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In Brooklyn
#11 Tue/Thur @ 7am (new start time!), starts August 4
In Manhattan
#68 Tue/Thur @ 8:30pm, starts July 28 (3 slots left)
#69 Mon/Wed @ 8:30pm, starts August 3 (3 slots left 2 slots left)
#70 Tue/Thur @ 6am, starts August 4 (4 slots left)
NEW! #71 Mon/Wed @ 7:30pm, starts August 10

Friday 090724
Five rounds for max reps of:
Body weight bench press
Post reps for both exercises in all rounds.
Compare to 090606.

The Brian D. Squat Warm-Up
As per the popular request in comments on the blog last week, I now bring you the Brian D. Squat Warm-up

Here’s an excerpt from his description:
Done on a regular basis this warmup has greatly improved “cold” squats. . . . In short the warmup consists of dynamic mobility for the ankles, hips, and knees, and activation for the hips, groin, and lumbars. The drills are meant to mimic similar positions in squatting such as the high knee drill, which mimics the deep hip and knee flexion in the bottom of the squat. Others such as the backwards kicks aim to loosen up commonly tight muscles . . . while bringing into play prime movers. Also, all but one of these drills are done with the spine held in absolute extension in order to once again stretch and mobilize the body as it would be in a good squat.
Go read the whole thing here and watch the video below. (And don’t forget, it’s not too late to sign up for his Olympic Weightlifting Seminar tomorrow, Saturday, July 25th. Please note that regularly scheduled classes will still be occurring at the gym at the same time that the seminar is going on.)

Brian D. Squat Warmup from CrossFit NYC on Vimeo.

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  • torch

    Came into manhattan this morning to work out with Craig. We did a shoulder-injury-friendly variation of Lynne.
    Max HSPU/Max Soft Ball Grip (Torque Athletic) pull ups.
    Then worked on Barbell TGU. Got 100# up to the kneel, but couldn’t lunge it up. Max pull up burn out. 30

  • Davi

    Good job with the video, Brian, and thanks for posting it, Allison!
    Is anyone planning to sign up for Brian’s workshop tomorrow who has not already paid?
    I am injured and I cannot participate in the workshop for which I paid and registered some time ago. There is uncertainty about whether CFNYC will refund my payment, so if you are planning to register, perhaps I can sell you my spot?
    Please email me at davina at foolsfury dot org if you would like to buy my spot.
    You would be paying ME, rather than the Box, the member rate of $150. I have not checked with CFNYC about the transferability of registration for this workshop, but I *assume* this transaction would be fine.
    Hopefully the Box will refund me under the medical circumstances, but I thought of this other option in the meantime.

  • Craig_Cinci

    Still can’t do bench so Torch & I went w/ HSPU & Softball PU (cool hanging softballs – really hard to hold – these were a great contraption)
    21/3, 17/7, 13/5, 10/3, 9/5 = 70/23
    Then max BB TGU: bar, 65, 100 (f)
    – Torch wanted to beat Brett
    – First time I’d done these
    Then max PU: 23 – grip strength just wasn’t there
    I left my umbrella at the Box too. It’s hanging from the black storage rack right by the exit. I’ll pick it up tomorrow.

  • Brian

    Great 7a group
    “lynne” Rx
    BW= 165#
    I need to work on more bench press. Pullups grip started to fail – had the strength in my back to do more but forearms/grip was shot.
    Anthony’s Numbers
    Bench 155#

  • Lisa

    New 5K event October 03 – RunAmuck Mud Run!
    The Mud Run is a challenging 5K run with hills, tire obstacles, beach crossings, water, walls, ropes, and MUD. Finish it all up by jumping into our 90′ mud pit as you cross the finish line.
    They have individual, doubles and team of 4 categories – who wants to enter a Crossfit team or two? I definitely want to do this, it looks like a lot of fun. My email address is thelisa11 -at- netscape.net

  • torch

    Hell yes MUD RUN!!! I’ll check my ship date. I want a piece of this!!!

