That’s right. Ten singles!

CFE Running Seminar #2 (Saturday, June 20th)
Olympic Weightlifting Seminar #2 (Saturday, July 11th)
In Manhattan
Elements # 61, 62, 63, & 64 are SOLD OUT
#65 Mon/Wed @ 8:30pm, starts July 13 (3 slots left)
#66 Tue/Thur @ 7am, starts July 14 (5 slots left)
#67 Mon/Wed @ 7:30pm, starts July 20

In Brooklyn
#9 Mon/Wed @ 7pm, starts June 29
Wednesday 090617 (68) (57)
Hang power snatch 1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps
Post loads to comments.
Compare to 080603.

7 habits of highly effective athletes
I am NOT ok with this.

Energy systems and exercise

Pork fat orgy
These photos are NSFV (not safe for vegetarians)
Chasing fitness numbers

Sometimes CrossFit makes you feel like this picture looks! (But it’s ok, it only lasts 20 minutes, tops.)


  • Rory

    This was fun. I guess these were all PRs since I’ve only done snatches with PVC before. Wish they came up in WODs more often.
    Finisher: 1 round of Barbara – 8:30 (took my time on the pullups because my hands are still shredded from Saturday)

  • Adam M

    Gabe – It was very thoughtful of you to include wall-to-wall carpeting in your pyramid

  • Gabe k

    Anytime…not that I have a choice.

  • From the CrossFit Brand X forums:
    Every one is a Big Dawg today. If you are unfamiliar with the lift spend today with a broomstick or PVC pipe and get familiar with it.
    Here is a vid:

  • Kate

    CFE this morning – 4×400’s with 2 minute rest in between.
    1:14, 1:21, 1:20, 1:15. We must have had a runner’s high after our 4th 400 because we added a 5th. Seemed like a good idea at the time, not so much 200 into it. 1:19.

  • Aram

    I’m back on the program after a few days off. I just wasn’t seeing gains and was getting injured, so it was time for recovery.
    Last week:
    Cindy w/subbed situps instead of squats – 10 (97,50)
    HC, Ring Dip, Situp WOD, w/95# scale HPC sub on the HC and bands on the dips (98,50)
    66-77-77-88-88-99-99-99-110-110. (99,51)

  • jim

    My girlfriend is desperately trying to move to the NYC, but is hesitant leaving sound employment in PA to come here with nothing lined up! Does anyone have any leads for us or know of companies that are hiring? Amy just graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and minored in Marketing and Nursing. Her ideal position would be in the financials, pharmaceuticals, or marketing fields.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
    On a side note… Gabe, Max, and I did a Starting Strength workout this morning and I feel great at work today!

  • Kelly

    You can send me her resume if you want and I can forward to HR. I believe we have a few positions open in Marketing…obviously I can’t promise anything though!

  • Elizabeth

    You might have your GF look into the Visiting Nurse Service of NY. It’s a HUGE organization with what appears to be a huge staff of people who are not nurses. I teach there once a week and have students who do everything from manage databases to promote and market the organization.
    Hope that helps.

  • Josh Rosenfield

    Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert, made a post today on his blog that I thought was pertinent. Sounds to me like he wants to do Crossfit.

    For years I’ve belonged to a big health club that has rows of exercise contraptions. I use them regularly, and while I do, I wonder how you could make that sort of mindless exercise more interesting.
    One idea is to have some sort of RFID device on your gym ID card, and keep it with you when you work out. Each exercise machine would automatically recognize your presence and access your history. You could do a lot of interesting things with that technology, but the idea that interests me most is a graph of how many pounds you are moving per week, using any subset of the machines. The idea here is that it wouldn’t matter what muscles you were working so long as you moved more weight this week than last. And you could watch your tally increase with each repetition.
    My theory is that although this somewhat random approach to weight training wouldn’t have targeted results, it would bias you toward working your largest muscles, which is a good thing. And it might encourage you to use lots of different machines instead of just your favorites, especially after your favorite exercises fatigue specific muscles.
    My other exercise idea is to make video game controllers that weigh five pounds apiece, shaped like small dumbbells, and create games where you steer the action using two controllers, one in each hand. For example, imagine aiming a big gun in a video game, or pumping your arms to make your character run, or leaning your digital motorcycle or skier to make him turn. All the game action would require moving your hand weights. An hour of that per day would make you look ripped, at least from the waist up. And it might be more fun than pushing buttons.
    I think it’s great that you can listen to your iPod while exercising, but weight training is still mostly a technology of the 1800s. It’s time for some updating.

    It’s pretty funny and interesting that he hit on a lot of Crossfit’s core concepts, such as using your biggest muscles in a variety of workouts, and of course moving a lot of weight. He tends to do this a lot talking about all sorts of topics, thinking things out and coming up with some pretty interesting ideas. As for the second part of his post, he could just strap some weights to his Wii controller.

