Tuesday Options

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#19 Mon/Wed @8pm, starts February 8
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Tuesday 100119
Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
7 sumo deadlift high-pulls (men, 75#; women, 55#)
7 push-ups
Post number of rounds completed to comments.

7, 8am; 12:30pm: Instructor’s choice
5:30pm: No WOD (rest day)
6pm: Black Box WOD
6:30pm: squats/pull-ups/push-ups WOD
7pm: Black Box WOD
7:30pm: Fight Gone Bad
8:30pm: 5×3 deadlifts / skill work: jerks
Paleo Potluck Party details here
Dealing with the social dilemmas of going paleo
Primal breakfast recipes / Paleo-friendly breakfast suggestions
Seafood for the future
Kids and cooking
The body fat setpoint, part 1; part 2
Taubes on homeostasis
Sara Carr, trainer & membership coordinator extraordinaire, rocking it at the Hybrid Winter Challenge:

Is the military getting soft?
Area-specific GPP
Our sister gym CrossFit Brooklyn gets some press, along with our “extreme” trainer Kevin “Torch” Williams


  • CAIN

    hey guys
    check out this feature we did for men’s health
    finally available online
    featuring torch and crossfit brooklyn

  • Court

    Nice to see you doing a little clean-up, Sarah! 😉

  • michelle

    yay sara!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tim B

    If anyone is interested in one of my rowing workshops, we are having one at Crossfit Virtuosity this Sat from 2-6

  • NicoleW

    Very cool CAIN!
    Sara…you go on with your bad self 🙂

  • Tim B

    Torch/Cain thats awesome!
    next year you’ll be on the cover yeah?
    did the 1 min squats + 1 min pull ups constant clock… thing
    finished 14 rounds and met pukie the clown

  • OK…that “article” with Torch rules!
    He’s probably a little busy with OCS right now, but I hope he gets a chance to see it.
    He is one great trainer – our loss, the Marines’ gain.
    Great press for BB Brooklyn.

  • CAIN

    hey guys
    the article is actually not even officially out yet
    I just had a backdoor link
    they are adding a few other things to the section
    then they will promote it from the front page
    and hopefully the print magazine

  • Sara

    Awesome Cain and torch!!!

  • Jenn

    Sleep: 18
    Pull-ups: 596+20=616
    WOD: 14
    Black Box WOD: 13 rounds Rx’d
    Paleo: Day 19
    Breakfast: 2 eggs w/spinach, apple, banana
    Lunch: Leftover Greek Scallops – delicious dish, if anyone wants the recipe, let me know
    Snacks: carrots, celery, JennBar(TM)
    Dinner: Hamburger patty, mushrooms, onions, green salad w/tomato and avocado

  • Scott R

    Made up fight gone bad today – 265 PR

  • Chadron

    Did Fight Gone Bad and wound up with a 307. It’s great to be back. Thanks to Scott for the motivation!

  • Tim’s workshop would be a great opportunity for anyone interested in going to the (open to all comers) World Indoor Rowing Championships in Boston on Feb. 14th.
    Registration is open until midnight, Feb 1st.

  • dan def

    Has anyone ever heard of Limu? A friend of mine swears by it. I am suspect.

  • JoeR

    So that’s what the Brooklyn location looks like….

