Inside or outside? (Plus some big news!)

In Brooklyn
#10 Mon/Wed @ 7pm, starts July 20 (5 slots left)
#11 Tue/Thur @ 7am (new start time!), starts August 4

In Manhattan

#68 Tue/Thur @ 8:30pm, starts July 28 (3 slots left just 2 slots left)
#69 Mon/Wed @ 8:30pm, starts August 3 (5 slots left)
#70 Tue/Thur @ 6am, starts August 4 (4 slots left)

Olympic Weightlifting Seminar #3 (Saturday, July 25th)
As is always the case when CFHQ calls for a 5K run, we encourage you to run it outdoors on your own if you are so inclined OR come down to the Box and see what your coach has cooked up for you. The choice is yours.
Monday 090720
Run 5 K
Post time to comments.
Compare to 090615.

(For those who don’t already know, whenever it’s an all-running workout day, we cancel the 5:30pm class.)
So WOD classes tonight are as follows: 6, 6:30, 7, and 8pm.
Happy (belated) birthdays to Joe and James!
Beginning Saturday, August 15, we will be using Rest Day Saturdays (which occur once every 4 weeks) as preparation for teams and individuals interested in competing in the 2010 CrossFit Games. On these days, we will run a full-day competition consisting of at least three WOD’s.
You will soon be able to register in our MINDBODY Online portal for the August 15 session. (All participants need to pre-register.) The cost will be $20 for members of Black Box Manhattan and Black Box Brooklyn. Enrollment on August 15 will be limited to sixteen Black Box members, eight men and eight women. We will also allow sixteen outside members of the CrossFit community to participate, eight men and eight women (cost $40). Proceeds will be used to sponsor CrossFit NYC members’ participation in the 2010 CrossFit Games.
The details of how the day will be structured will be announced in advance, but athletes should expect to arrive 8-8:30am to sign in. The day before, we will announce the first WOD, which will begin around 9am. At the end of the first WOD, we will announce the second WOD, which will begin around noon-1pm. At the end of the second WOD, we will announce the third and final WOD, which will begin around 4-5pm. We will score the results similar to the way it was done at this year’s Games.
Participants will have access to our facilities throughout the day. You may shower after events. You may bring food and eat at our facility, or you may head out on your own or with fellow participants.
Specific details are subject to revision as we develop this program.

Please post questions to comments below.


  • Justin K

    Ran 5K this morning

  • Scaling options for today’s workout, courtesy of the CrossFit Brand X forums:
    Big Dawgs and Pack:
    I know you hate it, but do it anyway Run 5 K.
    Run 1-2 miles depending on your ability
    Run 1-2 miles depending on your ability
    Additional resources on with regards to proper running technique (just do a search function for “POSE,” “sprint,” and/or “run” to find the relevant videos):
    Furthermore, if you need help mapping out 5K (3.1 miles), try

  • Tony

    Anyone interested in running the 5k on the East Sixth Street track this evening?

  • Kelly

    Allison-It looks like Aug 19 is a Wednesday…is that still the date of the first competition session?

  • Mark

    I don’t even live in NY and I’m already thinking of driving down (from south of Boston) for the day of competition. Great idea!

  • Tim

    Ran a 10k in the park yesterday, ~48 mins
    did yesterday’s workout this morning with 25 reps

  • Kelly, thanks for pointing out the error. Turns out the next Saturday Rest Day is August 15, not August 19.
    For anyone in my lunchtime class today, you’re more than welcome to make up yesterday’s WOD (“Filthy Fifty”) or perhaps row a 5K. You can even come to the Box, leave your stuff, go run a 5K outside on your own, then come back to the gym to shower and clean up.
    In addition, I am also more than happy to work with individuals on any particular skills they need help with in addition to a workout of some sort, as class size permits.

  • Mike

    Love the Saturday rest day idea!
    I’ll be out of town the 15th, but I am definitely in for the next one!

  • kj

    I call dibs on a rower this afternoon!
    Just to be clear, I would so much greatly prefer to be running this and am kind of terrified at the prospect of spending this much time with the rowing machine.

  • Adam M

    What’s a good 5K lap in the Park? Reservoir or something? I could google it, but I’m lazy.

  • Aram

    Twice around the reservoir is very very slightly over a 5 K. 3.14 on the path vs. 3.11 miles in a 5 K.

  • Zach Singer

    Just curious – anyone playing in a soccer league, or know of any that might be open to having another player on the team?

  • kj

    One of my friends runs a co-rec sports league in the city/Hoboken. My boyfriend normally plays soccer through it, but I think they’re between seasons right now. I’ll get some details for you, Zach.

  • Craig_Cinci

    Tony –
    I’m debating on the run or something else (I’ve been out of town). If I run, I’ll run from my place down the east side. I’ll probably skip the track & just use the path.
    As long as you don’t laugh too hard at my pace, I’ll at least start with you.

  • Davi

    Zach – Kellie Beckman from CF Virtuosity plays in a league through Chelsea Piers.

