Just slightly less running than our marathoners are doing.

Good luck to Adam L., Keith Z, and Tony T., all of whom are ROCKING the NYC Marathon today!

Sunday 091101
Four rounds, each for time of:
800 meter run
Rest as needed between efforts.
Post times for each round to comments.
Compare to 090810.

OPT wants you to get comfortable with uncomfortable
Tilting at windmills

How will you use your extra hour?

Grain-free pumpkin pancakes
Try a taste of Spezzatino

Halloween Party Photos! (click here for whole set)

Kevin P. channels his inner ninja:

Sara C. and Sophie are our resident cowgirls:

Annie and Josh R.:

Ashleigh is ’80s aerobicized and Jeff is ’70s big:

How many men can you fit into a shower/changeroom/photobooth? (clockwise from bottom right: Brad S., Ari, Court, Ric, and Torch)


  • Scaling options for today’s workout, courtesy of the CrossFit Brand X forums:
    Big Dawgs and Pack:
    As Rx’d
    Four rounds, each for time of:
    400 meter run
    Four rounds, each for time of:
    200 meter run
    Further, I’d recommend to everyone that they check out these videos to improve their running technique:

  • Zach Singer

    Just a head’s up that Ewen is running in the marathon today as well – best of luck to all of you!

  • Hari

    12:36 (3:01, 3:11, 3:11, 3:13) Sub 800 Meter Rows
    (68,54), (55, 42), (61, 48), (23, 11)

  • Reagan

    Congrats to the marathon runners!
    Black Box (228,228)

  • torch

    Congrats to everyone running…

  • Emerson

    Hari, what do the numbers on the bottom of your post mean?

  • Tony

    3 hours, 57 minutes.
    I want to thank Brian for all of his help and Adam for participating in a few training runs with me. Thanks to all for your messages of support as well.
    If it’s okay with everyone, I’ll use my mile splits as a basis for my 800m runs. Since the race takes mile splits only after mile 14 onwards the times will be ugly.
    Mile 14 to Mile 15, 9:20. 800m 4:40, 4:40
    Mile 16 to Mile 17, 8:53. 800m 4:27 4:26
    No rest between runs.

  • Hari

    (Subsequently, we modified the format to break out each quarter of the year, for those who might want to start the challenge during the year.)

  • Adam

    over did the wod today and did 52.4 rounds in 3:38
    thanks for all the support and good wish’s
    the last 12 800’s really sucked;)
    i bet tomorrows wod has burpees and squats

  • Martin

    3:00 / 3:00 / 3:00 / 3:06 – 3 mins rest between runs
    (On treadmill)

  • Brian Kane

    Nice job Adam!

  • kj

    Congrats Tony & Adam!
    I will make these up when I am no longer coughing up my lungs. Ah, the drawbacks of working in a germ factory.

  • Mike K

    Congrats to all the marathon runners!

  • Lisa

    Big congrats to Tony, Adam and anyone else out there who ran! Not sure how to break it to you but tomorrow’s WOD involves 400m sprints 😉

  • Jim M.

    This is my favorite CrossFit Wod, and Allison says I’m psycho to think so.
    But here’s why:
    In high school my best 800m split was a 2:26 (I was a pole vaulter but we had to run some of course).
    I started Crossfit on July 12th this year. Did the 4x800m repeats on August 9th and my splits were:
    I’ve stuck to the WODs religiously since then and repeated this workout today. My times were:
    So imagine my surprise that this Daddy – 20 years and 3 knee surgeries later – creeps up to being only 1 second behind his all time PR?
    It made my day to say the least. I feel reborn.
    You’re a good bunch of people.