Day 3 of the “Greatest Hits” of CF

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Wednesday 091118
21-15-9 reps of:
Clean 135 pounds
Ring dips
Post time to comments.
Compare to 091012.

Pears: Fall’s other fruit
Change your posture, change your mindset
Is this too hard?
Physical culture from around the world (includes video clips)
He’s silently judging your squat
Finding balance–or not!

So…you think you want a muscle-up?
Kirk takes the CFE-NYC message of “train less, go faster” into the mountains of the Himalayas:
CFE NYC Himalaya.jpg


  • SCALING OPTIONS from the CrossFit BrandX forums:
    Big Dawgs:
    As Rx’d
    Women 95#
    scale the weight to 95-115# for men/55-75 for women
    If you can’t do ring dips do 2X the bar dips
    Dumbbell cleans
    Bar Dips
    If you can’t do do bar dips do 1.5X the number bench dips.
    Dumbbell cleans
    Bench Dips

  • Hari

    Friday November 27 Rest Day Dinner
    In so far: Hari, Jai, Lt Gabe, Sara and Fiance,
    Who else is in?

  • Lt Gabe

    www dot bakonvodka dot com

  • torch

    cool pic

  • torch

    6:02 Rx’D w/ squat cleans.

  • Kirk

    Torch, I would like to be the first to get the obligatory “you are a machine”, “You scare the hell out of me” stuff out of the way…and just say that is seriously good work, my friend.

  • Scott R

    Allison- I forgot to write down my time from this morning, can you let me know what it was? i think it was 14 something. Thanks!

  • Tim B

    Fran Yesterday was 7:20 something RX’ed
    today was a CFE workout running around the block 1 min on 3 mins off
    re: weekend times. I would go to a 10:30 or an 11:30 half the time i just sit around my apt waiting for the 11
    CrashB Training: if you have not yet rowed your 20 piece please do so
    if you want me to help you keep track of your progress send me your splits timothy.brodet at gmail
    if you have already done your 20 min piece
    do 2×20 mins with a split of +4 over your single 20 min one
    3-5 mins rest in between

  • Tim B

    torch: christ
    Kirk: love the pic, when you back?

  • Chris C

    Torch. That’s awesome.

  • Craig BBB

    Speaking of bacon
    www dot permanentbrunch dot com
    two words – bacon bar
    (and as a special treat you get to enjoy an odd cover of Hot in Here while you browse the site)

  • Scott, you were 14:27 w/95# & band dips.

  • Tony

    For weekend WOD times, the earlier the better for me.

  • Justin K

    12:57 w/ 65 Pounds and Parallel dips

  • Craig_Cinci

    Another Torch prescribed WOD:
    Death by 10 m: 12 rds + 11 – I’m slow.
    100 PSU – 7:55 – These are still killing me
    Yesterday did:
    3rds – 15:48
    40 Lateral Jumps (over a weight bench)
    30 Jumping Squats
    20 V-ups
    10 Burpees
    Can’t remember if I posted Monday’s:
    15/1…1/15 of PSU & SU – 5:33
    21-15-9: 11:27
    HSPU & Jumping Lunges

  • Reagan

    As Rx’d 12:46 w/ squat cleans
    Black Box (241,241)

  • Zach Singer

    Missed Angie this cycle given I was at the Crossfit Gymnastics Cert in Long Island City. That was a lot of fun and I highly recommend it to anyone considering. Tucker and his crew (Keith Wittenstein, Melissa Urban, Dallas Hartwig, Jeannie Bassi – this time) are incredibly knowledgable and the cert is very high volume and very hands on.
    Fran last night. Deadhang pullups.
    Elizabeth today. Strict, un-kipped ring dips.
    Both very very rough. Different stimulus, different suck.

  • Naveen Vennam

    did yesterday’s Fran at a gym in Santa Monica.
    12:06 with #80 thrusters and pullups as rx’d. hands were very tender from Angie and forced me to do lots of single pullups.

  • Mike K

    8:25 – squat cleans, rx’d
    not a PR… been kinda off lately.

  • Avery

    Power Elizabeth: 9:09 minutes
    (85#/parallette dips)

  • Jai

    11:40, 33# bar and medium purple band. Should have used the 45# bar and the purple string… I’m used to assuming that it’s going to feel ridiculously heavy quickly and underestimated what I could do.
    So I added a 21/15/9 cashout of GHD back extensions and push ups, and then joined the class for Tabata planks.

  • Matt P.

    9:55 (75lbs.)
    First time doing Elizabeth.
    Still trying to get my cleans down.

  • Matt D

    95lbs, full cleans, ring dips
    almost 3 min better then last time

  • brad s.

    105# cleans, jumping dips, rings at shoulder height.

  • – da best. Keep it going!
    Thank you

  • Hari

    11:21 (PR) Sub 105 lbs
    (68,54), (55, 42), (61, 48), (34, 18)

  • Natalie

    Tim B – Did 2:44.5 pace for my 20min. Guess that leaves plenty of room for improvement!
    What does +4 mean?

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