Happy Birthday, Court!

In Brooklyn
#12 Mon/Wed @ 8pm, starts August 31

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#73 Mon/Wed @ 8:30pm, starts August 24 (3 slots left)
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Happy birthday to head trainer and original co-founder of CrossFit NYC, the one and only Court Wing. Actor, martial artist, kettlebell expert, Z-health-voodoo-doer, and most excellent CrossFit coach, Court also happens to be a wonderful person. Join me and the rest of CFNYC owners and trainers in wishing Court the happiest of birthdays! (Now we just have to figure out what his birthday WOD will be!)
Court shows his devotion to CrossFit:

Thursday 090813
With a continuously running clock do one pull-up the first minute, two pull-ups the second minute, three pull-ups the third minute… continuing as long as you are able.
Use as many sets each minute as needed.
Post number of minutes completed to comments.
Compare to 090218.

8 slots for Black Box members, female
8 slots for Black Box members, male
8 slots for non-members, female
8 slots for non-members, male

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  • From the CrossFit Brand X forums on how to approach this workout:
    Big Dawgs and Pack:
    As Rx’d
    This workout is self scaling.
    I recommend:
    You sub some beginner pull ups in here. If you can do a few standard full range pull ups, do those to failure and then add in some beginner Pull ups to keep going. If you cannot do any full range pull ups try this with beginner pull ups or if you have an assist machine or bands try the workout with that.
    The Brand X record for this WOD is held by Top Dawg, 27 rounds.
    ***Use as many sets each minute as needed = each round does not have to be a continuous single set. You may break up the number required for each minute into as many sets as you like as long as you finish before the minute is up.

  • Hari

    Happy Birthday, Court!

  • Also wanted to add that though this WOD is jokingly referred to as “Death by Pullup,” one should try avoid death and/or injury by ALWAYS wrapping one’s thumbs around the bar when doing pull-ups (especially kipping pull-ups). As Melissa Byers writes on her blog, ByersGetsDiesel.com:

    “Thumbs around the bar is primarily for safety (should be self-explanatory), but also for grip control. A really good kip has the hands lightly releasing and tightening the grip as you move around the bar. You can’t do that effectively without your thumbs.

    At the [gymnastics] cert [which Melissa has assisted], you either put your thumbs around the bar, or you do burpees. And that is strictly enforced.”

    I’ve seen people fly off the pull-up bar and land flat on their back, hard. It’s scary and it can be avoided. Please chalk up as needed and always wrap your thumbs around the bar!

  • Brett_nyc

    It’s a little known fact, but Court is in fact nearly 275 years old. Through Z-Heath and other secret mystical processes, he has managed to defy the biological aging that affects the rest of us and has stayed youthful and spry well into his 3rd century on this planet.
    Happy Birthday and best wishes Court.

  • Aram

    Funny you should mention Z-Health, Brett. I once got in a little scrape with some trolling Powerlifters from a certain message board. They broke every single bone in my body with a buffalo bar. Court fixed that, my chronic stuttering, and got me a dirt cheap two bedroom with a view of the park and the river with a single Z-Health session. I stopped him before he got to the hair loss because I wanted my wife to still recognize me.
    Happy Birthday Court.

  • Rickey

    Happy Bday, Court!

  • Rickey

    Any one want to meet up to running the 5k race in Van Cortlandt Park today at 7pm ? Email me at rickeygawley@gmail.com

  • juan g.

    It is said that Court is older than Godric.
    “Happy birthday buddy!!”
    If anyone else interested in a 5K today, I’m gonna run the reservoir at around 5pm.

  • Avery

    Happy Birthday Court!!!

  • Adam L

    Happy Birthday Court!

  • brad s

    Happy birthday, Court.

  • Sophie

    Happy birthday Court!!!!!

  • Torch

    Happy birthday court!

  • Lisa

    Happy Birthday, Court!
    I was debating whether it was polite to ask a gentleman his age but Brett solved that problem for me. And I thought you didn’t look a day over 195!

  • Mike

    Happy Birthday Court!!!

  • Happy birthday, Court. You’re catching up to Jacinto.

  • Audrey

    Happy Birthday Court!

  • Ashleigh

    Happy birthday Court!

  • Nicole W

    Happy Birthday Court!

  • Zach Singer

    Happy Birthday, Court!

  • jeffrey b

    Happy b-day, Court!

  • Alexei

    Happy birthday court!

  • Tim

    happy birthday!
    16 completed rounds +12 on the last one

  • Elizabeth

    Happy Birthday Court!

  • torch

    Additionally, my Officer Selection Officer has asked that I put the word out that the USMC is spending the next several weeks focusing on recruiting women and lawyers specifically for the Officer Corps. Anybody with a touch of adventure or general disinterest in Yuppie golden hand-cuff employment (oh my), feel free to give me a shout.

  • Sara

    Happy Birthday Court!!!!!

