Welcome to the club, ladies

CrossFit NYC has now gone from having 1 female coach (i.e., me) to having 3 of them! Let’s all congratulate Avery Wittkamp and Sara Carr for getting their Level 1 CrossFit certifications this weekend. Many of our members will know Avery from her working as an assistant on several Elements Workshops (and being a member since WAY back) and will know Sara as our operations manager and more recent member. Photos from the cert to come shortly.
In Brooklyn
#14 Mon/Wed @ 8pm, starts October 26 (3 slots left)

In Manhattan
#84 Tue/Thur @ 9pm, starts October 20 (3 slots left)
#85 Mon/Wed @ 8pm, starts October 26 (4 slots left)
#86 Tue/Thur @ 6am, starts October 27
#87 Mon/Wed @ 9pm, starts November 4

CFE-NYC Rowing Workshop on Saturday, November 14th (10am-2pm) ($60 for members, $75 for non-members)–only a few slots left
Monday 091019
Weighted pull-ups 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps
Post loads and body weight to comments.
Compare to 090830.

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No scale
Dutch on Catalyst
A closer look at Vitamin D

Happy birthdays to Jessica L. (today) and Rob (belated–Saturday).

Coach Dan (pictured below) reminds you that our Halloween party will be Friday, October 30th and will be full of (optional) pull-ups. Have you marked your calendar yet?


  • How to scale today’s WOD, from the CrossFit BrandX forums:
    Big Dawgs-Pack-Puppies
    If you can do a pull up do the above workout. Even if you can only add 5 pounds it will be good for you.
    If you cannot do any pull ups do 5 rounds of 5 beginner pull ups or 5 rounds of 5 assisted pull ups using as little resistance as possible.

  • kj

    Congrats, ladies!
    I hate this WOD, and consequently I will not be too disappointed when I most likely wind up stuck at work too late to make it happen.

  • Levi

    Finally able to make it back in…
    85, 95, 105PR, 110F, 107.5F, 85

  • Lisa

    Congrats, Sara and Avery!
    KJ, I agree, this WOD will be a bear.

  • Mike K

    Congrats Sara and Avery!!

  • CPP

    Frequent lurker infrequent poster. In light of various discussions elsewehere regarding benefit of “strength bias” and other deviations from Crossfit mainpage programming (as well as your posting of Dutch’s article today) would be interested in exposition on CFNYC’s decision to exclusively program mainpage workouts, subject of course to “scaling”. Believe this may have been discussed previously but seems timely. Thanks in advance.

  • Jai

    Congratulations, Avery and Sara! Glad to be getting your advice in an official capacity, as it’s always been spot on. And happy birthday to Jessica L. and Rob.
    I have a class starting tonight at a nearby building, meaning I might be able to do WODs on Mondays for the next six weeks. Just curious, when will the WOD move to 8:30pm? My class ends at 8:45, but I suspect I’ll usually be able to leave it at least fifteen minutes early. And while I normally wouldn’t come a half hour late to a WOD, may I do so today if the latest WOD starts at 8? I want to see if I can get a pull up without the purple string. 🙂

  • Lt Gabe

    Congrats Avery and Sara!

  • Hari

    The 8:30 PM (Mon – Thurs) WOD starts next Monday, October 26.
    If you get a pull-up tonight, we’ll excuse your lateness, but if you don’t, the punishment will be pull-ups.

  • jamie mac

    not going to make it to the box today. what is the warmup and cool down / cash out being suggested.

  • Jai

    Awesome. I’ll attempt at least seven times, in keeping with the WOD. And every fail means ten pull ups with purple strings, to be done after I’ve tried all seven times.
    If I don’t make it there tonight, this is what I’ll be doing next rest day. Does that work for you? 🙂

  • torch

    @ CF Old Town in Virginia
    OHS – 95#
    Lateral Burpees (lateral jump over your barbell)
    weighter pulls up to 100#

