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New Year’s Challenge: Get A Pull-Up
(One Challenge of Many)
There are a plenty of other theories on how to get a pull-up. We’re not interested in any of them. Instead, we challenge you to do 2500 assistance-band pull-ups in a six-month period. Do this and if you do not have an unassisted, full range-of-motion pull-up within those six months, we’ll pay you a nickel for each of your 2500 attempts ($125). We don’t expect to lose money on this deal.
Start when you’re ready. Post each day as follows:
(BP = n + m)
· n is the total number of band pull-ups you did prior to that day
· m is the total number of band pull-ups you do that day
So, your first five postings may look like this
(BP = 0 + 20 = 20)
(BP = 20 + 55 = 75)
(BP = 75 + 20 = 95)
(BP = 95 + 20= 115)
(BP = 115 + 45 = 160)
On days when there are no pull-ups in the WOD, n will be 20, assuming you do 10 at the beginning and another 10 at the end of class. On other days, n will be higher; since you can also count whatever band pull-ups you did during the WOD.
It doesn’t matter how thick the bands are. Switch to smaller bands when you are able, but the details don’t matter and don’t need to be posted.
If you show up three days per week on average, you should end up doing about 100 band pull-ups per week (3 x 20 in practice plus whatever comes up in the WOD’s). In six months, you will do 2500 band pull-ups, assuming it takes that long. If you get to 2500 within six months of when you start this challenge, and you do not have a pull-up, we’ll pay you $125 (provided you have been posting your numbers regularly).
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#97 Tue/Thur @ 9pm, starts January 5 (5 slots left)

Wednesday 091223
Front Squat 1-10-1-20-1-30 reps
Post total load (add up all six barbell loads) to comments.

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A rather good question printed on one of our member’s shirts, posed by the Blue Hill Co-op and Cafe. (If you’ve been to Blue Hill, please post about it in the comments.)


  • Here’s CrossFit BrandX’s advice for today’s workout:
    Today’s workout is self-scaling. If you are unfamiliar with the movements check the video and remember to go light if you are just starting out.
    I’d add the following:
    If this workout looks scary (30 reps?!?), remember, we have 11#, 22#, and 33# bars at the gym. Everyone will be able to complete this WOD without having to revert to using PVC pipe.
    Don’t forget your weightlifting shoes or at least some Chuck Taylors. Otherwise, expect to be working out in socks. Read about why:

  • Justin Katz

    Did today WOD
    Total: 595

  • Tim B

    CFE outside today with kirk and briman
    8 x 200m with a 20# vest on
    We’ll be doing a 12 days of Christmas workout tomorrow morning at 7 if anyone wants to join
    1 DL
    2 Push Up
    3 Shoulder Press 95#
    4 Burpee
    5 Box Jump
    6 Squat
    7 Sit up w/ 25#
    8 KB Swing 24kg
    9 Dips
    10 Pull ups
    11 K2E
    12 Hang Power Clean 95#
    1, 2,1,, 3,2,1,, 4,3,2,1,…. etc

  • Tim B

    also, if you are interested in Warrior Dash and want to save $20 by registering early, sign up now for the 11am heat
    details here

  • Scott R

    Front Squat WOD
    185 x 1
    135 x 10
    185 x 1
    115 x 20
    185 x 1
    95 x 30
    Total – 900

  • Jenn

    I just told Dan this week that one of my goals in 2010 is to get an unassisted pull-up! I’m definitely doing this challenge, though getting $125 back would be a pretty good rebate for my membership fees.

  • Mike K

    I was gonna suggest this 12 days of Christmas workout… but I’m sure either will be fun.
    1 Body Weight Clean and Jerk
    2 1 1/2 Body Weight Deadlift
    3 Muscle Ups
    4 Box Jumps
    5 Weighted Pull Ups (Gents use 30# and Ladies use 20#)
    6 Weighted Walking Lunges (Gents use 30# dumbbells and Ladies use 20#)
    7 Burpees
    8 Kettlebell Swings (Gents use 24kg and Ladies use 16kg)
    9 Single Arm Snatch (Gents use 35# and Ladies use 25#)
    10 Push Ups
    11 Dips
    12 Handstand Push Ups

  • I am final, I am sorry, but, in my opinion, this theme is not so actual.

