Night Gone Bad

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Sunday 100117
“Fight Gone Bad!”
Three rounds of:
Wall-ball, 20 pound ball, 10 ft target (Reps)
Sumo deadlift high-pull, 75 pounds (Reps)
Box Jump, 20″ box (Reps)
Push-press, 75 pounds (Reps)
Row (Calories)
In this workout you move from each of five stations after a minute.The clock does not reset or stop between exercises. This is a five-minute round from which a one-minute break is allowed before repeating. On call of “rotate”, the athletes must move to next station immediately for best score. One point is given for each rep, except on the rower where each calorie is one point.
Add your points and post them to comments.
Compare to 090804.

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Finding quality food
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  • Hari

    We didn’t think through tomorrow’s schedule for MLK Day.
    At this point, we’ll stick with the normal Monday Schedule.

  • Fight Gone Bad Movement Standards (and prescribed weights for women and men)
    Concept 2 Rowing:
    Range of Motion Standards: None
    Wall Ball:
    Range of Motion Standards: Squat below parallel, Medicine ball hits above bottom border of target.
    Scaling Options:
    Men’s RX’d: 20lb ball, 10ft Target
    Women’s Rx’d 14lb ball, 10 ft Target
    Additional Options: 10lb ball, 8 ft Target
    Sumo Deadlift High Pull:
    Range of Motion Standards: Both Bumpers on the floor, end at full knee and hip extension with the barbell at collar bone level and elbows above hands.
    Scaling Options:
    Men’s RX’d: 75lbs
    Women’s Rx’d 55lbs
    Additional Options: 45lbs
    Box Jump:
    Range of Motion Standards: Feet start on the floor, Jump or step onto box and end with full knee and hip extension above box
    Scaling Options:
    Men’s and Women’s RX’d: 20″
    Additional Options: 15″
    Push Press:
    Range of Motion Standards: Barbell starts racked on shoulders, ends overhead with full elbow, hip and knee extensions, ear should be visible from profile view in front of the upper arm
    Scaling Options:
    Men’s RX’d: 75lbs
    Women’s Rx’d 55lbs
    Additional Options: 45lbs
    Each competitor will be assigned a judge to count reps and police the range of motion standards. If you’ve got any special issues with a movement please be sure to communicate it to your judge before starting the event. Judges are expected to hold their athlete to the standards listed above and count reps out loud during each movement. If an athlete fails to hit any of the standards the judge will call “Foul”. Fouls are not debatable, focus on hitting the next rep with full range of motion.

  • Brook B


  • Mike S

    I was thinking about signing up for a level 1 cert; one just got posted for May in Morristown, NJ, and I was wondering if anyone has any inkling of whether there is likey to be one closer (either manhattan or brooklyn perhaps?) added to the list? If not, I will probably sign up for the NJ one.

  • FGB RX’d 328 (pr)
    Row 16,13,14
    WB 20,20,20
    SDHP 30,25,25
    BJ 30,25,25
    PP 30,15,20

  • Sara H.

    234 FGB Women’s RX (except for step-up on box) (PR)
    Wall Ball: 14, 14, 13
    SDHP: 28, 18, 18
    Box Step-Up: 18, 18, 18
    Push Press: 17, 10, 13
    Row: 13, 11, 11

  • 351
    Wall Ball: 20/14/16
    SDHP: 20/20/20
    Box Jump: 24/24/25
    Push Press: 47/35/29
    Row: 20/20/17
    Did this one by myself. Big Up to Brook and Justin for the motivation!

  • Martin

    286 Rxd – PR by 9

  • Mike K

    328 PR
    PP: 37,23,26
    Row: 19,16,13
    WB: 19,20,17
    SDHP: 20,18,21
    BJ: 26,26,27
    Note to self for next time – move chin out of the way on push presses. Ouch!

  • Chris H.

