Wednesday 090729

Run 10 K

Post time to comments.

Compare to 090701.

NOTE! Whenever the main site calls for a 10K run we offer alternative programming here at the Box (not because we don’t believe in running a 10K, but only because we cannot coach a 10K run inside the Box). So if you want to run a 10K (a behavior we strongly encourage, as it is today’s WOD), run it in the great outdoors (be glad it’s summertime!). But if you’d like to get a workout indoors along with some coaching, come in for a class. (Please note that there is no 5:30pm class tonight because we always cancel the 5:30pm class on any day that calls for an all-running WOD.)
If you’re looking to run outdoors and would like company, please use today’s comments to try to coordinate with other CFNYC members so that you don’t have to run solo.

A word about your low back
Just in time for today’s WOD: could jogging be bad for you? (via)
Scale up your WOD, scale up your life
They had me at “60-foot mud pit”
Beekeeping in NYC: illegal, trendy (related: Silence of the bees)
Bodypart-hatred du jour: the dreaded ‘cankle’ (related: Training the calves)

Happy birthday, Kurt!

Our affiliate cup team ran a course so steep you had to walk parts of it. So stop yer whinin’ about having to run a 10k. Manhattan is flat. Just do it, people.


  • kj

    I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to run 6.1 miles more in my entire life. Doctor, please?
    Oddly enough, I don’t feel the same way about burpees….

  • Sophie

    Seriously again! Is this a joke?!?

  • torch

    If you have the time/energy to stop by a box sometime after your run, you should strongly consider doing CFE’s Strength and Recovery program. It take 10-15 minutes. I understand some of you have “jobs” and “lives” outside CrossFit, which I don’t entirely understand, but to each their own…
    So CFE strength and recovery is meant to be done following long exertions. 10ks are into that oxidative realm and probably qualify for most of us, runners included. The routine is similar to our warm up.
    3 Rds. NOT for time
    10-15 GHD Sit Ups
    10-15 GHD Hip Extensions
    10-15 KB Swings
    10-15 Bench Press
    10-15 Pull Ups
    Each set is meant to be executed at a slow, full range of motion. You should feel a burn throughout the muscular systems being worked. This is to engage recovery on specifically running oriented areas.
    For strength preferencing following a run, if you are inclined to come in, I suggest 5×3 heavy back squats, followed by a burn out set of OHS (95#/65#)

  • Pete W

    love the sound of the post run workout, but must it be done shortly after running or will recovery effects be felt if done later that day as well? Only ask as I would like to run the 10k in the am and come by the box after work.

  • Sara

    I’m with you on this one Sophie! Another 10K? Argh!!! I just got used to the idea of running 5ks!

  • torch

    Later in the day is fine

  • Bill P.

    If anyone wants to run in the LES around 6ish, I’ve got a route planned over the Williamsburg bridge and back. Its gonna be a killer. Any takers?

  • Lisa

    Torch, thanks for the post-run workout. I am looking forward to today’s WOD, obviously 🙂
    Davi, looking GOOD charging down that hill!

  • Scaling options for (and a little commentary on) today’s workout, courtesy of the CrossFit BrandX forums:
    Y’all should be nicer to Coach. When you piss him off this is what happens.
    Big Dawgs:
    as rx’d
    Run 5K
    Run/walk 2.5 – 5K
    Run/walk 2.5K
    Let me add my two cents that I agree with BrandX that not everyone should run the full 10K. If you’ve never run a 5k, just run a 5k today and make it the fastest 5k you can stand (it should hurt, but not in an injury-inducing way).
    The wear and tear of a super-slow 10K (which you end up slowly jogging rather than running) on your body when you’re not yet ready to go that distance can leave you unable to hit the WOD tomorrow.
    And as Garddawg of the Brand X forums says, “The point of CF is to get better at life. Being unable to workout tomorrow because you were pigheaded today is not in line with our goals.”

