When rest is not on the agenda.

Monday at 6am with Jacinto
Tuesday at 7:30pm with Allison
Wednesday at 9am with Jacinto
Thursday at 7:30pm with Dan
Saturday at 10am with Josh

(Please note that we have eliminated the 8am and 10am Tues/Thurs beginners’ classes.)
In Brooklyn
#11 Mon/Wed @ 8pm, starts August 10
In Manhattan
#69 is SOLD OUT!
#70 Tue/Thur @ 6am, starts August 4 (3 slots left)
#71 Mon/Wed @ 7:30pm, starts August 10
#72 Tue/Thur @8:30pm, starts August 18

A note from Hari:
For the past year, Allison has taken on the role of “Operations Manager,” which basically means, she has been responsible for everything. Allison stepped into this role because it needed to be filled and she wanted to do whatever it took to grow The Black Box. (Also because we lied to her about the amount of work, but we will never admit this publicly.) Allison’s true interest is in coaching, and she has asked us to allow her to get back to that.
And so, we’ve lied to someone else about a new job that we’ve created, “Membership Coordinator.” We managed to dupe Sara Carr into believing that she can accomplish all the following in just a few hours per week:
* Manage the Front Desk from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM.
* Answer all the emails and phone calls from people inquiring about this crazy CrossFit program they’ve heard about
* Implement a card-swipe program, so that everyone checks in before each class
* Handle all payment issues.
* Manage all the Beginners
* Manage all the Elements Enrollees.
* Make sure no one makes any noise
* Guarantee that we turn a profit
* Personally do the WOD’s for anyone who is too busy to show up.
Please join us in welcoming Sara and in assuring her that our expectations are completely reasonable.
Thursday 090730
In 20 minutes, complete as many rounds as possible of the following movements:
10 overhead squats 75# men / 50# women
10 Ring Pike-Ups
10 Ring Push-Ups
Post rounds to comments.

6, 7, 8am; 12:30pm: Instructor’s Choice
5:30 No class (Rest Day)
6pm “Cindy”
6:30pm Black Box WOD
7pm Clean and Jerk Ladder
8pm Black Box Skills: Overhead Squat (geared towards newbies but all are welcome)
Is saturated fat healthy?
A British (and humorous) take on “ethical treatment” (video)
10 ways to get more probiotics (without dairy)
How much should you passively stretch?
No, Rip is not on Facebook

Eat paleo NOW! For your health’s sake
Split snatch, anyone? (full-length video version with CFJ subscription)
Green New York: Why Manhattan is the greenest city in the nation
Sara was part of our team out in Aromas (pictured below with kettlebell) and we’re even happier to have her as part of the team of CFNYC, the business. This woman is strong and smart. She’s also scheduled to do her Level 1 CF cert this fall, so consider yourself warned!


  • jacinto

    congrats and welcome Sara!!!!

  • Davi

    Looking forward to seeing more of you, Sara!

  • torch

    congrats sara!!! That said, i’m too busy to do the black box WOD today

  • Sophie

    Congrats Sara!

  • Rory

    Congrats Sara! And Allison!
    Did the Jacinto Kettlebell AMRAP this morning:
    5 pushups
    10 kb swings
    15 kb goblet squats
    (24 kg bell)
    8 rounds + 3 pushups

  • Justin Katz

    Congrats ! Sara
    Looking forward to meeting you.

  • kj

    Sara, there’s nobody I’d rather have do a WOD on my behalf than you. Make sure you scale up the weights. I’m trying to get strong 😉

  • Sara

    Thanks everyone! I’m excited to start and meet all of you evening ppl… One request: until I get everyone into the computer for the scan system, please print your full name when you sign in. Torch: I’m happy to do the wod for you… It will be $1 for every rep completed.

  • Aram

    This is the woman you mentioned who will be building the 400 m ramp from the window to the park, right?

  • Lisa

    Congratulations on your new job, Sara – it will be great to see you there.
    Allison, thanks for all your hard work and always-welcoming attitude. Looking forward to having you coach more classes.

  • torch

    Sara. Can we work out a barter system?

