Now THIS looks like fun.

Saturday 090627
Two rounds of:
Right arm barbell push-press 12 reps
Left arm deadlift 12 reps
Run 800 meters
Left arm barbell push-press 12 reps
Right arm deadlift 12 reps
Run 800 meter
Go heavy, run fast. Post time to completion and loads to comments.
Compare to 030716.

A treasure-trove of CrossFit videos on Vimeo

The scale obsession
Feeling sorry for yourself
Navy SEAL cop grandmas with tattoos
A rose between two Marines: (from left) Juan, Sophie, Lt. Gabe:


  • I’m waiting on the CrossFit Brand X forums to post their scaling options for this WOD, but let me add in this info I’ve gleaned from going through the comments back when this WOD last came up in 2003.
    It seems a lot of the guys who did this did 65# for the 1-armed push press and 135# for the 1-armed deadlift. There were no women who left comments on this post (this is back in the day when the blog didn’t have a huge following as of yet).
    Generally speaking, though, women’s weights are 2/3 of the men’s weights, which would put us in the range of 45# for push press and 95# for DL. Luckily, for anyone looking to scale down further, we have the 33# bars, 22# bars, and even 11# bars.

  • Lt Gabe

    I got extra motivated and did some max C&J today. PR’d at 255×1 and 225×3. Also got 45 kipping pullups without dropping off the bar, C2B. Tomorrow’s WOD looks extra evil.
    And for the record, Sophie was reeling because Juan and I were post-WOD sweaty. Sorry Jon M, you know I love you.

  • Sara

    This sounds ridiculous… is there a video link to a one-armed deadlift and push press? Maybe it’s because it’s early, but I can’t really fathom doing either…

  • torch

    Looking at the old comments, people used different loads/bars for each lift. For push press, hammer grip the barbell (like you would with a dumbbell; bar runs perpendicular to your shoulders). With deadlift, you can either do it conventionally with one hand, or suitcase style, where you stand next to the bar (again, arrayed perpendicular to your shoulders) and pick it up from there

  • Sara

    Thanks Torch… I was visualizing disaster… that makes much more sense than what was going through my head 😉

  • The CrossFit Brand X forums are saying that this WOD is self-scaling–and it is. Especially considering that we have very light barbells (as light as 11#). Everyone can do this WOD with barbells (no one should switch to dumbbells and/or KBs), it’s just your weightload that will differ.
    They also wrote this, which I found useful/interesting:
    This is the sort of WOD we should probably see more of in CF. It’s awkward, it’s unconventional, it recruits a s**tload of muscles and does all of that while you’re puffed so it does a fantastic job of preparing you for the real world where you have to do this sort of thing all the time and where getting sloppy when you’re puffed is when you get hurt.
    If you’re a firefighter then doing this stuff well saves peoples lives. Oh and if you are, thank-you.

  • Juan seems pretty nice, but I don’t trust the clown on the right. Gabe, do you get a free bowl of soup when you get your haircut like that?
    I hope to see some/all of you out in Aromas in a couple weeks, Gabe included. If only Sophie we could be convinced to do the affiliate cup….

  • Davi

    “If only Sophie could be convinced to do the affiliate cup….”
    I KNOW!

  • torch

    19:28 – 85#pp/135# DL
    As of today, CFE NYC on Sat mornings is canceled indefinitely. See me with any questions.

  • Rory

    This sounds like fun, can’t make it today but I am going to try and make it up tomorrow.
    Any update on the 9 am weekend classes? I was really looking forward to those being added.

  • Brett_nyc

    135lbs deadlifts in front, not suitcase style
    75lbs pushpress
    stairs were the hardest part. Heavier on the lifts next time.
    smokin fast Torch.

  • Sara

    31:03, 35# push press, 95# deadlift (in front, not suitcase)
    wow torch! And seriously sophie, why aren’t you coming with us?

  • Reagan

    Push Press: 65
    Dead Lift: 135
    Black Box (133,133)

  • Rickke

    45# push press
    85# dead lift
    I went with the weights already set up. Push press weight felt fine, but I could’ve gone a little heavier. I definitely should’ve gone heavier on the dead lift.
    Great job 1pm class!

  • Sophie

    Sara and Davi-
    I’ll be there to cheer you guys on when you make it to the finals!

  • Alex Bronfman

    PP: 85#
    DL: 135#
    time: 21:something
    Too winded to remember to write down.
    Excellent performance last night Court! Next time the ‘what is paleo? conversation pops up, I’ll pass on the evolution spiel and go with “Steak & eggs, motha******!!!”