Max it out

In Brooklyn
#10 Mon/Wed @ 7pm, starts July 20 (5 slots left)
#11 Tue/Thur @ 7am (new morning Elements!), starts August 4

In Manhattan
Elements #65, & 66 are SOLD OUT!
#67 Mon/Wed @ 7:30pm, starts July 20 (just 1 slot left)
#68 Tue/Thur @ 8:30pm, starts July 28 (5 slots left)
#69 Mon/Wed @ 8:30pm, starts August 3 (5 slots left)
#70 Tue/Thur @ 6:30am (new start time!), starts August 4

Olympic Weightlifting Seminar #3 (Saturday, July 25th)
Monday 090713
Thruster 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps
Post loads to comments.
Compare to 090528.

Happy birthday, Brett!
Part 2 of the CrossFit Journal‘s feature on our very own Jacinto Bonilla (full version, subscription required) (free preview version)
jacinto at games2
2009 CF Games reports: A Finn at the finish / Tanya Wagner wins women’s crown / CF Northwest captures Affiliate Cup
Good dancers make the fittest mates
The mainstream press is finally catching on: “Fat is where it’s at”

Want to change your life? Change your environment

More than one way to do a max effort
Frozen primal custard

Gabe deadlifts at the Affiliate Cup competition of the Games:
gabe deadlifts


  • From the CrossFit Brand X forums on how to approach today’s WOD:
    Everyone is a Big Dawg today. It is just a front squat with a ballistic press.
    or for some stupid one arm thruster stuff you can check this out:

  • Hari

    Reminder: We’ll be hosting the Barbell Cert this Saturday (Rest Day) and Sunday. There will be no WOD classes in Manhattan on these two days.

  • Audrey

    Happy birthday Brett!

  • Hey everybody.
    I’m happy to announce that I finally have a gym! Please feel free to stop by and say hello and check out the new digs. We are having free classes at 6:30pm all week and Good Sam will be holding classes over the weekend while I am working here at CFNYC assisting Rip for the Barbell Cert.
    230 North 9th Street. Brooklyn.
    We will have a grand opening party really soon so stay tuned.

  • Lisa

    Congratulations, Keith! Looking forward to seeing the place.

  • Happy birthday, Brett!
    I am watching the sun rise over SFO. Looking forward to my return home.
    See y’all soon.
    Great photo of Gabe.

  • Mike

    Happy Birthday Brett!

  • george

    happy bday brett.
    gabe looks very “crossfit” in that pic – no shirt, oakley shades and vibrams!

  • george

    and, congrats to our affiliate team.

  • Tim


  • Congrats all around to the Affiliate Team! Awesome job for a rag tag bunch of misfits thrown together by fate!
    Happy birthday, Brett. You should lift something heavy to celebrate!

  • juan

    Great effort out there guys. Hey we beat south brooklyn, so that’s not bad. This GM is definitely proud of his team.

  • Jon S.

    Hey Guys,
    Where’s a good store in the city to buy Vibram Five Fingers?

  • kj

    Jon S. – You can get them at City Sports. If you goggle it, there’s at 15% off coupon on their website for any one item. I went to the one on 48th & 6th, but there’s one further downtown at 5th & 36th too.
    Happy Birthday Brett!

  • jiim

    I know I posted this before but….
    Does anyone know of any companies in the City that are hiring?! My girlfriend, Amy, just graduated with a Business Administration degree, minor in Marketing, and is seeking employment!
    Email me at if you have any leads!

  • torch

    Happy Birthday Brett!!!

  • Tony

    Happy birthday Brett!

  • Craig

    Here is an update on our headcount for the competition at BBB on Aug 2nd. We have 14 already RSVP’d:
    Nikki G
    Aaron A
    Ryan B
    Mike N
    Who else is in?

  • Kelly

    I thought the competition was the weekend of Aug 8?

  • Dianne

    I believe I left my notebook (small, white with pastel polka dots) at the Box this morning. If found, please give in to front desk. Will collect Weds a.m. Thanks!

  • kj

    I’m in if it’s Saturday, 8/8. I’ll be away the weekend of the 2nd, however.

  • Dianne, it’s in the Lost and Found.

  • Craig

    Sorry, typo – yes, Aug 8th

  • Lisa

    I bumped into Rickey in Paragon Sports last week – he was shopping for white running clothes as he is pacing Byron Benke in the gruelling Badwater ultramarathon. It started this morning – 135 miles on road through Death Valley, NV. Webcast can be found here:

  • Dianne Penn

    Thanks, Allison!

  • Re Rickey and Byron and Badwater – awesome. 🙂
    I won’t be running an ultra any time soon, but I’m still really psyched by how much fun it was to fly down that hill in the relay on Fri.

  • Lisa

    Davi, you guys rocked! Glad you enjoyed the run – you have perfect downhiller’s legs.

  • Sophie

    Craig, I think I can do the competition, count me in. Happy birthday Brett!

  • Reagan

    Made up the pullup WOD from Saturday.
    As Rx’d 21:01 in 19 sets
    Black Box (145,145)

  • michelle foxman

    Happy Birthday Brett!

  • kj

    Thanks for all the coaching, Brian!
    I forgot that last time I refused to put any weight on the bar. So this would be a PR.

  • Brett_nyc

    Worked up to 215 after 2 misses. Missed 220. PR is 225.
    Everything felt heavy today.
    Cashout with 95lbs CJ ladder on 30sec for 8+8
    thanks all for the birthday wishes.

  • Levi

    135, 145, 155, 165, 175, 185F, 165

  • Mike

    205 (old PR)
    220 (new PR!)
    30 sec 95lbs C&J ladder cashout: 7+7
    42 burpees

  • Craig_Cinci

    175, 195, 205, 215, 220 (PR), 225 (PR), 230 (f)
    Pwr C&J ladder every 30 sec: 7 rds + 6 – had to stop to look at the time for us

  • isaac

    115, 115, 125, 125, 125, 135, 135

  • 95-105-115-125-130 (F)-130 (F)- 127 (F)
    I was starting to push the bar WAY too far in front of me. Should’ve had the 127.
    125 is my pre-existing PR.
    Row 500
    3 rounds of
    10 GHD back extensions
    10 GHD situps
    10 wallballs (where the ceiling meets the wall as target) with 14# ball
    cashout – 100 unanchored situps @ 3:23 (almost a minute slower than anchored!)
    8-7-6-5-4 dead hangs

  • Brian

    CFE tomorrow tuesday 630p central park meet at columbus circle near the coffee stand
    wednesday morning 645 @ black box

  • Jeff

    I forgot to wish you a happy birthday!
    Thanks to Brett, Craig and Mike for the lifting help today.

  • Rickke

    First time with this WOD. Form issues prevented me from going heavier.
    140 (f)
    145 (f)
    142 (f)
    Happy birthday, Brett!

  • Davi

    Just checked – did 100 anchored situps on July 5, 2009 at 2:24 – big discrepancy.

  • Peter Moskowitz

    Dan says I need to get my butt lower and drive from the elbows.

  • Reagan

    Black Box (146,146)

  • Hari

    135, 140, 145, 150, 155, 155, 160(f)
    (68,54), (55, 42), (7,5)