Rocky Mountain High, New York City!

CFE Running Seminar #2 (Saturday, June 20th)
Olympic Weightlifting Seminar #2 (Saturday, July 11th)
In Manhattan
Elements #60, 61, 62, 63, & 64 are SOLD OUT
#65 Mon/Wed @ 8:30pm, starts July 13 (4 slots left)
#66 Tue/Thur @ 7am, starts July 14 (5 slots left)

In Brooklyn
#9 Mon/Wed @ 7pm, starts June 29
Tuesday 090616
Black Box Rest Day WOD
Rocky Mountain Regional Qualifier, WOD # 2
3 rounds for time of:
10 chest-to-bar pullups
10 front squats, men – 165 lbs / women – 105 lbs
10 burpees

6, 7, 8am; 12:30pm: Instructor’s Choice
5:30pm there is no class because it’s a Rest Day
6pm Lunges, Pull-Ups, Situps WOD
6:30pm Black Box WOD
7pm “Nasty Girls”
8pm Black Box Skills: Cleans & Muscle-Up Progressions (geared toward newbies but all are welcome)
A ‘time bomb’ for world wheat crop
You can’t out-train a bad diet!
I spy triclosan
What the world eats (slideshow)
Why do you crossfit? Why do I crossfit?
From Spain, the foie gras of peppers
3 easy and delicious ways to preserve your berry harvest
S L O W D O W N (via)
The t-shirt says it all. Can you name that crossfitter? Can you name which affiliate that t-shirt is from?
train to not suck at life!


  • This WOD should be quick and brutal. At the Qualifier, they capped people at 12 minutes. If you think you can’t possibly do this WOD in 12 minutes, then you need to scale.
    Here’s the modifications that were offered at the Qualifier:
    Modified Workout # 2
    3 rounds for time of:
    10 jumping chest-to-bar pullups
    10 front squats, men – 105 lbs / women – 65 lbs
    10 burpees
    Please note that you could also use a band and do chest to bar kipping pullups that way if you normally only ever go chin-over-bar.
    I’d rather someone go to chest to bar with a band or with jumping than to do standard chin-over-bar pullups. The WOD calls for chest to bar, so do chest to bar by any means necessary. Start to get used to the feeling of reaching with your chest rather than craning with your chin. It’s a whole different ballgame, let me tell you.
    As far as what weight to do on the front squats–realize that you’ll need to clean the bar from the floor at the beginning of each round (at least). If the thought of cleaning 165# (as a guy) or 105# (as a woman) sounds insane, then scale down the weight! Of course, you could use a rack to avoid having to clean, but that’s not how they did it at the Qualifier, and part of the fun of these Qualifier
    WODs is doing them as they did them. Please note that the first front squat can be straight from a full squat clean to get the bar off of the floor.

  • Lisa

    I am up for CFE this evening at 6:30. Yesterday’s 5K walk/shuffle finally worked out the kinks from Saturday’s 70-miler.

  • Craig_Cinci

    Didn’t have time to post yesterday & I know everyone enjoys getting a laugh at the parts of crossfit I really suck at (running & DUs).
    Did the 5k in 26:30. This could have been the slowest I’ve ever run one of these.
    As I was running and feeling like crap, I realized how not doing intensive metcons had really killed my wind. Crossfit seems to work best when you do everything no matter how much you hate it. Maybe some day I won’t hate running…

  • Davi

    Lisa – you ran 70 MILES on Saturday!?

  • Lisa

    Yep, Davi. A very pretty and very tough trail race in Western PA. The scenery helps distract me when I starting thinking of how many miles still to go.
    Craig, maybe you would enjoy running if there were similar distractions 🙂

  • kj

    Lisa, I am in awe right now! I have so many questions about a trail race that length. Hopefully I’ll catch you in the box one of these days so I can ask away.

  • paul est

    pretty sure that shirt is from crossfit one world.

  • Kelly

    Made up Saturday’s lunge WOD.
    14:37 w/ band

  • lisa

    kj, ask away, or email me: thelisa11 -at-
    I am always happy to talk about running and races.