  • torch

    CPP: I’ll dive into this despite having reservations about blog-frays.
    Strength preferencing is great if that is an area in which you are deficient. There certainly is an argument that being stronger make you better at things. That said, it isn’t the silver bullet for everybody. People need to pick and choose their supplemental training to suit their goals and developmental needs. In our Brooklyn location, I put people with NO strength background or ability on Starting Strength. This is ONLY if i think CrossFit programming might physically injure them. I have nothing against linear progression weight lifters. I did it in high school and I’m sure its a part of why I can perform well in here. On the other hand, I have never seen anyone come back from 3 months of SS any better at CrossFit (and yes, I’ve seen SEVERAL athletes try). SS makes powerlifters. Not CrossFitters. People that are lacking in strength or want to preference it go on CF Football (and note, Football has a strength preference warm up in addition to its WOD). Otherwise, you are Main Page with whatever guided supplementals I, as a coach, feel will benefit my athletes as a group and/or individuals.
    Why Main Page? It is a standard. It is a tough standard. It is a thought-through standard. It is the CROSSFIT standard. Many affiliates that do their own programming do an amazing job and have amazing results. Probably just as many wind up programming to the preferences and strengths of their athletes and neglect other areas of development — the “Judy B Soccermom only likes 30 minute metcons, thus we will never touch weights or do couplets” model. There is also the “i’m just going to beat the crap out of my members day after day with no endgame in sight” model. The main page keeps us away from that. There are plenty of opportunities to develop through warm ups, cash outs, and supplementals.
    It falls to us as coaches and athletes to pick the direction we would like to go. Sometimes deviation is appropriate. I ALWAYS think supplementing and working on goats is appropriate. It’s all a trial, error, wisdom model that is in constant flux. There really isn’t a wrong answer.

  • torch

    please note, i detest proof-reading.

  • in pounds:
    46, 35, 35, 40, 40, 37F, 37F
    Last 2 failed attempts were done after having eaten a big lunch. Lesson learned: belly full of food will impede weighted pull-ups!

  • Annie

    Congratulations Sara and Avery!!!

  • Hari

    We follow the Main Site because (1) we believe this provides the greatest benefit to the greatest number of members and potential members; and (2) we have decided to be purely a CrossFit facility, doing what it takes (it takes a lot) to guarantee that those who are interested in following the Main Site can do so.
    There are plenty of affiliates that mix and match multiple programming strategies into their own unique blend. We’re not one of them. Starting Strength is a great program, but you can do it at dozens of different locations in New York. If you want to follow the Main Site WOD’s, then we believe that we’re the best choice.
    In sum, we’re not looking to be all things to all people. We’re looking to do one thing as well as we possibly can.

  • Reagan

    Black Box (219,219)

  • Ari Karason

    106# PR
    tabata ring hold, 6 1/2 round

  • CPP

    Thanks guys, appreciate the responses.

  • Brett_nyc

    What programming are you doing right now? Are you contemplating trying out some of strength based programs? Dutch Loewy’s blog has been covering a lot of the non-main site programs and pros-cons, etc. He’s gone over Catalyst Athletics, CF Football, OPT’s stuff, Mike Rutt’s ME Black Box…

  • Lisa

    Torch, tell me more about this ‘working on goats’ 😉
    Good discussion generated today.
    I did this WOD at a construction site today, since all that lovely scaffolding was right there (not to mention the tips and encouragement from the contractors).
    Result: 1-1-1 strict, no weight, then added my backpack – approx. 10 lbs – 1-1-fail-1

  • Alexei

    BW – 207
    a week of stuffing myself full of wedding cake and I don’t even have a single gained pound to show for it :-/

  • Sophie

    Last time I did this I got 18.5# and today I got 19#, not much
    of an improvement

  • kj

    Did the Kettlehell workout from yesterday in my building gym, but somehow failed to start my timer.
    Sophie – I still think that’s pretty incredible!

  • matt d

    35 50 56 66 76f 71 76f – the fails were so damn close…

  • torch

    lisa: goats=skills i’m not so good at… as opposed to the more pastoral, scottish interprtation

  • Rickke

    In Cleveland for work and stopped by CF CLE for a WOD today.
    2 power snatches every minute for 15 minutes – 95#
    5 burpee penalty for a missed snatch (I missed 2)
    Cash out:
    250m row x 3 – 1 minute rest b/t each round
    Travis is a good coach. Definitely stop by CF CLE if you’re in town.
    Congrats Sara & Avery!

