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Tuesday 091124
Shoulder press 1-1-1-1-1 reps
Push press 3-3-3-3-3 reps
Push Jerk 5-5-5-5-5 reps
Post loads to comments.
Compare to 090921.

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  • From the CrossFit/Brand X forums, in regards to how to approach today’s workout:
    Today, everyone is a Big Dawg! Do the WOD as RX’d. If you are unfamiliar with the movements watch the videos and then use a weight that will allow you to do the WOD.
    I would add that even if you are familiar with the movements (as anyone who trains with us at the Box is) I still recommend watching the videos. Visual reinforcement of proper technique can be rather helpful in rehearsing the movements mentally before coming down to the Box to actually attempt them.
    In addition, let me suggest you wear weightlifting shoes or Chuck Taylors (or other hard-bottomed shoes) rather than typical running shoes with thick padding. It will definitely help with these lifts (and any weightlifting moves, for that matter).

  • Anthony S.

    pj-95,125,145,160,175-4 reps on last set

  • Kirk

    Holy Cow!
    I may be coming to this late in the day…but if you have not seen Robb Wolf’s post on his blog today about the recent Black Box Summit… Well, you should…
    Weird goings-on in the Crossfit Community.
    WTF?, Over.

  • Tim B

    tweaked back yesterday. Did Jacinto’s leg burners
    20 jumping lunges
    20 squats
    20 lunges
    10 jumping squats
    5 rounds
    Rowing WOD:
    If you have not yet done the 2×20 min, do that
    6 x 4 min
    Rest: 7-8 min
    split = – :02/500m from your 20 min piece

  • Tim B

    Not sure if everyone’s seen it,Keith Zeier’s article in Runners world:
    http:// bit.ly/ 78U22g

  • Lenny

    press(weak) PP PJ
    95×3 135×3 115×5
    115×3 155×3 135×5
    135×1 165×3 155×5
    155×1 F 170×3 165×5
    155×1 F 175×3 F 175×5 F
    I did a 2000m row this morning in 7:50
    No where to go but up.

  • Kirk,
    Holy cow is right. Looks like trouble in paradise, but can’t say I haven’t smelled it brewing. IMO there’s been a lot of discontent with some of the institutional issues surrounding CF. That being said, I think the CF 101 lectures Glassman has been doing have been a means to address them and gauge the overall climate.
    Email me at gabriel dot sganga AT gmail if you want to discuss further.
    Also, where are you? I’m in town till Sunday.

  • Sara


  • Tim B

    Lenny are those numbers right?
    a 1:50 split is a 7:20
    Are you using a machine at the box?
    concept2. com /us/interactive/calculators/pacecalculator.asp

  • Reagan

    SP 145-150-155-160-165F
    PP 150-155-160-165-170
    PJ 140-145-150-155-160×3
    Black Box (245,245)

  • Matt D

    Freddy C from One World resigned as well.

  • Emerson

    Shoulder Press: 95-105-115-125(F)-125(F)
    Push Press: 105-105-115-125-125
    Push Jerk: 115-115-105-105-105

  • Lenny

    No Tim. I used one at my gym. I must’ve been off in my calculations. I did get a 7:50 though in the 2000m.

  • Brett_nyc

    had to clean all weights from hang
    SP:155,175,180miss,180miss. PR is 187
    PP:135×3,155×3,185×3,205×1,205×1,185×2 and tweaked my neck again. PR is 215×3
    PJ:DNF, PR is 205×5
    Too tired, legs and arms sore from Burpee-Squat wod makeup yesterday, too hungry, no intensity, shit day.

  • Matt D

    SP: 115 125 135pr 135 140(f)
    PP: 125 135 140pr 140 135
    PJ: 135 140 150 135 95

  • Rickke

    SP: 95-105-115-120(PR)-125(f)
    PP: 115-120-125-130-135(PR)
    PJ: 95-115-125-135-140(PR)

  • Jai

    Did CFE in the park. 30 seconds sprinting back and forth about 15-20 meters, 30 seconds rest; 10 minutes total. I fit 74 crossings in.

  • Hari

    (5 x 1 x 135), (5 x 3 x 145), (5 x 5 x 145)
    (68,54), (55, 42), (61, 48), (38, 20)

  • kj

    Press: 53-58-60-63(PR)-65(F)
    Push Press: 63-63-65-75(F after 1)-75(F after 2)- 70(PR)
    Push Jerk: 65-67(PR)-60-55-45

  • Mike K

    Still having overhead issues… left shoulder seems to not be engaging properly and the bar path is too much of an arc and was ending up behind me when overhead.
    Not much going right so I backed off a lot to work on form.
    Should’ve started a bit lighter on the press too.
    P: 185fx3, 175, 175f
    PP: 185, 195(2), 195f, 185, 185
    PJ: 185, 185(2), 135, 145, 135