What’s it gonna be?

Today, as on all Rest Days at CFNYC, you have options: make up a WOD from the last cycle or do the Black Box WOD (see today’s schedule, below, for details). So what’s it gonna be?
In Brooklyn
#13 Mon/Wed @ 8pm, starts September 30 (5 slots left)
#14 Mon/Wed @ 8pm, starts October 26

In Manhattan
#80 Tue/Thur @ 9pm is SOLD OUT!
#81 Mon/Wed @ 8:30pm, starts October 5 (just 1 slot left!) is SOLD OUT!
#82 Tue/Thur @ 6am, starts October 6 (5 slots left)
#83 Mon/Wed @ 9pm, starts October 14 (5 slots left)

Monday 090928
Complete 5 rounds of the following:
75# (men) / 55# (women) overhead squat, 15 reps
accumulate 30 seconds in an L-sit
Post time to comments.

7, 8am; 12:30pm: Instructor’s Choice
5:30pm No WOD (Rest Day)
6pm: “Angie”
6:30pm: Black Box WOD
7pm:Thrusters, Hang Power Cleans, SDLHP’s
NEW CLASS TIME! 7:30pm: Black Box WOD
8pm: Squat Cleans and GHD Situps
PLEASE NOTE: We now have a 7:30pm WOD class Monday through Thursday each week!
Hari’s Rest Day Link:
Health Problems Health Care Can’t Fix

Sara is not only our operations manager, member, and coach-in-training, she was also our top female finisher at the standard female rx’d weights for Fight Gone Bad IV on Saturday with a score of 253!

Avery has been nursing a wrist injury and did a one-armed version of FGB on Saturday and got the overall top female score of 259!
Avery, the one-armed bandit
The whiteboard tells the tale. The 27 athletes who did Fight Gone Bad IV at CFNYC:


  • Sara

    Sophie: email is secarr22 at yahoo dot com.

  • Isaac

    Question: Has anyone had an success with any iPhone apps to track weight training? Thanks!

  • Tim B

    Did Angie today, 18:53 RX’ed
    good times at the 7am

  • brian

    Angie 18:17 Rx.
    CFE tomorrow night (tuesday) 630p @ central park meet at columbus circle
    wednesday 645a @ black box

  • Tim B

    Fight Gone Bad Highlights from Sat down at virtuosity
    http:// bit. ly /16P2Ad

  • Emerson

    Question about CFE, is there bag check or anything like that for the workout? I’d be coming directly from work and would need a place to store my work clothes.

  • Lisa

    Emerson, we all just pile our bags together and Brian keeps an eye on them.

  • Emerson

    Awesome! See you tomorrow then.

  • Tony

    Haven’t posted my results in a while.
    21-18-15-12-9-6-3 rep rounds of:
    Handstand push-ups
    20:24 Used 45 lb weight and abmat for Handstands
    135 lb Squat clean, 10 reps
    50 GHD Sit-ups
    135 lb Squat clean, 8 reps
    40 GHD Sit-ups
    135 lb Squat clean, 6 reps
    30 GHD Sit-ups
    135 lb Squat clean, 4 reps
    20 GHD Sit-ups
    135 lb Squat clean, 2 reps
    10 GHD Sit-ups
    95 lbs, anchored sit-ups on floor.
    95 pound Thruster, 5 reps
    95 pound Hang Powercleans, 7 reps
    95 pound Sumo Deadlift High-pull, 10 reps
    7 + 5 thruster + 1 hpc
    100 Pull-ups
    100 Push-ups
    100 Sit-ups
    100 Squats
    Half Angie Only. So 50 each.

  • Did the Black Box WOD after teaching lunch. Tony, thx for hanging out and keeping me company.
    Didn’t run a stopwatch but it took me 13 minutes. 55# barbell from the floor, did all OHSs unbroken. L-sits were done in 10-sec increments til end when I had to go to 5 seconds at a time to keep the feet from touching the floor. (L-sits were slightly droopy but knees locked out and toes pointed, heels not touching the ground.)

  • Avery

    I did “Run, Angie, Run!” WOD during the lunchtime class in Brooklyn.
    An even more sucktastic version of Angie:
    Run 400 meters
    100 pull ups (jumping with right hand)
    Run 400 meters
    100 push ups (15# dumbbell push press with right hand)
    Run 400 meters
    100 sit ups (HQ abmat)
    Run 400 meters
    100 squats
    Run 400 meters
    28:34 minutes
    My entire right side is still sore from FGB.

  • Ari Karason

    Run Angie Run: 21.15
    400m run
    100 pullups
    400m run
    100 pushups
    400m run
    100 situps (HQ abmat)
    400m run
    100 squats
    400m run

  • Ari Karason

    No, 26.15 I mean…
    for Run Angie Run

  • Josh R

    I see the Angie is only listed for 6pm. If I show up at a different time, would I have to do the WOD listed at that time, or could I do the Angie anyway?

  • Josh, for a bodyweight WOD like Angie, chances are your instructor will have no problem with you doing it on your own as you are an experienced crossfitter and don’t require close supervision.
    I’m not teaching tonight but like I said, chances are you’ll be fine.

  • Jill

    Angie rx’d plus (ghd situps)

  • Sara

    Angie rx’d, 26:35

  • Craig_Cinci

    Isabel – 4:11
    First time doing this WOD as rx’d in 2 years of Crossfit. Surprisingly rough. I can’t wait to do this again.
    Woo hoo! for heavy snatches tomorrow.
    Then tabata PSU: 11, 11, 11, 7, 7, 5, 5, 5 = 62
    My right shoulder started killing me. Need to try and start working PSU into my day. I’d like to be able to rebuild strength & maybe permanently fix my shoulder.

  • jim

    Angie RXd with frog situps.
    Much harder doing this style of situps than anchored. Would have been in the high 14’s with anchored situps.

  • Hi,
    Ugh, I liked! So clear and positively.

  • matt

    7 rounds