Scott R

    Todays WOD scaled to 95# – 13:54

  • Matt K

    As Rx’d 14:49

  • Jai

    Slate article on grass-fed beef: Better for you, but not magically immune to e.coli.

  • Reagan

    Brendan, that’s insane work capacity you have there.
    Today’s WOD, as Rx’d 18:52

  • Brett_nyc

    15:22 rx
    Pretty sluggish today after late hockey last night and being a little underfed today.
    Cant wait for tomorrow’s wod.

  • kj

    17:40 w/ blue band & 135#
    Did 15/25, 12/20, 9/15, 6/10, 3/5.

  • todays wod modified slightly
    3 rounds for time 135# front squat (got armbarred and something popped in my right arm)
    500m row

  • kj

    Oops. Meant to post that for yesterday. I didn’t want to do today’s with post-half marathon legs.
    Anyway, FINALLY updated my blog for the past week. I’ve stunk at photo-documenting and forgot what I ate for one meal along the way, but I can safely promise I’ve stuck to paleo at all costs (even when I was eating guac by the fork-ful since I couldn’t have tortilla chips at Dos Caminos).
    And the pull-up total is up to 510. Did 80 today.

  • Rickke

    subbed 95# and 1.5 pood SDHP & 1 round of rowing

  • Emily

    subbed 52# thruster
    12 kg SDHP
    thrusters kill me, so i’m happy with a lighter weight and good form

  • Richie P

    5 Rounds
    Scaled 115 Lb Thrusters (7)
    16KG Kettle Bell (50)

  • 25:07
    95# for 3 rounds and 4 reps. Went to 75# for the last 10 thrusters.
    subbed 1 pood SDHP for rowing.
    This really kicked my ass. My thrusters still suck.
    Thanks to Josh for helping me switch up the weight on my bar quickly.
    30 Day Challenge:
    Paleo Diet: 25 Days
    WOD: 11
    Sleep: 10

  • Emily

    and since i’ve been gone for the past 5 weeks..starting the pull-ups challenge today with 10 on the blue band.

  • Martin

    Subbed 105# thrusters
    SDHP 1.5 pood (50)

  • Jeffrey B.

    19:12. What a grinder! Ari, thanks for
    the yelling in my ear.

  • Jeff

    did this a day late
    subbed thrusters with 2 x 1.5 pood KB modified man makers
    no overhead, but full squat on the cleans
    pacing on rows were between 1:55 and 2:05