  • Let me reiterate how happy I am to have Sara on board. She’s got the skills and the know-how for this crazy job. I’m looking forward to her getting her Level 1 this fall and being able to then get more involved with coaching. She’s also developing wonderfully as a CF athlete (partly because she was already rather athletic, and partly because she’s working hard to get better at CF).
    In addition to teaching more classes, I’m looking to expand my one-on-one coaching as well as continue in a new role as communications director. Feel free to refer clients my way who are looking to train but prefer one-on-one to a class setting and/or who want to do Elements one-on-one before then joining classes.
    As communications director I will continue to do the blog every day (which has always been my favorite part of the job besides teaching) as well as still manage some administrative aspects of the business.
    Thanks to everyone for making CFNYC a great place to work–a community that makes me feel welcome and appreciated.

  • Mike

    Congrats Sara!
    Allison, thank you for all you do to put together a great blog everyday!

  • Alexei

    GL Sara!

  • FYI I am working from home today so please don’t show up super-duper early for lunchtime class or 6pm class, because you might not be able to get in (I’m not sure if another trainer might be around with a client–it’s possible but you can’t count on it.

  • brian

    1. Sara congrats and welcome
    2. Allison thank you for all the great work over the years
    3. todays AMRAP OH squats,pikes, pushups Completed 12 rounds
    4. CFE (Brooks running (wicking)) shirts are in, they come in Men’s and Women’s styles. $35/shirt a major portion of the proceeds are going to Keith Z’s charity (wounded soldiers-the true hero’s that provide us our fredom) there is a sample hanging up at the front desk.

  • Congrats, Sara!
    Keep up the good work, Allison.

  • brian

    5k run tonight @ van courtland park bronx 7p. Awesome course and race. Just in case any of you missed yesterdays WOD.
    The van courtland track club summer 5k series ends in 2 weeks on Thursday Aug 13th @ 7p.
    It would be fun to have a group run a race together and discuss future endevours over some beverages afterwards.

  • torch

    Do we have any members that are docs?

  • Adam M

    Who was it that mentioned Trancoso? Seriously, be quiet about that. It’s too crowded already. There’s plenty of other panem et circenses in Bahia for the masses.
    Odi profanum vulgus et arceo!

  • Adam M., it’s George who is LOCKED IN down in Trancoso (lucky bastard).
    But more importantly, Adam: fala portugues? Sabe o cultura brasileira? Que legal.
    IN RE: THE NEW CFE-NYC T-SHIRTS THAT BRIAN HAD MADE: I didn’t get a chance to hang one on the wall because we are out of tacks; nonetheless, I will get one up pronto and in the meantime you can ask a trainer to show you what the shirt looks like–they’re in a cardboard box behind the reception desk.
    They look amazing, they’ll feel amazing (tech material and white fabric to stay cool in the sun), and they’re for a good cause. So buy one, already!

  • Lisa

    I am a proud owner of a wonderful CFE-NYC shirt and since wearing it I have knocked 2 minutes off my 5K PR.
    OK, maybe not quite yet, but it is a well-designed shirt and the tech fabric is very comfortable.

  • Zach Singer

    Congrats and welcome, Sara!

  • Seth

    Can anyone recommend a good brand for fish oil?

  • Adam M

    Lo sento, Allison. Eu falo um poquinho português. Tenho muitos amigos e primos en São Paulo e Rio de Janeiro.
    I was last in Brasil in December.

  • Zach Singer

    Carlson’s stuff is really good. I am a fan of the lemon flavored fish oil (and I’ve heard some people like the Orange flavored Cod liver oil too, but I’ve never tried it).
    This is assuming you’re talking liquid fish oil, of course.
    For pills, Carlson’s is also good, and so is Nordic Naturals. At the end of the day, try to make sure you’re getting high EPA / DHA levels in whatever you end up getting. Also, if you get pills, it’s easier to be sure you get at least 1g in each pill, as that will make it easier to dose them out (and more convenient than taking twice the pills from some brands that only give you 0.5g/ pill).
    Here is some info on the Carlsons…

  • Mike

    Seth, I second Zach’s opinion on the Carlson’s lemon flavored fish oil.
    Also IMO its much easier to just take a spoonful of the liquid stuff than a handfull of pills.

  • Seth

    cool. thanks for the advice. I was told Dr. Sears supplement’s were great but they are the most expensive I have seen on the market.