Tabata Mashup Madness

Sunday 090628
24 rounds of 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest. Alternate amongst front squats (95#, 65#, or 45#), kettlebell swings (24kg men / 16 kg women), and burpees. Record the total number of front squats, swings, and burpees.
Post scores to comments.

There is no longer a 10am free beginners’ class on Sundays
11am: 20 Minute AMRAP: 5 Thrusters, 7 HP Cleans, 10 SDHP’s or Black Box WOD
noon: “Nicole” or Black Box WOD
1pm: One-Arm Lifts and Runs or Black Box WOD
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, (Part 2)
Rest and recovery: the yin and yang of fitness

Creating a frame for shoulder stability
Burger truck in midtown
Birthday boy Josh R. is always crossfitting, even at the pool. Happy birthday, Josh!
always crossfitting


  • Davi

    happy birthday Josh!

  • michelle foxman

    darn i wish I had not just had that 12;30 am napoleon. and two fried eggs. gonna slow me down a tad tomorrow…

  • torch

    happy birthday Josh

  • Tony

    Happy birthday Josh!
    Anyone want to watch the Confederations Soccer Cup Final Match between USA v Brazil at 2:00pm this afternoon?

  • Rory

    Made up the thruster/hpc/sdhp amrap workout at my apartment gym. A/C was broken so this was extra miserable. 5 rounds even, as rx’d. I really need to get my diet and sleep back in check, did not feel locked in at all. Probably should have scaled down a little bit to be able to make this more continuous rather than set/rest/set/rest/etc.
    As an aside, why do comments turn off on the posts that are a few days old? Wish i could post this on the day it was supposed to be done so it’s there for the next “compare to…”

  • Tony, if I were in town I’d totally go watch the match with you. (The best is during the World Cup matches to go see Brazil games at bars in the city where they have live batucada drumming at half-time and the end and you can dance samba to celebrate.)
    Rory, I turn off comments after 48 hours so that we can avoid getting overrun with spammers. It’s a real problem. Sorry for the inconvenience.
    How was the BBB barbeque yesterday? Really wish I could’ve been in town for it.
    Instead I’m visiting family and went to the local globo gym these past two days. Was made to feel like the most amazing athlete alive by the members there who had apparently never seen a woman do a (strict) pullup, let alone 8 in a row.
    I also wowed them with Turkish get ups and deadlifts. They hadn’t a clue what either of those moves were called, I sh*t you not.

  • Kim

    Made up thruster/hpc/sdhp amrap
    8 rounds, 5 thrusters, 2 hpc

  • Paul

    Made up Nicole. Boat drinking all day yesterday felt like I was wearing a weight vest today.
    20 min AMRAP
    400m run
    10 deadhangs
    15 kipping
    15 kipping
    15 kipping
    15 chin grip kipping
    16 kipping
    cashed out with presses
    95 x10

  • Mike

    Happy Birthday Josh!

  • Kirk

    Made up Nicole.
    Not feeling very fast and doing it in the rain didn’t help my mood much:
    33, 24, 16, 13, 13, 11
    Realized after the fact that the pull-up bars I used at the playground were not the ones I had used for “map my run”, so I actually ran jut under 500m each round. Crap.
    One of these days I’ll get 7 rounds…

  • torch

    Awesome work Kirk!

  • Josh Rosenfield

    Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone!
    Had a great time at the BBB-BBQ.

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