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Olympic Weightlifting Seminar #2 (Saturday, July 11th)
“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”–Thomas Jefferson
Wednesday 090624
Three rounds, 21-15- and 9 reps, for time of:
Overhead Squat (95# men/65# women)
Ring dips
Post time to comments.

6, 7, 8am; 12:30pm: Instructor’s Choice
5:30pm: No scheduled class
6pm: 5 x 3 Front Squats or Weighted, Strict, and Kipping Pull-ups WOD
6:30pm: Black Box WOD (“Neda”)
7pm: 5 x 3 Front Squats or Runs, KB Swings, and HSPU’s
8pm: Skills work on Overhead Squats and Ring Dips (recommended for newbies but open to all members)
This sounds God-awful. Let’s try it!
What’s my genetic muscular potential?

No more girly push-ups!

An 80/20 approach to the primal lifestyle

The rise of the urban hippie

How the food makers captured our brains

Future selves
How to not eat bread: a guided tutorial
KJ is all smiles (and barbell):


  • Alex Bronfman

    Bold! This is definitely a hero WOD.

  • juan

    way bold.
    hey, the crossfit movie dvd was left at the box last Friday.
    Apparently someone took it, please return it as it belongs to someone else, if you have it email me. gonzaleznjATgmailDOTcom

  • Davi

    Good on you, Allison, for recognizing what’s happening in Iran.
    I arrived in SF amidst demonstrations.
    Separate from that – did anyone watch the video on the main site Monday? Fantastic!

  • Bari

    Justin and all others that saw my inability to get into a pullup band during my warmup, hope you enjoyed the morning entertainment! Did “neda” 48lb OHS and small band assisted ring dips: 8:12min. Followed by a bottom-to-bottom tabata cool down: 11.

  • Craig_Cinci

    Did the front squats yesterday:
    245, 265, 285, 295(1), 290(1)
    Also worked w/ Court and some of his voodoo magic at lunch. Who knew that stretching my hips and ankles would make my shoulder feel better? Weird.

  • Ashleigh

    AWESOME picture KJ 🙂

  • Honoring Neda was Hari’s idea and Court came up without the workout itself.
    I agree that we should honor people such as Neda. Let us hope that she will not have died in vain.

  • kj

    Thanks, Ash!
    The joy on my face is truly a testament to the exceptional coaching we have at the box. That snatch was made possible by Greg and Dan.

  • Lt Gabe

    Great idea with the BB WOD. I’ll probably do this one at the local globo. And thanks again Allison for keeping me honest on my squat depth and Court for fixing my shoulder (with pelvic gyrations no less).

  • Brian

    This sunday June 28th, Central Park
    the Achillies Foundation and the NYRR is putting on the Hope and Possibilities 5 mile Run. (wheelchair start is at 830a regular start is at 1030a) The Achillies Track Club is Non-Profit Organization honoring those athletes with disabilites. As we are all trying to improve our athletic abilities with Crossfit, lets think about others that are not as physically fortunate as we are.
    Lets support these athletes.
    There is 4 different was to support these amazing athletes.
    1. run in the 5 miler
    2. volunteer to assit a achillies athlete or just volunteer to help out at the race.
    3. if you are unsure upon you plans on sunday and do not think you can commit due to other circumstances please just go to central park and cheer on these athletes, just the same way we encourage each other during our WOD’s.
    4. if you have plans for the weekend and would still like to support these incredible people go to the web site and donate, it does not have to be money it could be time and effort. They are always looking for people to assist there aathletes, as a guide or a training partner.
    I am not one to solicite for money or time, but i believe that we (crossfit as a whole) are about the development of fitness for all, to include those that may not be as fortunate as us.
    Here are the websites: http://www.nyrr.org
    Besides sunday is supposed to be a rest day

  • kj

    Great idea, Brian! I had signed up to run this 5-miler, but I will actually be out of town this weekend. If anyone wants to pretend to be me and run, just let me know 🙂

  • Jess

    Awesome photo, KJ! And thanks for being such a great partner yesterday!
    Also, could there please be a 5:30 class, regardless of the workout, rest-day schedule, etc?