  • Davi

    Lisa – I emailed you. Looks awesome.

  • Hari

    There is no uncertainty. Your money will be refunded.

  • Davi

    Thanks, Hari! I appreciate your understanding.

  • Davi

    well, the workshop problem is solved!
    the problems with my lifting technique still require improvement

  • kj

    I think the only thing that can make running better is the inclusion of a 90′ mud pit. Count me in!

  • Zach Singer

    ummmmm….shit yeah I’m down for a mud run. Whatever brilliant mind came up with this – I thank them.
    Nice work with the softball pullups guys. I was in last week and Jacinto was telling me about those — we mimicked the feeling doing crush grip pullups from a kettlebell that we hung from the bar. I know those were very tough, but don’t really know how the softball changes it (i.e. different diameter, what sort of grip you can take, etc.), but in any case it is definitely a whole new stimulus and challenge.

  • Kelly

    worked w/ jacinto to find the best weight for my bp…
    75# 13/5
    85# 8/7
    95# 4/7
    95# 4/7
    95# 3/6

  • Alexei

    Was going to come in at 6 am, but I hate bench pressing with a passion so that killed my spirit.
    The mud run sounds like a ton of fun… I’d be down.

  • Zach Singer

    So apparently this mud race can be done costumed as well — like not just can, but is promoted to be done as such. Weird.
    Individuals (Non-costumed) – 9:30 AM
    Doubles (Non-costumed) – 10:30 AM
    Teams – (Non-costumed) – 11:30 AM
    Individuals (Optional Costumed) – 12:30 PM*
    Doubles (Costumed) – 1:30 PM
    Teams (Costumed) – 2:30 PM

  • Alexei

    What exactly does it mean to run as a team of two? Do they tie you at the hip or something?

  • Davi

    Zach – the costumery is a fab component, IMO.
    It’s in the spirit of races like Bay to Breakers in SF:
    and, perhaps a little less goofy than:
    Running as a team – you both have to cross the finish line together.

  • dan def

    You must watch this 5 minutes of awesomeness. JK wedding dance. Work/family safe.

  • Alexei

    If someone wants to form a costumed team from CFNYC, please let me know!! I can be reached at alexei [dot] smirnov (at) gmail [dot] com

  • Davi

    Dan – I LOVE THAT! Someone shared it with me earlier today. So fantastic.

  • Sara

    Used 115#, bodyweight is 135#

  • Kelly

    For all those interested in competing –
    A good friend of mine works out at Rob Orlando’s gym Crossfit-Strongman (previously hybrid athletics) in Stamford,CT. They are holding a competition in September called the Hybrid Challenge. It’s a mix of crossfit and strongman style events and it’s divided into weight classes.
    I’m thinking about competing, anyone else interested?

  • Heh… is it bad I want to compete as well? I wish I could now; sounds like so much fun.

  • Mike

    Hybrid Challenge looks like fun… though I’ll probly be away one wknd in sept & I’m not sure which one yet.
    Ashleigh, what time you think you’re gonna make it there tonight? I think I’ll be at either the 6 or 630.

  • Sophie

    Mud run thing sounds fun if there are still openings for the team category!

  • Levi

    I wish I could compete in that Hybrid Challenge. I’ve always wanted to compete, but it’s almost a waste of time unless it’s divided up by weight classes. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to go.
    Is there still an 8 PM class tonight?

  • Lisa

    Hey Sophie! We have a team of 4 already but nothing wrong with starting another one. Torch might be organizing a Brooklyn team too. Or find one other person and enter as a pair? We should coordinate costumes 🙂 So far knee-socks and Crossfit t-shirts are being discussed.