  • Avery

    The Level One Cert was pretty fun this weekend – got coached by some amazing CF athletes like Speal, Gillian, and E.C, and also learned some new teaching progressions for various skills. Overall I was impressed by the presentations and coaching of the entire HQ Certification staff.
    My wrist is still somewhat cranky. This past weekend:
    Tabata Squats in the Coldest Gym Ever: a sad 17
    One Armed Fran: Dumbbell Thrusters/CTB Jumping Pull ups 4:22
    10 minute AMRAP: 11 kettlebell swings (1 pood)/7 sit ups
    13 rounds
    Pull ups practice followed by short met-con with strict press,double unders, and squats (7:32 minutes)
    I’m pretty wrecked from the weekend. Rest day tomorrow.

  • Mike K

    95 – barely
    These all felt really heavy tonight. PR last time was 110.

  • Martin P


  • Brett_nyc

    PR is 101, weighed in at 216 today.
    did about 20 false grip ring pullups with full extension and turnout at the bottom. sets of 5’s and 4’s to finish.

  • Hari

    55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85 (PR)
    (68,54), (55, 42), (61, 48), (13, 7)

  • Lisa

    Torch, the phrase ‘animal husbandry’ never entered my mind. Not once. I swear. Meh-eh-eh!

  • Craig_Cinci

    90, 95, 100, 105, 110(f), 107.5(f), 107.5(f) – full extension at the bottom and chin over (not reaching) on all counted reps
    I hate these. Everything hurts from doing this. I also really suck at these.

  • CPP

    Have been doing Starting Strength transitioning to Texas Method for about 1 year or so fairly steadily w/ some interruptions for life (introduced to that program via Crossfit). Made good gains w/ working sets in TM now at 290, 155, 230, 340 for SQ, P, BP and DL respectively. Thinking of switching to hybrid of some sort or more emphasis on OL in near future to keep things interesting.

  • Zach Singer

    Still one of my favorite wods — stumpy arms, you know…
    135 – Ties PR – Felt MUCH easier this time
    145 – PR
    150 – (f)
    147.5 – (f)
    Then…grand finale…
    Annie. That’s right. I pulled up Annie. She climbed on my back (after I begged her a little), and I pulled. Suffice it to say she weighs SIGNIFICANTLY less than the 145# I had just pulled, but it makes a huge difference when the weight is in the form of a live person holding on instead of plates hanging motionlessly.
    Thanks for agreeing to that Annie!

  • Sophie

    Zach, that is awesome, you are hilarious!

  • Zach Singer

    Haha…thanks Sophie. Maybe that will be my thing. You’re next. 🙂

  • Annie

    haha that was fun Zach! Glad I could help : )
    Today was a big day for me – did my first strict pull up!

  • Sara

    Annie: congrats!!!! I’m sooo proud of you!
    Also, I do believe Brad got his first pullup last night as well.

  • Ricardo

    25, 30, 35, 40, 45F, 42.5F, 42.5
    BW 180

  • Josh Rosenfield

    2 pood bell
    90 from wiast

  • Zach Singer

    Annie – thanks again, and congrats! I wanted to say it when I post, but wanted to let you tell everyone first. Anyway, congrats on your first pullup!!!

  • Brett_nyc

    have you tried main site for any period of time? it really is a good pro gram and will improve GPP. CF Football might be a good direction to text too so you don’t go through heavy weight withdrawl. I’d monitor the programming on the various sites for a couple weeks, decide where you want to be in terms of performance and pick one and do it.

  • brad s.

    thanks, sara. consider me exhibit a to torch’s treatise above. 2 weeks of torch-prescribed, post-wod progression work helped me earn my first pull-up last night. to celebrate i bought a fresh bottle of new-skin.

  • Jai

    2 sets of 3 dead hang pull ups with purple string to warm up, and then, unassisted: fail / fail / fail / fail / fail / fail / fail.
    So I did five more dead hangs with the purple string, and my arms were tired, so I did sixty with two purple strings (and about five as jumping pull ups where I tried to hold myself at the top as long as possible, just to change things up a bit).
    Will try again on the rest day!