  • Jai

    Looking into Fucoidan, which is the magic ingredient in Limu, I’m a little suspicious, too. I see that a number of sources are saying that there are over 600 records in PubMed on this substance, as though the fact that it has been researched naturally means that it is effective.
    Its supposed benefits: “enhance immunity, relieve digestive/intestine disorders, fight allergies, improve and support liver functions, inhibit blood clotting, powerful anti-oxydant, lower cholesterol levels, decrease high blood pressure, stabilize blood sugar levels and promote healthy skin‚Ķ”
    Again, I’m always suspicious of something that fixes EVERYTHING. But I’m also only just looking into this, so I don’t want to be overly negative. But the claim that really makes me wonder is this: “Fucoidan contains same types of antibodies than human mother‚Äôs milk, helping to boost the immune system then! It‚Äôs why Fucoidan is stimulating the production of immune cells, providing strong defense against: bacteria, virus, fungi, parasites and even some cancers!”
    I’m no doctor, but aren’t antibodies in infants determined by what antibodies the mother has? Why would a plant be developing antibodies that are useful in humans?
    Still reading up on it, because while some of the claims may be wacky, Fucoidan seems at first glance to be a brown seaweed that may indeed be rich in nutrients. For anyone better at reading extracts than I am, here’s a link to the PubMed articles on Fucoidan: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/sites/entrez
    There really is an abundance of them, but I haven’t opened any as I’m in the office, can’t get too sidetracked. I’m going to look into whether it’s really needed in supplement form or if you can just go to a sushi place now and then and get your fish of choice wrapped in it.
    This 2009 article in the Health Library makes me suspect that PubMed’s hundreds of articles may not have been double-blind studies:
    “Kelp [brown seaweed] is used primarily as a nutrient-rich food supplement. The results of highly preliminary test tube and animal studies have suggested other potential uses for kelp. For example, there is some evidence that elements in kelp might help to prevent infection with several kinds of viruses, including influenza, herpes simplex, and HIV. Similarly weak evidence hints that kelp possesses cancer preventive effects, and may lower blood pressure. However, far more research, including double-blind, placebo-controlled studies, would be necessary to know whether kelp is actually helpful for any of these health problems. Additionally, kelp has been marketed as a weight-loss product, but there are no meaningful scientific studies to indicate that it is effective for this purpose. Another common claim regarding kelp is that, because of its high iodine content, it can help all kinds of thyroid problems. This claim, however, is misleading and even dangerous. It is true that if you are deficient in iodine, kelp is probably good for you, but iodine deficiency is rare, and taking extra iodine when you don‚Äôt need it can cause dysfunction of the thyroid.”

  • Jai

    Just a little more info, this from the American Cancer Society on seaweeds: http://www.cancer.org/docroot/ETO/content/ETO_5_3X_Sea_Vegetables.asp?sitearea=ETO&viewmode=print&
    From their overview:
    “Despite claims that sea vegetables are super-rich in nutrients that can prevent cancer and help numerous diseases, there is no reliable clinical evidence that this is true. Most seaweed does contain iodine, which is also available in iodized salt. However, amounts of iodine in seaweed vary widely, and getting too much of iodine can cause thyroid and skin problems for some people. Early laboratory and animal studies of seaweed extracts suggest that certain compounds may one day be used in medicine. ”

  • SOOOOoooo happy to have a day off. My f*cking legs are destroyed. Can’t walk upstairs properly. Gonna start doing pilates and give up this Crossfit stuff.

  • Sara you are such a B.A.M.F.

  • Sara

    Same OPT wod Sophie did yesterday, 31:45

  • Adam M

    Yeah, but what was Sophie’s time?

  • Chris H.

    PC 1/18/10:
    – Paleo chili with grass fed beef, orange, coconut milk
    – Chicken / avocado salad with olive oil / vinegar and extra chicken
    – Coconut milk
    – Broiled chicken, apple, coconut milk

  • Adam M,
    Sara beat me by like 35 seconds, plus she threw up after, I think she wins

  • decided to do Fight Gone Bad again…

  • Mike K

    CFFB WOD: 7:17 rx’d

  • Lt Gabe

    rowing Helen today
    9:01 rx

  • Mike Mishik

    295-295-305-295(2)-245…thanks to jeff for some solid pointers….
    bbwod – 21 rounds + 2 sdhp @95#

  • Kent B

    Back for a double WOD after week in SF:
    DL 5×3 185/235/255/275/295(2, fail on 3rd)
    Squats/Pullups/Pushups unnamed addition/subtraction WOD:
    15 minutes + 24 pushups (needed 34)

  • Rickke

    CF Football WOD
    10 Standing Broad Jumps (minimum of 6 feet per jump)
    21 KB Swings 2 pood
    24 Push Ups
    9:58 sub 1.5 pood KBS
    Thanks for yelling at me, Sara!