  • Kurt

    Hey all,
    One last reminder about my Birthday Party at the Shake Shack in Madison Square Park. Even though my actual 30th B-day is today, the party will be tomorrow, Thursday July 30th. Starting at 6 in the park and ending at Lillies (Broadway and 17th) or starting at Lillies if it is raining. All are invited. If you need info, my number is 516 996 3300. Hope to see you there.

  • Kelly

    Happy Birthday Kurt!!! Enjoy the big 3-0!!

  • Max

    KJ, Burpees are a healthy and essential part of life, and I am with you Sophie 10K eerrgghh, I am going to run in cental park, I think the loop is 10K so no rerunning the same area. If anyone is interested in joining me I was going to the box around 5ish to drop off my stuff than heading uptown.

  • torch

    happy birthday Kurt!
    10k 36:44 around the BK hood. Very humid.

  • Chris C

    Happy Birthday Kurt!

  • Audrey

    Happy birthday Kurt!

  • Craig_Cinci

    Torch – I barely run a 5k faster
    Happy birthday Kurt

  • Davi

    I think my favorite thing about that photo is the little dance Keith is doing.

  • Max

    Is the mud run that everyone has been talking about the one in october, if so count me in

  • Zach Singer

    Happy Birthday, Kurt!

  • Lisa

    Max, the mud run is on Oct. 03. So far we have 2 teams of 4 from the Black Box and Brooklyn has 1-2 teams also. See if you want to round up another team, or find one other person and enter as a pair, and worst case you can register solo AND wear a costume 🙂
    This is the event website –

  • Kevin P

    Happy B-day Kurt!!

  • Sara

    60:05… About 5 min faster than last time so I guess I’m making progress. Happy bday Kurt!

  • kj

    Nice work Sara!! Happy Birthday Kurt!!
    Has anyone ever attempted to row a 10k before and lived to scare me away from trying? If so, let me know.

  • Sara

    Thanks KJ! Yes, I have rowed a 10k before… I prefer it to running, although it gets a little boring. Make sure you have some good music, but definitely do it.

  • Nicky

    Bill P. —
    what pace were you thinking of running?

  • Mike

    Happy Birthday Kurt!
    Awesome time Torch!

  • Bill P

    around a 9 min/mile pace I’m guessing. So long as I don’t fall off the bridge while I’m doing it. I’ll be at the base of the Manhattan side of the Williamsburg bridge at 5:45 if anyone is down. I’ll wear a Crossfit shirt!

  • Max

    Happy Birthday Kurt!,
    If anyone wants to put together another team for the mud run let me know.

  • Tony

    Happy birthday Kurt!

  • Keith S

    Whew… 10K around the tip of Manhattan. The skies opened up while I was on the Brooklyn Bridge. Fun!
    Time 1:10

  • Maren

    Ok- So I have been on hiatus from Crossfit for over a month and a half, and I just jumped back in the other night for Cindy…. ummm If there is a poster child for “this is what happens when you get off of crossfit” it’s me.
    My question is that I am SO sore today in my legs and literally my arms can’t fully extend that I don’t know what to do…I can barely sit. I’m coming into the box tonight for the 10k alternative, but wondering if that’s a bad idea?
    What’s the smart thing to do for super soreness? Should I just stretch? Or get in and attempt the WOD?
    thanks you guys!

  • Brett_nyc

    Kurt, Happy Birthday.

  • Levi

    Maren, you might want to take tonight off and just rest. I mean, you can barely sit. Sitting is my favorite thing to do. I don’t know what I’d do if I couldn’t sit.
    Kurt, happy birthday! You’re an inspiration to Baby Gap shirt-wearing guys everywhere!

  • Dean
  • Justin K

    Ran 10K this morning
    Time: 34 minutes

  • dan def

    To paraphrase what the Principal from Billy Madison would say about the Shake-weight link posted above:
    The Shake-weight video one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever seen. At no point in its rambling, incoherent video was it even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having watched it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  • Dan B

    for those of you going to Burning Man this year:

  • Reagan

    Black Box (158,158)

  • Jeff

    I totally disagree with Dan Def.
    As a CrossFit Level 1 certified trainer, I wholeheartedly encourage women to exercise with the Shake Weight.

