Dead simple

Monday 100118

Deadlift 3-3-3-3-3 reps

Post loads to comments.

Compare to 090104.

A Quick Note on the Haiti Disaster
As everyone knows, the magnitude of the disaster in Haiti is nearly incomprehensible for those of us not directly involved. But one of our members has been directly involved, Kirk MacLeod (who just got his Level 1 in Montclair this weekend)-Security Adviser to the United Nations. For those of you who are unaware, the U.N. Consul in Haiti suffered heavy losses, including many, many close colleagues and friends of Kirk, including the man who hired him and his wife. It’s easy to forget that there are people who are continually working in the worst of conditions to ensure that others might have the chance to experience the same level of relative peace and security that we enjoy here in the States and most of the developed world. Kirk hopes to be traveling to Haiti soon to help reestablish the infrastructure of the consul there, retrain personnel that have to be replaced due to the heavy casualties and help to restore a measure of basic civil security so everyone can have access to food and water.
Kirk has requested that if you wish to honor those who have passed in service and “remember their good works and dedication to the pursuit of peace”, you can make a donation to one of the following organizations:
2. WFP
3. Doctors Without Borders
4. The Red Cross
All of these organizations have infrastructure and distribution in place and can get the majority of your donation to those who need it the most, especially the children.

Our thoughts are with you.


  • From the CrossFit/Brand X forums, scaling info about this WOD along with info about the deadlift:
    “I wish I knew how you could overstate the value of the deadlift.“
    -Greg Glassman-
    Here are some vids everybody should watch regarding the deadlift whether you are familiar with the lift or not:
    If you are familiar with this lift then you are a Big Dawg today:
    Big Dawgs:
    as Rx’d
    Everybody else, if you are unfamiliar with the lift watch the videos above and the use the time today to practice this lift with a piece of PVC pipe or a light barbell.
    A wise investment is the book Starting Strength 2nd edition by Mark Rippetoe. If you don’t have a coach this book will help you understand the lifts. If you do have a coach it will point out how little he/she knows.
    Here is a link to the book:
    Let me add, you don’t want to wear running shoes for a workout like this, you want to wear weightlifting shoes. Here’s why:
    And no, you can’t buy the shoes in any shoe store. You’ve got to order them online. Here’s a blog that offers deals and reviews on weightlifting shoes:

  • Justin Katz

    Did the Deadlifts today 7AM
    245X3 PR

  • Tim B

    for a very very very very easy way to donate
    Verizon Wireless, Tmobile, Sprint, and AT&T customers can text “HAITI” to 90999 to donate $10 to American Red Cross efforts
    first day back in a week

  • Jenn

    Sleep: 17 – first night I didn’t get 8 hrs and it’s a holiday. Kind of ironic…
    Pull-ups: 586+10=596
    WOD: 13
    Made up Fight Gone Bad – Rx’d 214
    SDH (18, 18, 18)
    Box (15, 15, 16)
    PP (15, 15, 16)
    Row (10, 10, 9)
    Wallball (15, 13, 11)
    Paleo: Day 18
    Breakfast: Pork-chops and spinach, clementines
    Lunch: Leftover short-ribs with onions and asparagus
    Dinner: Greek Scallops: scallops, onions, mushrooms, tomato, parsley
    Snacks: Apple, Jennbar (TM)

  • Brian

    Signup for The Northface Challenge, opens on wednesday. Various distances from a 5k to a 50 miler. Race is May 8-9th (obviously the 50 miler goes into the next day)
    for more info please go to:
    this race sold out early last year so sign up early!!!

  • Denise

    I’m at Day 14 of the Paleo Challenge today. Food for past 3 days:
    B: 1 HB egg, dried apricots, almonds
    S: larabar (yeah, only one!!)
    L: chicken salad w/celery root slaw
    D: chicken w/artichokes (pretty sure this wasn’t natural/organic chicken)
    1 gl red wine
    B: eggs benedict w/smoked salmon (see note below)
    S: apple
    D: sea bass, carrots, lettuce greens w/caesar dressing
    L: 2 eggs w/mushrooms & olives
    D:: sauteed chicken in broth w/curry & cumin and pecans; threw in collard greens on top and covered to wilt while the chicken was cooking.
    S: almonds & dried apricots
    1 red wine
    So, on Saturday, I was thinking, “if I’m gonna spend $25 bucks for breakfast at Sarabeth’s, do I really want yet another egg w/veggie omelette?” I decided no, so I went for the eggs benedict — how bad was it really to have the butter? how about the smoked salmon? Also, I’m finding that I’m eating a lot LESS almonds when I’m doing this Paleo thing. I’m surprised at this — I normally eat probably 1/3-1/2 cup a day, and now I’m down to about 1/4 cup. The biggest dietary change for me has been giving up yogurt. I’ve been making my own yogurt from organic (often non-homogenized) milk from grass-fed cows at home for several years now, and I love it –let me tell you how good that milk tastes, and the yogurt!! I let it go for the paleo challenge. I really haven’t missed it much, but I do admit that I liked having my yogurt, and am wondering how I will feel when I add it back into my diet.

  • CrossFit Metropolis is hosting an informal hopper challenge this coming weekend (January 23,24). There will be 4-6 WODs across 2 days (exact times TBD). If anybody is considering/planning on going to Sectionals, or just wants an epic CrossFit weekend please feel free to join. Everything will be scalable. Do as many or as few WODs as you like or just come and cheer, whatever. Anybody is welcome to attend. It will be laid back, informal, fun and free. Email us for details at We are located on 84th btw 2nd and 1st. Cheers! Eric

  • Chris H.

