No rest for the weary

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Thank you to all our active-duty military members and veterans. And to all of our readers, how are you celebrating Veterans Day today?
Wednesday 091110
1. Maximum number of sit-ups in one minute
2. Timed 300-meter sprint
3. Maximum number of push-ups (untimed)
4. Timed one and one half mile (1.5 mile) run
Click here for scoring scale. Post score to comments.

(Note: On Wednesdays there are three classes frunning from 6:30 to 7:30pm. Pick Black Box WOD accordingly.)
7, 8am; 12:30pm: Instructor’s Choice
5:30pm: No WOD (Rest Day)
6pm: Black Box WOD
6:30pm: “Cindy”
7pm: Black Box WOD
7:30pm: “Filthy Fifty”
8:30pm: Black Box WOD (Skill work: POSE drills)
Robb Wolf nutrition collection & Robb Wolf inaugural podcast
10 minutes
Treasure-trove of weightlifting videos courtesy of friend of CFNYC, Yoon
How to politely decline dessert
Debating Tabata

How much protein per day do you really need to build muscle?
Today’s mainsite video features a number of Black Boxers alongside Gillian Mounsey who is training for her Pull For Hope charity event this Saturday. Clockwise, from top left: Ari, Sara, Torch, Mike K., and Gillian. Best of luck on Saturday, Gillian! (If you’re planning on heading out to show support, post in comments.)
CFNYC in the house


  • torch

    note: video shot well within 12 hours of the Black Box halloween party… if anybody’s wondering why we all look kinda… puffy. great time though!!!
    I will be at the event! anybody able to dedicate the time and the modest contribution, show up and do a muscle up or sub!!! I promise that this is the kind of CrossFit community event you really don’t want to miss!!!

  • Ari Karason

    I had some good 3-4hours of sleep the night before…
    Im def. coming to do some mu over there.
    Torch, Im still shocked because of your filthy fifty time…..

  • Awesome job in the video! That WOD looks miserable!

  • Gillian Mounsey

    Thanks everyone for your support. Everyone in the video did an incredible job. I’m hoping that none of my muscle-ups on Saturday are as insanely hard as the last one I did in that workout 🙂
    That workout was brutal – By 5 mins in we were all toast – all the more reason to stick to main site programming and leave the “bright ideas” as just that.
    I look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday. If anyone is interested, we will be going to dinner after the event at a restaurant down the block from CF LIC.

  • Kirk

    Do us all proud on Saturday, Gillian! It’s a great thing you’re doing.
    Have been traveling and am a bit behind in WODs…
    Ran what ended up being 8K today – 4K uphill and eventually 4K down with 6 100m hill repeats in the middle… in the Himalayas.
    Starting from 2500m and going up from there through a Nepali military base (due to security situation had to move my training from Pakistan to Nepal). A platoon of soldiers out for their morning run stopped and decided to join me for my repeats – how cool is that?
    I just wish someone had told me how difficult it is running down a serious hill barefoot…

  • Tim B

    good luck!
    I’m out of town the next few weekends or I’d be there
    did 5x 800m runs this morning, kept it around 3:28-3:38

  • Gillian, I’ll be there for your event and I’ll try to stay for the dinner, too. Should be lots of fun.

  • jim

    Did an odd couplet this morning:
    50 Rds:
    2 Pull ups
    2 Push ups
    50 Rds:
    2 Thrusters
    2 Deadlifts
    Should have probably gone to 75# on the second half.

  • GabeK

    Same couplet at Jim….interesting psychology to it
    43mins I think…second couplet was a lot easier, pullups suck

  • Justin K

    Did 5x 800m runs this morning.
    Going to make up the Filthy Fifty 7:30 tonight.

  • Lt Gabe

    I’ll be doing my muscleups down in Richmond. Get some!

  • Brian

    FBI PT test. Cool. For info, at the end, the test also does a max deadhang pullup event, which is no longer a mandatory score, but it counts to PT awards at the end of training. There is no set time between events. When I took this, I did my pushups and immediately began the 1.5 mile run, but waited 30 min between situps and 300m. . That was over 5 years ago, before I discovered CF.

  • Lenny

    Made up ” Filthy 50″
    22:57 as rx’d

  • Court

    Great thing you’re doing this Saturday, Gillian. I recommend that anyone who wants to help out for this fundraiser but can’t attend update their facebook and gmail status with a link to Gillian’s fundraiser website.
    Cool stuff, Brian: maybe we’ve got some hidden qualifiers.

  • Yoon

    Thank you very much for the shout-out Allison!

  • Made up Cindy
    11 rounds + 5 pull ups + 7 push ups
    ughhhh, really need to work on push ups, this time I actually will

  • Avery

    I loved the main site video. I hope to make it this weekend if I get off from work in time.
    Made up Cindy as well, but still no real deal push ups for my wrist, pull ups starting to come back.
    12 rounds + 5 pull ups + 2 push ups
    After deadlifts, 5×3: 185, 185, 195, 195, 200

  • Matt D

    filthy 50 – 35:18 pr, rx’d – got to double unders at under 30 min. started cramping in my calves. sucked.

  • Hari

    Made up Cindy:
    20 Rounds + 5 pull-ups + 5 pushups (PR)
    (68,54), (55, 42), (61, 48), (28, 14)

  • Rickke

    I was hoping to make up the 5k today..I won’t bother with the excuses.
    I’ll be at the gymnastics cert this weekend at CF LIC and will stick around afterwards to support. Good luck, Gillian!