  • torch

    Hey guys, so there are a couple of us who are planning on going down to the Blauer Tactical Training Camp in August. There’s a discount for CrossFitters and is essentially CrossFit in the morning and tactical martial arts in the afternoon. It is also in VA beach, and is an opportunity for a beach weekend!
    visit http://www.tonyblauer.com and take a look! Let me know if you are interested!!!

  • Zach Singer

    Torch – when in August?

  • kj

    Torch, that looks really awesome. I’m 90% intimidated and 10% intrigued.
    Zach, it’s August 14-16th. Details here: http://www.tonyblauer.com/FilesUpload/pdr_camp_flyer.pdf

  • Paul

    Torch that looks b’dass. Interested.

  • nick

    Torch, I’d also be interested- work schedule permitting.

  • Max

    Just a reminder if you want to stuff your face on saturday at the brooklyn box please post about it….
    and how much is the discount for the tactical cert?

  • torch

    price is on the registration portion of the brochure. and YES to meat!!!

  • Jessica L

    I will be there on Saturday for the BBQ! Will be at the Manhattan Box Thurs and Fri morning if you need the donation up front.

  • Sara

    Max: probably yes to the BBQ…

  • Adam M

    Will miss this weekend’s bbq. Heading to Europe for two weeks. Last BB WOD tonight before I have to improvise Euro-Wods… Which will involve techno music, black turtlenecks, vespas, and surrendering to the Germans… For time.

  • Mike

    Torch, that does looks interesting. Definitely thinking about it.
    Max, I’m assuming you guys will be there late enough on Sat for those of us that will be working up an appetite at the oly seminar, right?

  • Dad DeF

    A cut and paste from the outstanding “Future Selves” link:
    It’s nice to look good with your clothes off, but it’s nicer to know that for the rest of your life you’ll be able to take those clothes off without the assistance of a certified health care provider. That you’ll be able to get across the street without the assistance of a traffic cop.

  • Kirk

    Serious props to Hari and the CFNYC crew for today’s WOD.
    Fighting for what you believe in and putting it all on the line is what really makes a hero – regardless of whether they are military, police, civilian or where and how they are “fighting”…
    I often wonder how many of us would stand up for what we believe in the face of prison, beatings, or…death.
    Neda – and the far too many others dying fighting injustice – is indeed a hero.

  • Kirk

    Brilliant CFE workout this morning with Brian and the CFE Posse.
    Started out with many, many drills and skills:
    – Practicing leans
    – Leg pulls to the wall
    – Single leg pulls while running
    – lunging stretch: lunge stretch, back to triangle stretch
    – Back lunges with twist
    – “inch worms”
    – Twisting jumps
    – Single leg hops
    – Airplane stetch
    – Squat jumps
    …and that was just the indoor warm-up!!! (if you want to know more about these drills, come to a CFE workout! – I could barely remember them all to write them down!)
    Outdoor warm-up: slow lap around Madison Square Park focusing on technique.
    1 minute on, 1 minute off x 9. For distance – try to maintain distance, or run farther each time.
    Brutal, just Brutal. In the end, total distance was just under 2 miles.
    Absolutely excellent workout!