  • Paul

    I’m starting to tinker with the Zone/Paleo and wanted some clarification about the direction to go. I know the way to really take your training to the next level is to dedicate yourself to eating better, but do you follow Zone or Paleo? Zone seems like a lot of work and measuring, whereas Paleo is more concerned with the quality of the food you’re eating vs. the quality and quantity. Then on top of everything, Paleo says not to drink milk, while one of the Crossfit “lifting gurus” Mark Rippetoe is adament in saying you should drink a gallon of milk everyday?
    Also looking to put on 5-10 lbs of muscle for lacrosse purposes, is that gonna be tough on either of these?
    Anyone who’s following this, has followed it in the past, etc. your help is greatly appreciated.
    Memorial day weekend is still screwing me up: Every Tuesday since then I’ve thought it was Wednesday until about 10am.

  • Gabe k

    Try Paleo first. Get your food quality locked in solid. Do this for a month as strictly as possible and see what happens, how you feel…the whole deal.
    Only then, try to add in zone measuring…keep eating paleo foods but try to do so in a zone format. Allow your eating habbits to stabilize around this setup, then you can try the next phase.
    Consider tinkering. Add in milk/dairy for a week and see how it changes how you feel, and maybe even your weight. Possibly alter your fat intake if you’re feeling sluggish. Etc etc.
    Do things in a controlled enough manner that you can sense how specific adjustments cascade to systematic improvements.

  • Chris C

    I too am interested to hear how Paleo and/or Zone works for strength gains and muscle growth.
    I’ve started doing some research online but some first person perspective would be welcome.
    The extent of my nutrition for performance knowledge prior to this was “eat lots of protein” but I’m thinking it’s a little more complex than that – or maybe not.

  • Aram

    Congrats on the 70 mile race.
    I’m curious about the training for it: did you do it on CF and CFE or some additional training program?

  • Mike

    Paul, Chris,
    Check out Crossfit Football for what Robb has to say about nutrition on that program.
    Its more tailored towards building stregth and power and the extra protein will definitely help build muscle. In the last few weeks, I’ve tried to add more protein to my diet, and I feel like it has improved recovery time a lot.
    Of course everyone is different, but like Gabe said play around in a way where you can see/feel the impact of the changes you make, and see what works best for you.

  • Tony T

    Rickke and I ran on the East 6th Street/FDR track this morning. I lost count but Rickke did not. 21:13 5k.

  • Kirk

    Lisa – holy cow! 70 miles is amazing! I think that five is a lot…
    Craig – when you discover the secret to not hating running, please share…
    I have to admit, doing CFE has taken me from a “passionate hatred” of running to a “mild dislike”… Progress!

  • Lisa

    Well, Kirk, running in ITALY must ease the tedium 🙂 It is great that you can find the resources to do the WODS.
    Aram, I am a n00b to CF and CFE and only started a few weeks ago. I am starting to apply POSE to running where possible although rocky hilly terrain is not the place to try it 🙂 On any of the smoother dirt trails I did get into more of a POSE rhythm. Remembering to relax the feet and lean kept me occupied throughout the day.
    I am interested in how well Paleo or Zone works with endurance running. I must do some reading – no doubt there is plenty of info out there. I depend on energy gels (like GU)for a lot of my race fuel, along with turkey sandwiches on longer runs. Sugars and gluten seem to be big no-no’s on these diets.

  • Zach Singer

    As a quick point, Brian Mackenzie, inventor of CFE, eats paleo throughout his training, and on game day everything is out the window for him. He orders food in advance and eats pretty much whatever he wants. As he’ll tell you – you hit a point where your body doesn’t care what it is, it just strips away the nutrients and uses the energy on the spot.
    until then, he’s zone / paleo, and those are the resources he’ll point you to on the CFE site if you play around there.

  • Paul

    How many Zone blocks are in the 31 pounds of ribs you consumed the other weekend?
    Haha thanks for the help.

  • Lisa

    Zach, thanks for that info – I will definitely look up Brian in particular and the CFE site.

  • Gabe K

    I ate approx 2.1 lbs. I looked it up…it’s about 34 blocks of protein.
    I didn’t eat anything else that day, and I figure I should get about 20 blocks a day (20P, 20C, 20F)….so maybe that’s a good way to go?
    It would be a little expensive though!