    PC 1/16/10:
    – Three egg omelette with brocolli, apple
    – Two cans tuna, large salad with olive oil and lemon juice, walnuts and raisins
    – Apple and almonds
    – Two grass-fed burgers on lettuce “bun” with paleo ketchup, mustard, and sweet potato fries
    – Hot coconut milk, water, cocoa, cinnamon

  • Sara

    Hybrid Winter Challenge Yesterday:
    5 rounds of 30 double unders, 7 clap pushup: 6:48
    Press ladder: 100lb barbell, 50lb db (one arm at a time), 2 35lb kb, 75lb keg, atlas stone. Get them locked out overhead. Made it through the kb and then got stuck on the keg.
    3 minutes AMRAP 120lb squats: 44 reps
    made the cut for final 6 of the next event which was:
    5 minute AMRAP of 4 300lb tire flips, 5 55lb snatches: 5 rounds plus 3 flips
    didn’t make the cut for final 3
    Had a LOT of fun! I am totally wrecked but it’s amazing to do that many WODs in a short period of time. Hybrid Athletics (run by Rob Orlando) is a great facility… they have open gym hours on weekends that I highly recommend attending to try out some of their equipment- it takes an hour to get there by train. Mike Mishik did very well and I think we were both very motivated to get stronger and work harder. I expect a big showing from the Black Box at the next challenge.

  • Matt D

    Fight Gone Bad – 308 rx’d pr by 16
    WB 18/15/15
    SDHP 20/16/17
    BJ 50/31/31
    PP 30/20/13
    Row 13/9/10
    I’m not sure if I just cheated on the paleo challenge, but I jut discovered something which may have changed my life: Purely Decadent coconut non-dairy frozen desert. Soy/dairy free, made w/ coconut milk. Absolutely delicious.
    I heard about it on the urbangetsdiesel/whole9 blog, and apparently Rob Wolf endorses it as well. After the WOD today I stopped at the Amish Market near my apartment, which had 3 different flavors. Here is a link which shows the ingredients:
    Not sure if the two gums in the ingredients disqualify it, but its like crack and I want to eat the whole container.

  • Lt Gabe

    370 big PR by 12, but last time was a 353. I need to stop doing fgb so often.
    Awesome work by all at the 11 and 12 today.

  • Richie

    Fight Gone Bad As RX’d
    WB 32 25 23
    BJ 23 19 15
    SDHP 20 18 16
    PP 24 15 13
    Row 12 13 14
    First full FGB.

  • kj

    8.5 miles this morning, which will be my only long training run for next week’s half marathon. Pace around 9:30. Ran with a friend. Gossiped the entire time. Very non-CF in terms of intensity, yet my legs definitely felt it by the second time up cat hill (though yesterday’s squats could be to blame).
    As far as Purely Decadant goes, I have be known to devour their mint chocolate flavor Pre-paleo challenge, but I couldn’t let myself buy it this month. I have started to feel anxious when things have ingredients other than foods I can easily identify, mostly because sticking with this challenge this long, I don’t want to blow it on something like guar gum.
    Went out for dinner last night and brunch post run. Dining out is slightly depressing with so many red flags. I made myself feel better by ordering a side of bacon this morning, but last night mint tea was no substitute for the apple crumble my boyfriend ordered for dessert.

  • Matt D

    Yea I was kind of skeptical on the guar gum, but I still view Rob Wolf as the a paleo authority. He says guar gum is fine here:
    No info on the carob bean stuff.
    Either way if I’ve cheated I’m kind of bummed, as I’ve gone completely strict with the challenge up to this point.

  • Hari

    Sleep: 8.5 hours (17)
    Diet: Broke Paleo for one meal, had cheese (16)
    WOD: N/A (12)
    Weaknesses: N/A (5)
    4 Glasses of Wine (41)

  • First time doing FGB since Elements and first time Rx’d.
    223 (PR)
    WB: 12, 12, 10
    SDHP: 11, 13, 14
    BJ: 29, 25, 20
    PP: 20, 11, 11
    Row: 14 10, 11
    30 day challenge:
    Paleo Diet: 17 Days
    WOD: 7
    Sleep: 7 Days

  • Jeffrey B.

    FGB, 309 (PR by 11)
    Row: 22, 18, 17
    WB: 22, 17, 15
    Sumos: 27, 18, 16
    Boxes: 22, 22, 23
    PPs: 25, 22, 23