  • bad sam

    I’m all for recognizing what’s happening in Iran. But it bothers me somewhat that we make a huge deal when the supposed number 1 enemy of the USA is killing innocents, but we hear barely anything about all the innocents killed in Iraq (by both insurgents and allied troops), the crisis in Darfu, the plight of the palestinians, civil war in Somalia, crisis in Zimbabwe etc.
    I mean, if we’re going to try and draw attention to Iran, why not draw attention to all the people suffering in the USA? All the homeless veterans and orphaned children? After years of not caring about Iran or it’s people, suddenly the media cares? If the media didn’t think it was going to make money from the stories concerning Iran they wouldn’t have been published in the first place. It’s just given them a good excuse to hype twitter and facebook a bunch as solutions to the worlds problems.
    The cynical side of me thinks the only reason the protests in Iran got so much press is so the US can galvanize American public opinion into thinking more badly against the Iranian government: “Look they’re bad people!”.
    To put things in perspective, there are an estimated number of deaths in the Tehran protests on between 20-100 people.
    In the American Iraq war (ongoing), estimated civilian deaths: 50’000-100’000
    Somalia Civil War: 300’000 – 400’000
    War in Darfur: 450’000
    Estimated number of homeless veterans in USA: 300’000
    So yes, lets remember Neda. But let’s spare a thought for every other country in the world whose people are in need of aid.
    More importantly, spare a thought for the homeless people you see every day in NYC, because most probably a number of them are veterans. Who were once young fit and idealistic, proud Americans who gave everything for their country.

  • Kirk

    Really, Sam? Really?
    Does it really seem that by honoring one person who died fighting for what they believe that “we” have ignored everyone else in the world?
    As for the media – don’t ignore the obvious: Iran is the news of the day. Both Iraq and Darfur “conflicts” officially “started” in 2003 and Somalia is on its 16th government in 14 years… Do the math – there is no “perspective”.
    Not to mention the fact that what is going on in Iran is not a conflict per se, but an uprising of the people which has captured the imagination of many.
    The kind of argument you are putting forward, for whatever reason, only makes people feel somehow guilty for honoring someone who deserves it and for being aware of at least one of the many crises in the world today.
    You cannot compare these things – don’t attack people for being aware of one death, one loss, one sacrifice. Tomorrow, unfortunately, there will be more, many more. We could have a hero WOD everyday, it wouldn’t be hard… But today, it is Neda

  • Bad sam

    Nb Kirk: I didn’t attack anyone.
    Just playing my part reminding people that there is much more going on in the world that we should be mindful of.
    Also, I believe that due to irans status (Americas next target) we’re going to keep seeing more press on Iran than any other world conflicts. Even when the darfur crisis was recent news it didn’t get as much coverage as anything else.

  • It’s not an official Crossfit HQ hero WOD – the designations of which I watch with interest – anyway, but among the first things that struck me about naming today’s WOD “Neda” were:
    1) the fact that she’s a woman (no other hero WODs are named after women)
    2) the fact that she’s not white (not a whole lot of hero WODs named after folks who fit that description)
    3) the apparent improbability of such a hero WOD designation coming from Crossfit HQ (see points one and two)
    There are a lot of reasons why the situation in Iran is big news in the US, some of which you address, Sam. And of course you’re correct in noting that Neda’s death is emblematic of one of many atrocious – some more, some less popular with media, some right in our own backyard – injustices worldwide.
    In support of Kirk’s response to you, though, I’d like to add: if the abundant attention paid to Neda’s death inspires just one person to be more engaged with the world around them – particularly a world that seems pretty far away – then something positive will have emerged from an otherwise tragic and disastrous situation.

  • Sara

    BTW, KJ… love the pic!

  • george

    back in the saddle.
    it’s been about 19 days no working out – besides the 10k i did on saturday.
    took it slow.
    did some backsquats
    135 x 12 x 5
    225 x 5 x 3
    135 x 12 x 6
    some kettlebell swings and snatches
    my shoulder felt like shit. tried to do pushups in my warm up and couldn’t. getting the the rack position for the bs was sore as well.
    knee was still sore.
    neck felt decent.
    getting injured sucked, resting sucks, training injured sucks, but it did feel good to at least get back in there.

  • michelle foxman

    wod- 5:56 but I used the “better safe than sorry” weight of 33lbs as per brian since i am just getting back into this and i used the bands on the ring dips or i might have been there all day. next time i hope to be back to close to rx women’s weight though i am not sure if the snactch will be up to par. thanks Brian and Allison. and nice acro yoga from elizabeth. every time i see you i think “damn i need to take yoga again!”
    and good ribs after the wod!

  • juan

    Deadlift rehab day 2