  • brian

    Cfe time change tomorrow
    7p central park, columbus circle
    Meet near coffee stand.
    TIME CHANGE to 7p
    CFE wednesday 645a black box.

  • Reagan

    Did the Filthy Fifty from the main site yesterday.
    As Rx’d 31:57
    5k today
    Black Box (151,151)

  • Lisa

    Did the 5K around Madison Square Park in 22:10. Lovely day to be out running.
    Thanks Allison for the double-under skills session as well.
    Brian, CFE tomorrow at 7pm works for me.

  • Tony

    Craig (and anyone else interested in running this evening along the east side),
    Drop me an email at tonyctao at gmail dot com and let’s take it from there.

  • Sara

    Filthy fifty, 36:15 as rx’d, 5 min slower than last time… Not sure where the extra time came from because I was pushing hard… Must be the damn wallballs. I’m officially including them in my warmup every day. Running the 5k tomorrow at 2pm around the reservoire with one of the boxers from my gym… Anyone who wants to join us is more than welcome… I’m really slow but she’s fast so you guys can try to lap me…

    (For those who don’t already know, whenever it’s an all-running workout day, we cancel the 5:30pm class.)
    So WOD classes tonight are as follows: 6, 6:30, 7, and 8pm.

  • torch

    Hope people are getting excited about competition practice!!! I wanted to put this list of benchmarks out, as they seem pertinent to crossfit competition… maybe some folks in the community (coaches, competition team members, zach, senior firebreathers, etc) would like to add to or refine these:
    Competitor goals:
    15 BW Overhead Squats
    10 Pistols
    50 pull ups men, 30 women (kipping)
    405# Deadlift men, 275# women
    Sub 20min 5k run
    15 HSPU unbroken
    100 Double Unders, unbroken
    1.25x BW 1 RM Clean and Jerk
    BW 1RM Snatch
    10 Muscle Ups men, 5 Women
    Skills to grease:
    Isolateral variations (subbing KBs and DBs for barbell work)
    Rope Climbs
    Heavy Thrusters
    Weighted movement (sandbag and weight vest work)
    Heavy KBs
    Hill running, both up AND down

  • Sara

    I also have weighted pullups, ring dips, and box jumps on my list

  • Sophie

    Anyone planning on running at Madison Square Park around 6:30?

  • Sophie

    To add to what Torch wrote, some sort of rowing benchmark. I was surprised how many people at the games did not know how to row correctly (not that I know how either, but it seems to be something that comes up a lot).

  • Rickke

    made up Filty Fifty this morning – 27:35 – a couple minutes better than last time.
    5k for me either later this evening or on Wednesday.

  • george

    made up wod
    amrap 20 mins
    row 500
    155 lbs clean 5 reps
    4 rounds + 500m row

  • Tim
  • Davi

    I think I should be able to make it in tonight and do a “gimpy fifty”. I got the okay from the PT to train with awareness and caution. And running a 5K is not the way for me to ease back in with my ankle. Lots of elevating and icing still to go.
    I think I also need to retire the vibrams for a while and get something with arch support.
    When I stand and balance know how to activate all the little muscles that engage the arch. I need to practice this action while walking and running. And I’m taking on a whole WOD regimen for my feet alone. 🙂
    Anyone in our midst rehabbed their arches? I have always had very low arches and my theory is that as I’ve increased my weight bearing and activity and entered into some new domains physically, my pronation tendencies are taking their toll. Time for some remedial arch strengthening and tendon sheath pressure alleviating!

  • kj

    Stress fracture confirmed, but I got a pretty bad ass boot.
    Rowed 5k in 22:59. This was difficult.
    Then did Dan’s bench press WOD with the wonderful Martin. 5×5: 55, 60, 65, 65, 65
    Best part, they actually felt fun!
    Davi, I’m up for training with awareness and caution with you! As long as it doesn’t include any dynamic jumping, I’m good to go 🙂

  • Mike

    ran 2 miles on Sat with Max & Gabe in 15:10, so did a little different running WOD today.
    About 1 mile run from 6th ave to 12th, working on POSE form and getting a feel for different tempo & lean. Not timed.
    Then 8x200m with 2 min rest:
    33.4, 35.6, 36.3, 35.5, 38.2, 36.3, 38.2, 38.7
    Then ran about 1.2 mi in 8:59 to the box to use the foam roller since my legs were already tight and do todays 47 burpees. About 7:30/mi pace which I was pretty happy with.
    Total distance ran was about 5k.
    Jumped in on some bench press while at the box as well since I hadn’t done that in a while.
    135×10, 185×5, 205×5, 225×5, 245×4 (failed 5th), 225×6 (failed 7th)
    was going for max reps on the last one, but didn’t have much gas left in the tank. A far cry from my best ever of 21… but that was a while ago when I used to bench regularly.

  • max

    23:40, 3 minutes above my pr, first 5k in a long time, i am really happy i ran it even though the time was a bit off.