  • Tim

    Lisa – I’d be in for the run, sounds like fun!
    did a scaled lynn
    my BW is 145# did 115# for this one

  • Reagan

    As Rx’d
    BP PU
    13 23
    11 21
    11 19
    09 19
    08 20
    52 102 Total

  • Ashleigh

    Mike, I’ll try to be there for 7…

  • Davi

    Meant to use 110 (or maybe I should’ve gone for 115 – but I struggled at the 5th rep on the 5th set when we did 5 X 5 BP the other day). I didn’t realize until the 4th set that I was using 105. Oops.
    all pull-ups are strict/dead hang
    previous time doing this WOD:
    BP/PU (kipping)
    1) 8 / 23
    2) 8 / 20
    3) 8 / 15
    4) 7 / 21
    5) 5 / 20

  • Gabe, Jim, Sophie and I just signed up to do the mud race as a 4-person team. We’re Team Automysophobia (look it up).
    Lisa, who else is on your team and what’s your team name?

  • Lisa

    That is great, Allison! That team name is hilarious – we will have to come up with something more imaginative than Team Blackbox now.
    Davi, Kristen, Alexei and I are a team.
    Sooooo, how about we make a nice mudpit at the Black Box some evening to train in? I am sure the neighbours downstairs would not mind.

  • Hari

    (12,28), (11,23), (10,21), (9,15), (9,15)= (51,102)
    (68,54), (55, 42), (12,10)

  • george

    no pressing with my shoulder
    5 rnds
    155 deads
    155 hpc

  • For anyone still considering attending tomorrow’s O-lifting Seminar with Brian D., there is still space available. Just show up at 9am and we’ll take care of getting you signed up on the spot.
    Brian just texted me that he just clean and jerked 271 pounds at a bodyweight of 158. So the boy knows what he’s doing. Hope to see plenty of you there tomorrow.
    Today I did a bit of DLing and KB pressing:
    Deadlifts 210×5, 195×5 (thanks, Justin, for keeping an eye on my form)
    1-arm KB presses: 12kgx5 each arm (easy, could have done more), 16kgx2 each arm (hard!)

  • Jai

    Total: 52/150
    Did one floor press with 53 pounds, then switched to 43# for the rest. From third round on, was on the bench instead of the floor. I was resting between pull-up sets, so I decided to just meet the same number each time. Could get about ten to fifteen each time before the first rest, after that, sets of 5. And I’m on the blue band instead of the green/beige one now.

  • Mike

    BW 200, all dead hang pullups
    Total: 57/49
    +50 burpees. Icould barely do the pushup part after those bench presses. Great job Ashleigh on the burpees!
    Allison, that name is hillarious, and perfect for that race.
    I will certainly vouch for Brian’s seminar being well worth it. He did a great job and it certainly helped with a lot of form issues and learning about the technical points of the lifts.

  • Sorry I forgot to post this earlier, but FYI (and it will be useful for Sunday for anyone doing a make-up of this WOD on the Rest Day):
    Scaling options & commentary on today’s WOD, courtesy of the CrossFit Brand X forums:
    CrossFit rarely asks for maxes. This workout does and expects that there is no “gaming” the workout. At Brand X I tell people I want to see you falling off the pull up bar. People whose score looks like
    are going for a number and not a max. Test your limits today.
    Big Dawgs:
    As Rxd
    Scale the weight on the bench press. Use a weight that you can get at least 6-8 reps with.
    do as Rx’d and dial back the rounds to 3.
    do 5 rounds of
    max push ups
    max pull ups or beginner pull ups
    Do 3 rounds:
    max push ups
    max pull ups or beginner pull ups
    Subs for Bench press:
    dumbbells, push ups, elevated push ups
    Subs for Pull ups:
    Assisted Pull ups, Beginner Pull ups, Ring Pull ups, Ring Rows
    *Jumping Pull ups should be subbed with caution as high numbers of these have been associated with Rhabdomyalisis.

  • Rickke

    BW: 142
    subbed 125#
    I tried 1 rep of 142# after I finished and got it, so it’s probably time to jump up to 135# next time.