Lunge, jump, sprint

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Tuesday 100112
Three rounds for time of:
Walking lunge, 50 meters
Standing broad-jump, 100 meters
Run 200 meters
Post time to comments.

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  • Scaling options (and some commentary) for today’s workout, courtesy of the CrossFit BrandX forums:
    Tonight we had our CrossFit Teen class do a workout with broad jumps in it. We had them do a max broad jump before we started and marked how far they went. No broad jump counted if it didn’t come within 5 inches of the max. Maybe you Big Dawgs should try something like that on the WOD today.
    Big Dawgs and The Porch:
    as Rx’d
    Three rounds for time of:
    Walking lunge, 25 meters
    Standing broad-jump, 25 meters
    Run 200 meters

  • According to my calculations, 27 floor mats (each 6′ long) should be considered the equivalent of 50 meters.

    27 mats x 6 feet = 162 feet
    50m is the equivalent of 164 feet

    If you wanted to be super-accurate, you’d do 27 floor mats plus 1/3 of the 28th mat.
    I’m wondering if it’d be easier to run the 200 meters indoors rather than deal with the stairs for such short running distances, at least for the morning and lunchtime classes when there’s only 1 class going on at a time…
    I’m not teaching this day so I don’t have to deal with it personally, but just thought I’d raise it for discussion.

  • Hari

    I agree. The wall-wall length of the gym is almost exactly 25 meters, so down and back four times is probably the most efficient run. Even if the path needs to stop at the edge of a lifting platform, it will still be a very reasonable estimate.

  • Brendan

    made up ‘fran’ yesterday. 2:30 rx’d.
    Looking forward to this one today.

  • Mike S

    A group of us in the 7am did the whole thing outside, and it was not too bad. We used the park down the block as follows:
    50 lunges (each lunge approx 1m)
    50 broad jumps (each jump approx 2m)
    [for reference, park is about 80m long]
    Run from park entrance on 26th across park, left on 27th, left on 6th ave, left at 26th, back to start. Note – We thought this was about 200m; it’s actually 280m according to the map, so if you want to do 200m, start at one end of the park and run around the block to the other end of the park.

  • Tim Broder

    Initial thoughts from the Disney Marathon on Sunday
    typing from blackberry so please bear with
    My final time was 4:08:27
    it was a really cool race. we got to run through all of the disney parks for a hale mile or so. then a bunch of highway. then another park etc. The start launched off a huge fireworks display for the start of every wave. Epcot was by far the coolest because it was still dark (I crossed the start line at 6:02 am) and everything was lit up with fire everywhere and lots of music. Some bon jovi at mile 9, some journey around mile 13 or 14, Marky Mark and the funky bunch, and at some point a family of spectators was blasting rocky from a boombox. not as many spectators as ny, but the crowd really got into it, and there was no shortage of disney characters in costume cheering us on
    Brian did a quick post on NYCEndurance about my training, no LSD, all CF and CFE to prep and I think it did a pretty good job
    I was able to hold a pretty consistent pace until around mile 22 at which point my legs cramped up which tweaked my knee and I slowed down to about a 1min 30 second slower pace then I had wanted. I was quite sore after the race and gimping around a little but but recovery has been pretty good. the next morning my muscles were fine and the only real pain i was experiencing was in my ankle joints and feet which is going away. I really couldn’t believe that my legs themselves weren’t sore. Next time just have to focus on preventative measures for leg cramping. Moral of the story: CFE works, for all the weird looks I got when i told people the longest I had run was a half marathon and then after that a 75 min piece. it paid off. It was a breeze until mile 22
    Special thanks to Coach Harkins for prepping me for this (in really only 6-8 weeks of serious training, next time, I’ll buckle down earlier) and thanks to everyone who trained with me on those cold mornings. Kirk – next time you wear the weight vest :-p
    See everyone next week
    oh, PS, Florida was a balmy 27 for the race

  • Jenn

    Sleep: 12
    Pull-ups: 341+30=371
    WOD: 8
    subbed rowing, too embarrassing a time to post – let’s just say I was slooooow today.
    Paleo: Day 12 – anyone have any good recipes for goat chops?

  • Sara H

    It’s about time!! After 7 months of Crossfit, I finally got a unassisted pull up last night!! Actually, 2 in a row!

  • Sicoli

    14:30, as rx’d by the 7a outside group
    *word to the wise caveman….there a nice patch of ice on 6th & 24/25th street coming from the box. I only found this out after doing a running broad-jump off the curb and falling on my arse.

  • Stephanie

    WOD: in the courtyard with the 7am crew, 20:31
    Pull-ups: 325+20 = 345
    Paleo: day 12 and still no dairy, bread, rice, pasta, or anything else processed or knowingly off limits…but have reintroduced wine with dinner on the weekends, i didn’t really last very long with that one (hari’s wine count was making me jealous).
    ALL updated at
    Anthony- thanks for finishing your WOD and then running mine with me, that was pretty cool.
    Fred- your costco…but i was careless in yesterday’s post, upon re-visiting the label on my costco ground beef i see that it is: organic, no-antibiotics, no-growth hormones…but not *grass fed*. maybe something else i got at costco was grass fed, like the chicken? maybe it was just free-range. in ANY event in case you are still wondering it was $12.99 for three pounds, individually packaged in 1 pound packs.
    and i could be in for rest-day dinner.

