Rest Day Dinner Tonight!

Try a FREE BEGINNERS’ CLASS: Wednesdays @ 9am and 6:30pm, Saturdays & Sundays @ 10am. Click here for the schedule.
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#18 Mon/Wed @ 8pm, starts January 18 (4 slots left)
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#104 Mon/Fri @ 6am, starts February 15
#105 Tue/Thur @ 9pm, starts February 23

Friday 100115
21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps of the following movements:
Deadlift (185# men / 125# women)
Post time to comments.

7, 8am; 12:30pm: Instructor’s choice
5:30pm: Lunges/Broad Jumps/Sprints
6:30pm: “Lynne”
7:30pm: Handstand WOD / skillwork: pistols (i.e., one-legged squats)
Afterwards: Rest Day Dinner at Punch
Smoking candy cigarettes
“Preparing and eating quality food is the most caring thing we can do for ourselves and others.”
Calorie postings no match for holiday gluttony
Saturated with fat (plus a recipe for seared steak!)

“Meat” me in the kitchen
Elizabeth and her awesome SuperOm t-shirt:
More of the same
Wake your butt up
Observations on weightlifting


  • Ari Karason

    Wish I could join !
    be in the city soon, cant wait.
    all the best from Iceland

  • Steve S.

    What time is the rest day dinner.

  • steve s.

    What time is the rest day dinner this evening?

  • Ricardo

    8pm at Punch.

  • Emily

    Count me in for next time…I’ll be in the city next Sunday. Still posting up with Spealler for another week.

  • Matt D

    Is there a 6 or 7pm class tonight?

  • Sara

    Rest Day Dinner is at 8pm at punch on broadway between 20tg and 21st. I’ll only be able to stay for a little bit as I’m competing in the hybrid competition tomorrow with mike mishik but I’ll be there to make sure we get a table.

  • Carlos

    There’s no 5:30, because it’s a rest day, right? So “TODAY’S SCHEDULE” above is incorrect, right?

  • Jenn

    Sleep: 15
    Pull-ups: 476+10=486
    WOD: 11
    20:45 Rx’d
    Paleo: Day 15 – weighed myself this morning and lost another 1.5 lbs this week. Went to a Brazilian Steakhouse for dinner last night – it’s amazing how much more meat you can eat without all the fillers of bread and appetizers, etc. Was sad when I had to pass on the fried plantains though. And i still crave gummy bears every day. Half-way through the challenge!

  • Sara

    There IS a 5:30 class today… Sorry about the schedule on MindBody, I accidentally cancelled that forgetting it’s a Friday.

  • Carlos

    Thanks for the answer Sara!

  • Just a random food note. I have been buying Mara Natha raw unsalted almond butter but wanted to get some of the fresh ground, so went to Whole Foods last night. In the fine print it says that the grinder contains roasted almonds WHICH HAVE BEEN ROASTED IN PEANUT OIL. So, just something to keep in mind! I think the Westerly almond butter maker uses dry roasted almonds…but I will have to check.
    If nothing else, this challenge has made me hyper-aware of food additives and really changed my palate towards favoring plainer foods. I feel like I can taste more.
    Congrats on getting half way through!

  • Quick question:
    What’s the story with cane juice as a sweetener?

  • Mike K

    In my opinion, I’d put it in the same category as honey, as you can certainly chew on a raw sugar cane, but it was probably seasonally available and not regularly consumed.
    Personally I’d use it over agave nectar if you need a sweetener.

  • Chris H.

    PC 1/14/10:
    – Three egg omelette with turkey and brocolli, apple
    – Chicken/avocado salad with olive oil/vinegar dressing
    – Paleo chicken curry, orange
    – Bison burger, tomatoe sauce, spinach, small portion of steamed sweet potatoes
    – Walnuts, pear

  • Mike K

    One takeaway from the candy cigarettes link above for those who may not have read the whole thing…
    As I’m sure a lot of us will still make “paleo” versions of non-paleo foods, be aware of the potential for oxidizing the unsaturated fats in nut based flours (coconut excluded as its almost all saturated) when cooking with them. Certainly not something you want to regularly eat.

  • Stephanie

    Today: REST
    Thursd: 3 RFT: 2 minute pike hold-15 HSPU from box-15 pull ups (green)
    Wednesy: CFE WOD: 4 x 800m w/ 2min rest | 4:00-4:20-4:25-3:56
    345 previously + 45 in yesterdays WOD = 390
    half-way through! i’ve reintroduced red wine, but everything else is on track!

  • I love candy cigs.

  • Rickke

    Black Box WOD as Rx’d

  • If anyone is interested in a games prep wod come tomorrow at 10am

  • Matt D

    black box wod 12:10 rx’d

  • Jai

    17:32 Black Box WOD, 83# deadlift, V-ups with bent knees, 21/18/15/12/9/6/3

  • Thank you! I would now go on this blog every day!

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