    PC 1/17/10:
    – Orange and walnuts
    – Three egg omelette with turkey and brocolli, apple, walnuts
    – Bison burger with low sodium tomato sauce, steamed spinach and brocolli
    – Orange, walnuts

  • Jai

    Thanks to Allison and Sara for letting me workout even though I was egregiously late! (I saw that there was a one o’clock class but failed to see that it was for Brooklyn, not Manhattan). I warmed up with 3 93# lifts, then did:
    103# x 3
    113# x 3
    118# x 3 (That was my last single rep PR, was rounding back a little)
    118# x 3 (Getting a little better)
    123# x 3 (A little rounded, but still OK)
    And decided to do two more lifts. My next goal for deadlifts is 150#, so I thought I’d give myself a boost in that direction. So I did a single lift of 128#, and then 130#. New PR!
    Paleo Potluck Party:

  • Sara


  • Mike K

    Warmup: 225×3, 315×3, 405×3
    Work sets: 425×3, 435×3, 445×2, 445×2, 425×3, 425×3
    Couldn’t keep the 3rd rep on 445 from swinging out away from me. Dropped to 425 on the last and did an extra set without oly shoes, which felt better.

  • luke f.

    Hari, Josh, and Court,
    Thanks from the Marines Manhattan Officer Selection Office for letting us use the Box for the pull ups and crunches portion of the Physical Fitness Test on Saturday morning. Hope we can get a slightly smaller group to come in and do Fight Gone Bad or something like that in the near future. I’d also like to point out that I have been implementing CF-style workouts (a lot of Cindy and Angie and 400m walking lunges when I’m in a sadistic mood) into the physical training I do with the officer candidates and have been thrilled to see the enthusiasm these guys have for the PT sessions now. Here’s a little anecdotal evidence to bolster the pretty well-established reputation of efficacy of Crossfit–I ran the Marines PFT a few days ago to see where I’m at and more than maxed it (24 dead hang pull ups, 100 crunches in 2 minutes, and a 17:52 3 mile run). The second highest PFT score from our office (out of almost 40 guys) was run by Anthony S. who recently completed elements and works out some mornings with Jacinto. Prior to running the PFT, he was concerned about his performance because he hadn’t been running or focusing on dead hang pullups. So much for that.

  • Naveen

    265(3), 275(3), 295(3), 305(3), 315(3)

  • Brett_nyc

    445×3 PR

  • Jeff

    340 x 1 + 2 fails
    I’m fairly confident I could have finished one (but maybe not both) of my fails, but after all that volume I didn’t want to do a really long, slow rep and keep my body under all that tension.

  • Martin


  • michelle

    155 165 175 185 195

  • Justin “thor”

    Mike, one thing you may want to look into is the new Rip shoes at Rogue Fitness… They have a smaller heel and are designed to help the issue with DL’ing with a raised hell. I always figured it was just I sucked at dead lifting until I switched to pulling in my converse and it immediately was better. Went from struggling with 350 to pulling 450 for reps and 500 for 1 RM last total I did. The raised heel just puts to much emphasis on the quads for deadlifting and actually makes for a longer pull. Not saying its impossible, as I have seen plenty of people pull some great weight in their lifting shoes (Craig for example) but for me its just 100% better in my converse.

  • Matt D

    245 265 275 280 285 everything was a pr

  • kj

    Chose to stay lighter to focus on form, which still wasn’t top-notch.
    Pull-ups: 400
    Food Blog updated. Still Paleo. Looking forward to to February 1st so I can get a few cravings out of my system.

  • Zach Singer

    435×3 (was supposed to be 445…left a 10 off one side…)
    450×3 – PR

  • OPT WOD:
    for time;
    50 KBS – 2/1.5 pd
    20 GHD sit ups
    10 box jumps – 30/24″
    40 KBS – 2/1.5 pd
    20 GHD sit ups
    20 box jumps – 30/24″
    30 KBS – 2/1.5 pd
    20 GHD sit ups
    30 box jumps – 30/24″
    20 KBS – 2/1.5 pd
    20 GHD sit ups
    40 box jumps – 30/24″
    10 KBS – 2/1.5 pd
    20 GHD sit ups
    50 box jumps – 30/24″
    32:22, used 1.5 pd KB and 20″ for box jumps

  • 185-205-225-235-235
    Definitely could have gone heavier but I wanted to concentrate on my form. It still needs work, but it’s feeling better. Thanks, Jeff, for helping me out.
    30 Day Challenge:
    Paleo Diet: 18 Days
    WOD: 8
    Sleep: 8 Days

  • Hari

    Sleep 8.5 hours (18)
    Diet: Steak, Blueberries, Almonds, Apple (17)
    1 Glass of Wine (42)
    WOD 5 x 3 Dead Lifts: 285, 290, 295, 300, 305 (PR)
    Weaknesses: Double Under Practice (6)
    Sophie gave me a great tip for double unders: Watch my reflection in the window. It immediately made a dramatic difference.

  • Hari

    Luke F,
    It’s always our pleasure to help.

  • Richie P

    225 x 3
    255 x 3
    275 x1 F F
    265 x 1 F F
    255 x 2 F
    Looks like my Max for 3 is 255 and my Max for 1 is 275 as of now…

  • warmup 245×3 275×3

  • Rickke


  • Elma Bedell

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