  • sara


  • Craig_Cinci

    Went at lunch today & did a WOD suggested at the nutrition cert:
    5 rds – 6:50
    3 DL (350#)
    15 PU
    I am so out of CrossFit shape that it’s sad. Rehabing is getting annoying.
    Jim –
    You may have noticed 2008. Can’t she just live off you until she has a job?

  • jim

    Kelly – Thank you! I forwarded your email to her and she will reach out to you tonight when she gets back from her current job.
    Elizabeth – Ill have her look into this option as well.
    Craig – Recession sucks. I think she wants to have something lined up so she can move in and go from there without that period of joblessness in between.
    Thanks all for your ideas and personal rec’s! Any others would be greatly appreciated! You can email me at if that works better than here too!

  • Carlo Barbara

    On a completely random note.
    Who takes fish oil? What Brand? How much?
    Looking around, seems like it’s generally recommended by theCF community. As for Brand & Qty, I’ve seen various theories.

  • Gabe k

    The nutrition cert (Robb Wolf) recommended .5grams per 10lbs of bodyweight if you’re relatively healthy, up to 1gram/10lbs if you’re overweight/sickly/etc.
    The liquids tend to pack more EPA/DHA (the stuff you want) per teaspoon than the capsules, but some people can’t handle the liquid no matter how lemony fresh it tastes.
    The very best brand I’ve seen, and Robb recommends, is Nordic Naturals. Their “Ultimate Omega” liquid has something like 2.6gm(2600mg)/teaspoon of EPA+DHA. It’s damn expensive, however.
    What I, and a few others around here, currently have in the fridge is this:
    All links wfs, I linked to Vitacost for no particular reason.

  • Gabe K

    He also has a bit of commentary on his blog from awhile back. (wfs)
    The Costco stuff is really cheap, but I think the expensive stuff makes sense in this case.

  • Rickey

    SI Mega EFA have the most EPA of any fish oil pill i have found and it’s $21 for 120 servings.

  • Carlo Barbara

    Gabe, Rickey,
    Thanks for the info. I’ll give the Cod Liver Oil a try. Hopefully I can stomach it.

  • JoeR

    Another reason to control your insulin sensitivity and blood glucose.

  • Reagan

    Black Box (125,125)
    I’ll second the recommendation on Carlons lemon or orange flavored fish oils.

  • First snatch workout.
    Had a private session with the inimitable Brian D. Awakened me to my potential with this lift AND cleans. I suffer from essentially the same problem with both: major tension in the arms, which results in me fighting against myself. And some unnecessary twiddling around before JUMPING. That said – I found a more aggressive jump today for a few of them.
    Did WAY more than 10 – no idea how many I did in total. Worked solidly with just the bar, then 55, then 65, then 78, then 83. Muscled 83 above my head, but it was mostly bogus as far as an actual snatch was concerned. At 78 I managed to hit a few decent ones.
    I really appreciate the technical nature of these lifts. And, thus, the need to practice. Practice, practice, practice. An exciting challenge.
    I’m out of here tomorrow – and in Crossfit San Francisco – till the Games.
    See you, my fantastic teammates, and all the rest of you inspiring people, in July.
    Thank you to those of you who are raising funds to support this enterprise. Thank you to those who are offering their expertise and enthusiasm.
    I’m taking the drive and heart of our whole CFNYC crew with me to California.
    If you know anyone in the Bay Area who might be interested in our Sasha-Fierce-Meets-Shakespeare duet and “I’ll Crane, For You,” my solo, I’ll be performing them in San Francisco on June 23 and 24th. I am happy to supply details. Or you can click on my (temporary) website link above.

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  • Davi

    Thanks spambot!

  • Kurt

    95F, 95, 115F, 115F, 105F, 105, 115F, 105.

  • rob

    Love this lift! 95lbs across the board. Need to work on my form before I go for the hihigher numbers.

  • brian

    great 5k race tomorrow @ van courtland park, only $5 entry fee, 7p start time
    hope to see you there.

  • Richie P

    Thanks for the birthday wishes on Friday. I had a great day and weekend.
    I am working hard on my house right now (I am putting on an extension) so I have not been in. I am looking forward to getting back to cross fit ASAP.
    Hope you are all well.

  • Tony

    Ugly form. 45, 45, 45, 65, 65, 65, 75F, 75, 45
    Thanks Brian D for the help.

  • Rickke

    First try at a snatch WOD. Lots more form practice ahead of me, but I really like this movement.
    Standard random assortment of warm-up and cash out from Greg in a suit.

  • kj

    This was my first attempt at the snatch…and wacking myself with the pvc pipe during the warm-up did not do wonders for my confidence.
    However, big thanks to Greg and Dan for brilliantly coaching me through the movement repeatedly and to Kurt, for doing 22 burpees with me voluntarily. Only at Crossfit!

  • Billy

    not very good at these, only got up to 75#

  • Alexei

    Came in hoping to break 100
    115 felt heavy, so I worked on getting the mechanics down at that weight. Then I decided to try a bit heavier.
    Cool down – some odd tabata workout. Only thing I remember from it is that I did 20, 20 and 22 squats in the three squat sets that were part of it…

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