Saturday Sprints (oh, and a few thrusters, too)

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Gymnastics seminar with Gillian Mounsey at CrossFit NYC
Saturday 091219
Five rounds for time of:
135 pound Thruster, 15 reps
Run 400 meters
Post time to comments.

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  • Still waiting on official scaling from the CrossFit BrandX forums, but here’s my suggestions:
    Based on the men’s rx’d weight being 135#, rx’d women’s weight will most certainly be 85-95#.
    “Pack” Scaling, 2 options:
    rx’d weight but only do 3 rounds
    rx’d weight but only do 10 reps each of the 5 rounds
    If you must scale the weight (less than 135# for a guy, less than 85-95# for a woman), try to scale it as little as possible–these thrusters are meant to feel HEAVY and the only people who should be doing them unbroken each round are those doing rx’d weight (and only if that person is ungodly strong). If you scale to the point where you can easily do each 15 reps unbroken, you went too light.
    Of course, we don’t want you getting injured on heavy thrusters, so be sure you have control of the bar and good form. If that means going light because you’re still new to crossfit, then go light. But if you’ve mastered the thruster, make it HEAVY.
    Wardrobe issue: low-profile sneakers (such as inov-8’s or Puma’s [H-street model] or Nike Free’s or Chuck Taylors) will make the heavy thrusters easier to control (they become a balance issue when they’re this heavy) while still giving you the right type of footwear for the running. Thick-bottomed sneakers WILL make it harder for you to control the barbell, I promise you. I’ve seen the difference in countless people doing WODs such as this.
    Skeptical about the shoe issue? Read this: And here’s useful info on barefoot running:

  • kj

    24:26 w/ 55#
    Thrusters felt heavy enough. Had to break the 15’s into 3 sets of 5.
    Any chance of early weekend classes starting soon?

  • Reagan

    As Rx’d 36:20
    Black Box (264,264)

  • Mike K

    I’d even recommend against Nike Free’s for heavy thrusters, though they are better than standard running sneakers.
    I have a pair of the 5.0s and while they’re great for unweighted stuff, I feel like I’m all over the place wearing them for lifting anything more than really light weight.

  • Tony

    65 lbs. 22:35

  • Mike Mishik

    34:56 rx’d…Reagan this one wouldve been nice to do with someone right there with me, a real ass kicker

  • Hari

    31:49 Sub 115 lbs, 400 meter rows
    (68,54), (55, 42), (61, 48), (51, 27)

  • Mike K

    24:41 rx’d
    Ran through the courtyard turned & ran back, since I apparently wasn’t paying attention when Josh drew the through the coutyard and around the block course on the board.
    Would’ve added a little time with the other run, but that route is definitely more than 400m.
    Runs felt felt good… almost like this POSE stuff works.
    Thrusters could be faster.

  • Reagan

    Mike,I totally agree with you. This was a horrible one to do solo.

  • Jeff

    Five rounds for time of:
    185 pound front squat, 15 reps
    Run 400 meters

  • Emerson

    Went to the free beginner class at CrossFit Marin today. AMRAP 15 minutes of 20-15-10-5 squats, 45lb squat cleans, 45lb thrusters, burpees. I got through 4 rounds plus 20 squats plus 13 cleans. Tomorrow = PARKOUR Class! Totally pumped.

  • Adam

    Did totally ridiculous BD wod
    43 min AMRAP
    row age in calories (43)
    10x 1.5pod? kettlebell deadlifts
    10x 24″box jumps
    10x BWBS 165#
    10x pull ups
    43 d/u
    5 rounds and 10 box jumps
    thanks for the indulgence

  • Tony

    Happy birthday Adam!

  • Matt D

    95lb thrusters
    this was awful. did the longer runs but they were easy. need to work on thrusters, wrists starts to hurt and i end up taking too many breaks. heavy cleans yesterday didn’t help either

  • Rickke

    Did Filthy Fifty out at Virtuosity.
    25:36 – a couple minutes slower than last time.

  • Emily

    23’25” w/40# thrusters.
    started w/50, but by the end of the first round i could hardly lift it and knew I wouldn’t last another 4 rounds. considering I just went from ski level to 7,000′ I’d say I did pretty well today. 🙂

  • Jai

    32:45 w/38#, 5 rounds
    Then took nap on floor.

  • Lenny

    Spent 8 hours w my 15 year old sister. Would have gladly done this WOD instead. 15 year olds are really tiring.

  • Emily

    and by “ski level” I mean “sea level”….shows you where my brain is at these days. ha!

  • Jenn

    55#, 400 row sub