Probably harder than it sounds

CFE Running Seminar #2 (Saturday, June 20th)
Olympic Weightlifting Seminar #2 (Saturday, July 11th)
In Manhattan
Elements # 61, 62, 63, & 64 are SOLD OUT
#65 Mon/Wed @ 8:30pm, starts July 13 (3 slots left)
#66 Tue/Thur @ 7am, starts July 14 (5 slots left)
#67 Mon/Wed @ 7:30pm, starts July 20

In Brooklyn
#9 Mon/Wed @ 7pm, starts June 29 (5 spots left)
Thursday 090618 (68) (58)
For time:
50 Wall-ball shots
50 Pull-ups
35 Wall-ball shots
35 Pull-ups
20 Wall-ball shots
20 Pull-ups
Use 20 pound medicine ball launched to a target ten feet above the ground.
Post time to comments.
Compare to 070423.

Happy birthday, Kim! Happy (belated) birthday, Lenny!
PLEASE NOTE: I won’t be at the gym tomorrow to keep it open throughout the day. If you’re doing the lunchtime class or the 5:30pm class, I’d advise arriving no more than 5 to 10 minutes before class time starts so as to avoid waiting to get into the gym.
You are ANIMAL
Dutch helps you figure out if you’re too weak or out of shape (or both)
Don’t fear the animal fat!
Spring porcini salad
Since when did nachos become an entree (in public school lunches, no less)?
Coach Jacinto at last year’s CrossFit Games. (Photo courtesy of
Jacinto, 2008 CrossFit Games


  • torch

    9:21 Rx’D

  • Kelly

    14:31 w/ 14# wall ball and band

  • Kurt

    Torch….seriously, 5:56am?
    Great time on the WoD, too.

  • kj

    I can always count on Torch to post during my lonely, early morning hours at work. Then I can count on taking his time, multiplying it by 3, and getting a nice, on-point, prediction for how long the WOD will take me later in the evening.

  • torch

    haha. it was 6:56. I don’t think the blog knows about daylight savings.

  • Allison – SPRING PORCINI! YES!

  • Sara

    Embarassingly slow today:
    24:53… but it was as rx’d, and all pullups were chest-to-bar.

  • Lisa

    15 minutes and change.
    Scaled 35, 25, 15, using a band for pullups and with a 14# ball but only because all the 20# balls were taken (I swear!)

  • Right on, Sara! Chest to bar makes a difference. I need to see if Dolores Park has a pull-up bar.

  • Mike

    12:49 rx’d
    Definitely felt my intensity falling off a bit today. After 6 days in a row of WODs, I’m looking forward to a rest day in the near future.
    Yesterday I was up by my Mom’s house in NJ, so I dropped in at Crossfit Ignite which recently opened in Westwood.
    The WOD there was 3 rounds for time of:
    1/4 mi run
    21 pushups with feet elevated on a box
    12 deadlifts at 70% of 1RM
    11:30 with 315 for DL
    It was great to see a CF affiliate so close to home. Steve & Tina were really cool and they have a nice space up there.
    If anyone’s interested in a gymnastics cert, they are hosting one on 8/1-8/2. Its about an hour bus or train ride from NYC.
    And I just remembered I still need to do today’s burpees… though I did do my 22 yesterday.

  • Brian K.

    Martin and I are heading to Minetta Tavern after today’s workout. We are going to try their “Black Label Burger” yet again.
    If anyone else is interested you are more then welcome to come.

  • torch

    Mike — rest. like 2 days!

  • Scaling options for today’s workout courtesy of the CrossFit Brand X forums:
    Big Dawgs:
    As Rx’d
    For time:
    40 Wall-ball shots
    40 Pull-ups
    25 Wall-ball shots
    25 Pull-ups
    10 Wall-ball shots
    10 Pull-ups
    Use 14-20 pound medicine ball launched to a target ten feet above the ground.
    25 Wall-ball shots
    25 Pull-ups (beginner or assisted pull ups okay)
    20 Wall-ball shots
    20 Pull-ups (beginner or assisted pull ups okay)
    15 Wall-ball shots
    15 Pull-ups (beginner or assisted pull ups okay)
    Use 10-14 pound medicine ball launched to a target 6-8 feet above the ground.
    If you do not have a medicine ball the common sub is dumbbell thrusters. For a 20# medicine ball use two 20# dumbbells. Scale the weight down for pack and puppies.

  • JoeR

    Brian K – The minetta black label burger is hands down the best I’ve ever had.
    Other [paleo!] things I would highly recommend if you’re able to get in the door:
    – Bone marrow (pic below – holy crap was this tasty)
    – Dodd cocktail (has fresh egg whites cracked into it)

  • juan

    broke back wod. ….wait a minute?
    16:10 subbed a 10# ball
    working out even while injured is definitely the best bet to a quicker recovery.

  • Rickke

    14:30 Rx’d
    Yes, this was harder than it sounds. Everything felt slow motion today. I’m ready for a rest day, too.

  • Aram

    14:10 14# pack scale 40-25-10 (100,51)

  • Reagan

    As Rx’d 16:01
    I appear to need more work on wall balls.
    Black Box (126,126)

  • Mike

    Haha. Yes Torch I know.
    I just always want to do these qualifier WODs when they are the rest day WOD. And everytime I do, I am more impressed by everyone competing… especially the insane times put up by the top finishers.
    Hopefully I can listen to my better judgement and make tomorrow a rest day.

  • rob

    Scaled the pullups. 25. 20. 15. 19 mins. 55 seconds. My kips still need work.

  • Ashleigh

    15:07 with 14# wallball. This was so, so much worse than I expected. And I expected it to suck.
    23 burpees.

  • Levi

    14:11 as rx’d
    Me no like wall balls.

  • Levi

    Happy Birthday Kim! And Happy Belated Lenny!

  • kj

    20 minutes and some odd seconds.
    And I still have to do my 23 burpees. What a bad decision.

  • Craig_Cinci

    My own thing again…
    5 rds – 8:46
    10 One-arm KB Swing (1 pood)
    10 Box Jump (24″)
    10 GHD
    Nice quick burner.

  • Tony

    as rx’d (though pull-ups and wall balls could be better)
    Thanks Craig for cheering me on!

  • Hari

    (68,54), (46,35)

  • jim

    time to be made up here. def can go faster. rd 2 was harder than i expected. the last set of pulls took entirely too long.

  • Paul

    10:38 with 14 lber wallball