Kettlebell? No, kettleHELL.

In Brooklyn
#14 Mon/Wed @ 8pm, starts October 26 (3 slots left)

In Manhattan
#84 Tue/Thur @ 9pm, starts October 20 (3 slots left)
#85 Mon/Wed @ 8pm, starts October 26 (4 slots left)
#86 Tue/Thur @ 6am, starts October 27
#87 Mon/Wed @ 9pm, starts November 4

Sunday 091018
5 rounds for time of the following movements:
20 deadlifts
20 sumo deadlift high pulls
20 2-arm swings
10 right-arm swings
10 left-arm swings
10 right-arm snatches
10 left-arm snatches
Post weight of kettlebell and time to comments.
Compare to 080925.

11am: Cleans/push-ups
noon: Hip-back extensions/runs
1pm: “Tyler”
No wonder people don’t take the fitness industry seriously:

The CrossFit treehouse
Getting real rest on your rest day (and just generally)
Stop breathing and let yourself be breathed
Dynamic stretching


  • P$

    Thanks for the link love Allison!

  • Zach SInger

    Perhaps not the best makeup given the past week, but went in for the heavy snatches today.
    [95 x 3]
    [135 x 3]
    155 (f) — not sure what happened here.
    175 (PR)
    180 (f)
    180 (f)
    180 (f)

  • Tony

    Made up the Hip-Back extension/run. 18:36 as rx’d. (11,4)

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