Snatch ‘n run

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#13 Mon/Wed @ 8pm, starts September 23

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BLACK BOX GAMES DAY is on Saturday, September 12th! Click here to register now!
Saturday 090829
Five rounds for time of:
95 pound Power snatch, 15 reps
Run 400 meters
Post time to comments.
Compare to 061105.

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Brendan G. sends his greetings from atop (the appropriately named) Mt. San Jacinto in California, where he shows us his much-improved overhead squat. He expects to be back in the city (and back at the Black Box) in about a month.
Brendan OHS


  • Scaling options for today’s workout, courtesy of the CrossFit BrandX forums:
    Big Dawgs:
    As rx’d
    The Porch:
    Three rounds for time of:
    95 pound Power snatch, 15 reps
    Run 400 meters
    Five rounds for time of:
    75 pound Power snatch, 15 reps
    Run 400 meters
    Five rounds for time of:
    35-45 pound Power snatch, 10 reps
    Run 400 meters
    Three rounds for time of:
    10-20 pound Power snatch, 10 reps
    Run 200 meters

  • torch

    14:45 Rx’D
    Last two rounds no bueno. Should have sucked it up.

  • Reagan

    As Rx’d 24:35
    Lost about 40-60 sec each round getting in and out of the building.
    Black Box (181,181)

  • Mike M

    27:06 Rx’d…felt like there were more stairs every round…pretty great workout tho

  • Hari

    31:33 Sub 75 lbs (400 m runs plus up and two flights of stairs)
    (68,54), (55, 42), (38, 30)

  • Tim

    20:43 w/ 75#
    should have done 85# or rx….. bah

  • Jai

    Used the twenty-something pound bar (this made sense to me after yesterday’s the entertainment of failing a few times with the 32# on overhead squats). Was a little easy, but I could use something easier to look forward to after the running.
    Played with purple string some more.

  • Jeffrey B.

    20:03, subbed 75#. Must do RX next time.

  • Tony

    21:46 with the 45lb bar.
    (22, 16)

  • kj

    25:30 w/ 31#
    I took it to heart when Jacinto told me you shouldn’t snatch more than you can overhead squat well.
    Nice work to everyone at the 11am this morning!

  • 14:37 sub 75#

  • Davi

    Jai – You’re going to be a beast of the best kind by the time I’m back at the box. Nice work!

  • Zach Singer

    Decided to do something a little different today –
    CFFB – “The Mooch” – 15 minute AMRAP
    3 225# Back Squats
    6 Pullups
    9 Pushups
    14 Rounds even
    Then toyed with max height box jumps.
    48″ Standing Flat
    54″ with a couple steps to the box

  • Mike

    16:23 rx’d

  • Jai

    Davi, thanks! here’s hoping!