  • Jaicat

    Congratulations, Sara! We should show off our newfound ability sometime.
    Mangoes with coconut shavings are awesome. Just saying.
    As for today’s WOD… I’m going to CFE tonight as usual per Tuesdays. Since today’s WOD is a park-friendly workout, might we be doing that?
    And I’m in for the rest day dinner. Allison, did you get my email draft for the paleo party? Sent from evite.
    And everyone: I was planning on having the party on the next Saturday rest day. That is not this week but next week. My big question is, should we drink alcohol at the party? What do you all think?

  • Josh Rosenfield

    Just read an article in the NYT about a legendary Coney Island strongman who just passed away at the age of 104.
    He was struck by a minivan in Brooklyn. Pity he went his whole life as a physical specimen only to be hit by a car.

  • Sara

    Rest Day Dinner this Friday, January 15th, Punch, 8pm, Broadway between 20th and 21st

  • Hari

    Sara H,
    Congratulations! Though you are no longer eligible for a $125 refund on 2500 band pull-ups, Black Box will pick up your tab at a future Friday Night Rest Dinner.
    Same is true for anyone else who gets a first pull-up or a first muscle-up this year, here or in Brooklyn.

  • Justin Katz

    Did today WOD outside with the 7AM crew.

  • Chris H.

    PC 1/11/10:
    – Cup of turkey chili, orange
    – Chicken/avocado salad with olive oil and vinegar dressing, apple, almonds
    – Almonds, apple
    – Filet mignon, steamed vegetables
    – Pear, walnuts

  • Sara H.

    Thanks Hari!
    I am tentatively in for the Rest Day Dinner. Finally! I am in town for one of these things!

  • lenny

    11:00 RX’d

  • Congratulations to Coach Court Wing on successfully completing the Z-Health Master Trainer Program!
    Good work, brother.
    It is an awesome accomplishment and we are lucky to have him as one of the owners and trainers of CFNYC.
    Just to give you an idea of the significant requirements of knowledge and effort that went into the program. This is from the Z-Health site:
    “Master Trainer candidates must have an extensive Z-Health and academic body of knowledge. They are required to participate in a 9-month testing process, culminating in a six-day live-testing event.” That doesn’t even mention the requirement of being certified in all four of the core four Z-Health Performance certifications…
    How cool is that! Well done, Court.
    Anyone who has not done a Z-Health session with Court, I highly recommend it. You may have heard some of the members talking about this “Z-Health voodoo”, but the assessment of your body and movements and the mobility and movement drills are brilliant and can seriously contribute to your improved health and…BETTER CrossFit!

  • torch

    Sara H – congrats on the pull up
    Court – congrats on the master trainer!!! Enjoy sleeping peacefully for the first time in a while I imagine
    Tim – congrats on the marathon. I’ve found cramping often has a lot to do with race nutrition, so you may play with that a bit.

  • Matt K

    As Rxd 9:15 outside at 8am

  • Mike K

    Congrats to Court on the Master Trainer, Sara H on the pullups, and Tim B on the marathon!
    Great work by all!

  • tim b

    Court- congrats!!
    Torch- thanks ill deff be researching it for next time

  • Brendan

    8:34 rx’d.

  • Congrats to Court, Sara H., and Tim B.! Tim, you started paleo-ing yet?
    Today I didn’t have much play time so I did some ring inversions, headstands, and handstands to warm up and mellow out then I deadlifted:
    115×5 warm-up
    165×5 (still easy)
    200×5 felt good, Brendan says my form looked great
    Also threw in 3 sets of 5 pull-ups.
    My birthday goal (that’d be April 18th) is to have a double bodyweight deadlift as my 1RM. At current BW that’d be 278#. Currently I’m still gradually losing bodyfat on strict paleo & daily 16-hr IFing without any weighing and measuring of my food (or restricting portions), so I’m guessing I might still drop a bit more weight but honestly have no idea.
    Anyway, no matter what I weigh on my birthday, I plan on having a double-BW DL by that time!

  • Sara

    Games Prep WOD:
    5 rounds of:
    Front Squat (3 second negative) 3 reps
    AMRAP pullups
    rest 3 minutes
    25 hang power db snatch alternating hands (35lb)
    400m row
    25 burpees
    95/15, 115/15, 125/15, 130/12, 135/11

  • Brett_nyc

    outside on the frigid track on the east side

  • Adam R

    Hey Allison, can you email me the videos from the clean+jerk session on Saturday? Thanks.

  • 12:58 Rx’d
    30 Day Challenge:
    Paleo Diet: 12 days
    WOD: 4
    Sleep: 6 days
    The paleo diet is definitely getting me leaner. I worry about my calorie intake, though. I’ve lost 10 lbs. since mid December, which I’m a little worried about (I’m 5’8 and now 156).

  • kj

    12:33 Rx’ed
    Food blog updated 🙂
    280 pullups (30 today!!)

  • Martin


  • dan def

    Matt P.– increase your good fat intake. Starting adding more almonds or other raw nuts to each meal.

  • Rickke

    10:32 Rx’d
    Congrats to Tim, Sara, and Court!

  • Did the 400m walking lunges today. I was going to be late for the 8:30 class and wanted to do something. I ran yesterday and missed 400m WL before Thanksgiving, so I did it today. I guess I also figured walking lunges on the sidewalk would be a little less awkward than unschooled broad jumps. Did 13:40 and 406 steps. I finally put a site together for paleo, linked to in my name. I need practice making web pages so I made my own.

  • Steve S.

    10:33 rx’d

  • Thanks for the advice Dan. I’ll take a look at my good fat intake. Luckily for me I love almonds so eating more with meals shouldn’t be an issue.