  • george

    in trancoso, brazil this morning. some stretching, yoga and joint mobility followed by annie.
    maybe i’ll make up the 10k on the beach tomorrow.
    oh also, some sprint work. left my wife on the beach and sprinted 1/2 uphill to the house where we are staying cause i didn’t have my wallet and needed some afternoon cocktails!

  • dan def

    … and in a related story, Jeff also believes in the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny and Santa.

  • Maren

    Thanks Levi- My barbie arm waves at you.

  • Max

    10k 50:16, SUCKED, holy cow, legs imploded last mile and a half took more than 15 minutes eerrrggghhhh, but really glad I went on the run…

  • torch

    Max. Yes the mud run is oct 3. I’ll put you on the list.

  • kj

    10k row – 49:21. I definitely took the slow and steady approach to this.
    Special thanks to Levi for making the last 6300 meters much more pleasant than the first 2700!
    And the Shake Weight? I may have already given them my credit card info by the time my good “Crossfit” sense kicked in. It was just so rhythmic. And only two and a half pounds!

  • kj

    Apparently numbers and I aren’t friends today. My first post of the day should read 6.2 miles, while my last one should say 7300 instead of 6300. It’s worth noting, as those final 1000 meters were especially brutal.

  • Jai

    My walking pace is perfect. My running pace, I hit every light. Discuss.
    Ran to Crossfit (about a mile and a half), but with the aforementioned multiple rests. Once there, I had Brian to myself for the 6:30 class. 5 squats with 45# bar and then 5 pull-ups (blue band c2b), AMRAP for ten minutes. Got in 8 1/2 rounds. Then held plank for 1:40, did 25 situps in a minute, plank for a minute and 3 seconds, and 14 situps in 30 seconds. Walked home as usual, about two miles.

  • Jai

    I thought the Shake Weight was awesome, but it clearly made the women too bulky.

  • Kelly

    deathly afraid of thunderstorms so ran on the treadmill…
    10k 43:58…blah treadmill sucks

  • Sophie

    Happy birthday Kurt!

  • Kate

    Ankle still messed up and can’t run. Rowed 10k, which was 9,750m longer than I have ever rowed in my life. 49:13

  • Davi

    Speaking of counting, I did an accidentally excessive “JT” today. Justin suggested that the Elements course include basic counting skills in its syllabus.
    handstand pushups
    ring dips
    first round completely unassisted (except HSPUs at the wall – I’d like to start working on freestanding)
    2nd and 3rd rounds with bands for most HSPUs and skinniest band for most ring dips
    maxing out at 6 unbroken HSPUs right now…would like to work that number up. Kipped numbers 18-21.
    tried kipping some of the ring dips, which just made things more unstable/awkward
    Finished with 8-7-6 dead hangs at the box and 8-7-6 at home, a few hours later.

  • Davi

    I just read the “cankles” article.
    First of all “cankle” is a great word. I have been using it in reference to my tendonitis-y left one of late.
    Second of all, that WSJ online spot irritated the crap out of me. Like most such reporting, its creators can’t decide – or are laying claim to some all-important “objectivity” – whether they think this “obsession” (is it really an obsession? also, I’m amused by the fact that all these gyms are apparently creating anti-cankles workouts…and various women are quoted regarding their attempts to rid themselves of cankles and, yet, as far as I could tell, none were successful) is a productive or counterproductive thing.
    And then, there’s the all-this-talk-of-cankles-contributes-to-eating-disorders woman at the end of the article who says:
    “Pretty soon it will be ‘Let’s start strengthening our toes,”
    Let’s. Not because it’ll make us look pretty, but because there’s no reason to allow any part of the fabulous bodies in which we live to atrophy. I used to be SO much more articulate with my toes than I am now. I’m thinking of choreographing a dance just for my toes so I can have fun working with them as I work with my arches.

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