  • Brett_nyc

    Made up Linda
    hockey last night and early morning Linda did not mix well. Was tired and sluggish from the start.

  • Tony

    Happy birthday Court!
    PS – Anyone interested in a pick-up game of touch football this weekend?

  • Chris C

    Happy Birthday Court!

  • Brook B

    Happy Birthday Court!

  • JoeR

    I say we repeat last year’s bday WOD, which was awesome. I guess we’ll have to throw in an extra rep somewhere?
    Here’s Court’s special 40th birthday WOD, as created by Tyler Durden:
    For time:
    Row 40 Calories
    4 Rounds:
    10 Deadlifts, Bodyweight
    10 Burpees
    10 Front Squats, Bodyweight
    10 Pullups
    Row 40 Calories

  • Hey Torch, what’s the age cut off for USMC? We can’t all be as young as you are. : )

  • Dan def

    Happiest of Birthdays to you Court. Have fun with your birthday WOD.

  • kj

    7 rounds with the blue band.
    Switched to green and made it to 11 + 6 weak attempts at 12.
    Then Jacinto tortured us with a modified Tabata Something Else. Squats, Push-ups, Situps, alternating exercises, 24 rounds = 301 reps. This was 12 reps more than I got doing the full Tabata Something Else on Sunday. I credit the rest for making me able to bust out significantly more push-ups. And Jacinto for all his encouragement.
    Happy Birthday Court! I hope you enjoy every minute of it!

  • torch

    29. and yes, at 24 I am a child. mid twenties = child.

  • Bari

    Happy birthday Court!!

  • carlo

    happy bday court!

  • Jessica L.

    Damn. I am a woman lawyer looking for a little adventure…but I am older than 29.

  • Lt Gabe

    There are waivers available if you’re over 29. I think for lawyers it goes up to 33, and after that you have to get a waiver. Better do it soon though, we’ve reached our goal of 202k Marines a few years early and the officer promotion system will soon return to its pre-war merit-based standards. Highly recommend it to any and all. Which reminds me, I have a couple of things for you next time I’m in NYC Torch.
    Happy birthday COURT! I’m going to do your birthday WOD now.

  • Mike

    16 rounds + 13
    and a minor hand tear somewhere around round 14. I’m sure I could’ve had at least another round or 2 had I not done that, as I broke the sets up a lot afterwards in order to not tear it more. Either way, 4 rounds more than last time.

  • dex

    happy birthday Court! may you live to see many many more.

  • ian

    Happy B-Day Court!

  • Hari

    “[W]hat’s the age cut off for USMC?” (Allison)

  • Lt Gabe

    Court’s 40th Bday WOD
    40 cal (1:25 split)
    4 rds
    10 DL 225#
    10 Burpee
    10 Front Sq 165#
    10 Pullups
    40 cal (2:14 split)

  • Kevin P

    Happy b-day!

  • michelle

    Happy birthday fellow Leo!

  • Lisa

    Today’s WOD – 8 minutes + 6 pullups.
    Made it through the 4th minute with unassisted pullups. It went downhill from there.
    I switched to the light brown band for 5th minute through 8th, and got 6 pullups in on the 9th minute.
    Great kettlebell warmup and cooldown sessions with Court.

  • Davan

    Hey Court,
    Thanks for the push during The Beast. It’s amazing how much of the workout is pyschological. Crazy. Finished 22 Rounds at Rx. Hau’oli La Hanau!!! (Happy Birthday)

  • Ayaz

    Happy Birthday, Court!

  • Davi

    Thanks for the Zheng Gu recs, Court I look like I’m walking around with manure smeared on my ankle, but hopefully it’ll help reduce the swelling.
    Happy birthday from yours truly in Gimpytown!

  • Alexei

    11 + 9 (last time was 9 + 9). Ran out of strength.
    Dan’s finisher of death:
    2 pood kettlebell swing ladder
    11 rounds + 12 swings (I thought it was round 12, and decided to call it a day because I could feel my grip going to hell and decided to call it a day before a 2 pood kettlebell made its way across the gym floor…)

  • Reagan

    17 Rounds + 11 Pullups
    Black Box (169,169)

  • Neil

    By “thumbs around the bar”, do you mean thumb over or under the bar?

  • sarena

    Happy Birthday Court..its been a while but I still remember…

  • Tony

    11 rounds + 7.

  • Jai

    Today’s WOD: 12 rounds plus 12 (tried and failed to get my chin over the bar twice on round 13). Kettlebell swing: 18 rounds plus 14, with about 25#.
    Happy birthday, Court!

  • Tony

    Oops…miscounted. (12,9) as rx’d.

  • Kent B

    12+12 as rx’d
    Squat/pushup/situp ladder to finish:
    14 rds plus 15 situps/13 pushups

  • Sara

    12+10 as rx’d

  • Hari

    15 Rounds + 10 (PR)
    (68,54), (55, 42), (26,20)