Gymnastics with Gillian!

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Gillian Mounsey‘s Fundamentals of Gymnastics Workshop at CrossFit NYC
The workshop will be offered over four consecutive weeks:
January 23, 30; February 6, 13 – 8:30-10:00 AM
This four-part activity-based workshop is designed to improve performance and basic gymnastics skills. Participants will gain a better knowledge of basic gymnastics exercise as well as how to teach and scale appropriately to ensure safety and maximize results. Focus is on core strengthening, injury prevention, and improved performance through practice and mastery of bodyweight movement.
The workshop is divided into 4 distinct 90-minute sessions. Each session contains a short lecture followed by practical application (movement) and a Q&A specific to the covered material. The final session will address programming, incorporating gymnastics skills into workouts, and a review of teaching cues and spotting. The last session will run for 2.5 hours.
Attendees should dress in proper workout attire and bring a towel, notebook, and pen. Activity is fairly strenuous – adequate rest is recommended prior to the day of the workshop.
Payments should be made by going to
Details and Handouts:
Specific course curriculum is available at:
More detailed educational materials will be made available after purchase.
Gillian’s rock-solid handstand:
Monday 091214
Complete as many rounds as you can in twenty minutes of:
250m row
5 deadlifts (225# men / 155-185# women)
5 handstand push-ups
Post rounds to comments.

7, 8am; 12:30pm: Instructor’s Choice
5:30pm: No WOD class (rest day)
6pm: Gymnastics WOD (inversions / ring push-ups)
6:30pm: Black Box WOD
7pm: CrossFit Total
7:30pm: Black Box WOD
8:30pm: Row/Turkish Get Up AMRAP — SKILL: the snatch
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  • Tim B

    Made up the getups WOD with 35#
    1 round + 11 into the getups

  • Emerson

    Made up the Total this morning:
    CFT: 595
    Squat: 185, 215, 235 (PR)
    Press: 95, 115 (f), 115(f)
    Deadlift: 235, 265 (PR), 285 (f)

  • dan def

    Fish Oil, quick and short read:
    Looking for the perfect Christmas, Chanukah, New Year, Whatever gift?
    Mastering the Zone by Dr. Barry Sears.
    The Paleo Diet by Dr. Loren Cordain.
    Starting Strength 2nd Edition by Mark Rippetoe.
    The Zone book is about $4 delivered, Paleo book about $11 and Starting Strength about $30 delivered.

  • Jenn Tang

    Black Box WOD:
    125# Deadlifts,
    First attempt at hand-stand push-ups so only went down a few inches, using 2 abmats to assist.
    5 rounds + 4 DL
    Thanks, Allison, for coaching me on the hand-stands, and for pushing me to put more weight on the deadlifts. I MIGHT try a little heavier next time. maybe.

  • Lisa

    Black Box WOD, 155# DL’s and modified HSPU’s on a bench:
    5 rounds plus 250M row.

  • Jai

    Further info on fish oil:
    The brand recommended in Dan’s linked article is Kirkland at Costco, but not everyone has a membership there. According to the Costco website, the details are:
    Each Kirkland fish oil softgel contains:
    Natural Fish Oil Concentrate 1000 mg, Omega 3 Fatty Acids (EPA/DHA and other Omega 3) 300 mg – **.
    Trader Joe’s is a little easier to find. Has two brands:
    TJ’s Salmon Oil
    1000mg softgel, omega 3 fatty acids (from salmon oil); EPA 120 mg, DHA 80 mg
    TJ’s Fish Oil
    1200 mg fishoil (EPA 400 mg; DHA 200 mg)
    And my pharmacy, Healthsource, has Nordic Naturals:
    Ultimate Omega, 60 soft gels, $21.59. EPA 650mg plus DHA 450mg, other omega-3s (whatever that means) 180mg, for a total of 1280mg. That’s assuming a serving size of 2 soft gels. So, a lot more omega-3 action (you won’t have to take as many pills), but possibly a bit pricier.
    Yes, I like researching stuff.

  • Reagan

    Made up yesterdays rowing and TGU WOD. Really tried to make sure my form was dialed in but it also made me really slow. Note to self, scale this one next time.
    As Rx’d 0 Full Rounds, only got in the row + 19 TGUs.
    Bathed in sweat, so a good workout none the less.
    Black Box (260,260)

  • Brendan

    Did the house WOD. It was a good one.
    9 rd’s rx’d

  • dan def

    Each Kirkland fish oil softgel contains:
    Natural Fish Oil Concentrate 1000 mg, Omega 3 Fatty Acids (EPA/DHA and other Omega 3) 300 mg.
    The 300 mg Omega 3 fatty acids number is the only number that matters. The other 700mg is filler so to speak.
    I ordered the Kirkland online. They charge a very nominal non-member of about $1 and even with shipping was the best deal I could find. I recommend ordering multiple bottles at a time to reduce overall shipping costs.
    Rob Wolf, crossfit’s former and still an outstanding nutrition expert, recommends the Kirkland brand.

  • Sara

    Rest Day Dinner Friday the 18th at Punch, 7:30pm:
    who’s in?

  • Mike K

    One clarification on the fish oil-
    Total EPA+DHA is the number that matters. Other omega-3 is generally ALA, which is a short chain n-3 that the body doesn’t efficiently metabolize into the longer chain beneficial EPA and DHA. Its usually a small amount, so it won’t make a huge difference, but don’t count that towards the total you are taking.
    If your fish oil doesn’t state a breakout between the types of n-3s it contains, get a different one.

  • Mike K

    Also, I’m in for dinner

  • Jai

    Cool. I have no brand loyalty. And I have access to Costco when I visit my family next week. You’d have to take about 4 Kirkland pills to get the same omega as the Nordic, but those 4 pills are still WAY cheaper.

  • Lisa

    Sara, did you come up with the restaurant during boxing? 😉
    Sounds great but I will be out of town.

  • Tim B

    thanks for the fishoil info

  • Grace

    BB WOD – 6 rounds
    subbed 250 single jump ropes for rows
    135# DL’s and modified HSPU’s off a box

  • B

    Running class
    tomorrow Tuesday night 7p @ central park – meet columbus circle
    wednesday morning 645a @ BB 26th st
    thursday night 6p @ Crossfit Virtuosity
    Cycling class
    Wednesday night 7p @ Crossfit Virtuosity

  • Rickke

    BB WOD:
    7 rounds + 62m row
    Started first round at 225# and decided to scale down to 185# for the rest.

  • Matt D

    BB WOD
    7 rounds. deadlifts as rx’d, hspu off box

  • Matt K

    Made up the row Turkish Getup WOD, as RxD with a 1.5 pood kettlebell completed 2 full rounds+500m row+20getups. Thanks for pushing me Sara and Jeff.