  • Tim B

    yeah I had seen that one on Santa Cruz’s website
    the one i posted was Jacinto’s from last year
    both should be fun
    both…. in a row? hmm? (possibly a bad idea)

  • Mike S

    Did my WOD at Crossfit Gulf Coast in Sarasota Fl.
    Total = 920
    Looking forward to the banded pull up challenge.

  • Mike K

    Tim, both… in a row… is definitely a bad idea.
    Gonna try to wake up tomorrow and make it there for one of them.

  • Jeffrey B.

    I’m down to split some time with Brian D. Ping me and we’ll figure out a time.

  • brad s.

    first lunchtime wod. good times.

  • Brendan

    Joined the group at Crossfit Pitsburgh for this one.
    total: 1,280
    I am a big fan of this WOD.

  • Reagan

    Mike S, I gotta ask, is that a typo or did you really get 175×30? That’s some sick endurance.
    Total: 1155
    Black Box (267,267)

  • Jai

    Too bad the pull up challenge wasn’t around when I got started, I might have made that money by now. But happy to have some unassisted kipping pull ups nonetheless.
    Also, any further details on the Paleo Challenge? I just got back my food sensitivities test from my doctor, and it’s looking like my diet will be a bit stricter, and may be a three month deal. The results are a little confusing, and I have to go over them with my doc first, but I’ll also be avoiding eggs, sesame seeds, pistachios, peaches, watermelon, asparagus, plums, safflower oil, cashew nuts, soy bean products, sunflower seeds, oranges, and brewer’s and baker’s yeasts. (That’s in addition to avoiding dairy and pretty much all grains). Those are just my high and moderate intolerances… the list of my low level intolerances includes most forms of protein (i.e., chicken, pork, turkey, beef, shrimp, codfish, lobster… I’m only safe on lamb. WTF?) so I’m going to confirm with my doc that I can ignore that info.
    Has anyone else gotten this test? It’s specifically called an “Intestinal Barrier Assessment” (IgG), and the list is a little overwhelming and specific. I’d like to get input on other people’s reactions. “The detection of high levels of IgG antibodies against dietary food proteins/peptides is an indication of a breakdown in mucosal immunity and a compromised intestinal barrier.” In other words, food and toxins are able to get into my system because my intestine barrier isn’t doing its job, keeping my immune system in overdrive and generally f*ing things up.
    So… if anyone else has checked out their food sensitivities, any recommendations on what I should ask my doc?

  • dan def

    Happy Festivus to one and all!

  • Lenny

    235×1 (pr)

  • Carlos

    Hari.. sorry I’m late in replying.. if you’re open at all on Friday then I’ll be there. My preference is an evening WOD, but regardless, I’ll be there.

  • Brett_nyc

    at home in San Francisco.
    Yesterday: 400 air squats. 12:26 So sore today
    Today: 7×3 Bench press @ 225 across
    5 min AMRAP of 5 pushups 5 2pood swings, 5 V-Up:
    5 rounds +5 swings
    Chain backsquats (25Lbs each side) 135×3, 225×3, 315×3
    Nice PR Lenny!

  • Josh Rosenfield

    I’ve been to Blue Hill. It was good.

  • Lt Gabe

    225, 185, 235, 155, 255, 135 = 1190
    had to rack and regrip quickly between 20 and 21 on the last set.
    Great work lunchtime crew, especially Lisa’s socks!
    Brendan I strongly dislike you trumping me on strength wods. Even if its only by 80lbs.

  • Avery

    153 (PR), 103, 163 (PR), 103, 153, 93
    This is by far one of the most painful WODs I’ve done in a long time.

  • Lisa

    125(PR)-95-115-85-105-75 = 600
    It was great working in with Elizabeth and Sara, who pushed themselves hard and gave me a lot of feedback.
    This was tough but I appreciated the high volume as a way to get a LOT of practise and learned a lot from it.

  • Emerson

    Did a regular xfit wod at cfmarin today. We did clean and jerks with a rep scheme of 5, 5, 3, 3, 1, 1,1. My max lift was 58kg. Going to another gymnastics class tonight!

  • Mike K

    275, 225, 275, 185, 275, 135 = 1,370
    Definitely have a bit more on these, but I’m happy with those numbers for the first time through this WOD.
    Thanks again Hari for staying/motivating while I finished up.

  • Hari

    975 (185, 155, 190, 135, 195, 115)
    (68,54), (55, 42), (61, 48), (54, 28)

  • Rickke

    195-165-205-140-210-105 = 1020