  • Davi

    Bah. With all this dancing in heels for my upcoming shows (send your people in San Francisco – June 23 and 24th at Traveling Jewish Theater)
    link here:
    anyway, with all this dancing in heels and yesterday’s run, my right gastroc/soleus/achilles and arch are a little tweaked
    should make all that squatting a blast later today

  • Lisa

    Wow, Davi, you must have great balance. Doing WODs in heels is certainly not recommended but it would certainly add some spice to the Black Box 🙂

  • juan

    got some z health back rehab voodoo moves from court and
    then felt good enough to make up my missed burpees.
    days 19+20+21
    thanks court.

  • Rickke

    Made up the 5k with Tony on the East River track this morning.
    20:32 – 12.5 laps (3.125 miles)
    I paced myself better than the last 5k and my last mile was actually a little faster than my first instead of ridiculously slower like last time. It was good to do it on a track to finally get an accurate 5k time. The last time I ran it around Madison Park my time was 18:50, so Map My Run is clearly inaccurate folks.
    I don’t typically have the time to write long blog posts, but I think about this every time the 5k comes up and decided it was time to share:
    Craig – even though you hate running, you do it, which I respect. I hate rowing, I dread the pain of heavy thrusters, and my handstand push-ups are weak. But those are the WODs where I make the extra effort to show up and push myself. I know everyone agrees the point of CF is not cherry pick WODs we’re good at or to just do the WODs we like. I also think it’s good to do WODs we’re not good at in front of other people. I’ll save this thought for another blog post some other time, but the basic idea: for me, it’s important to publicly suck at WODs because 1) I know I can improve 2) others know I can improve, so they offer encouragement and advice, and they respectfully hold me to standards that remind me I will get better with time and practice. They also notice when I improve and acknowledge the improvement, which is nice. 3) It’s humbling. — No matter how good you are, there are still things you suck at and these 3 things still are still relevant to you (especially #3).
    Yes, I know this post is coming from someone who doesn’t suck at running, but I’ve worked out with many of you and you know there’s plenty I’m not good at. 🙂
    As I’ve mentioned to some trainers and members at the box, the 5k is the only WOD where we offer alternative programming. I assume this is primarily for people who hate running (seems to be a lot of people) or for people with injuries that prevent them from running (given the types of physical demands other WODs require, I would guess this is a small group of people who can’t run).
    I pretty sure most trainers and members would laugh at me if I walked into the box when the WOD was Jackie and I requested some alternative programming because I don’t like rowing and thrusters. I would propose on the 5k days, we don’t offer alternative programming and treat it like every other WOD. Building off of Torch’s & Juan’s posts yesterday — we should all go out and run the 5k together because it’s important element of physical fitness and CF programming. If it wasn’t, why would it come up more frequently than Fran or Fight Gone Bad as a main site WOD?
    Let’s run it at a park, track, or on the streets dodging pedestrians and cars for the adventurous ones (with more accurate measurements, of course). Like all WODs, especially the really rough ones, what often makes them a little less painful is the company of others enduring the pain together and pushing each other to be better than we think is possible.
    So let’s go run the 5k together next time it comes up, ok?

  • Mike

    Rickke, good post. I completely agree.
    Granted I did row this 5k rather than run it, but that was more because I haven’t done much rowing and wanted to give it a shot.
    Anyway, to put a 5k in another perspective… it’s only 1 more mile than “Murph” but without the pullups, pushups & squats. When you think of it that way it makes it seem much better.
    I’m all for getting a group run together for the next 5k… even though I’m sure I’ll be one of the slower ones in the group.
    I think it would especially help those of us who are trying to work on POSE to have a bunch of other people to run with who can give feedback on form.

  • Kelly

    Rickke – TOUCHE!

  • kj

    I wholeheartedly agree. When people ask me how my experience at Crossfit has been, I always say fantastic. But what that leaves out is that I am awful at 99% of the things I attempt daily.
    My upper body strength is dismal, which makes pull-ups, push-ups, handstands, ring dips, and any variation of the press pretty darn ugly. I’m still working on stringing together single-unders. My lack of muscles fatigue easily. My times are consistently awful. There are pretty much two things I can do a decent clip, and that’s sit-ups and running.
    Even with running, my 10k times are usually more impressive than my 5k times. What I’m good at is sustaining a moderate level of exertion for a long time. This is not something that you get to show off at crossfit.
    So, to Rickke’s point, I am humbled daily and absolutely loving it. It would be nice to do a group 5k and get the chance to humble some of you who run away from running. I promise it’s not as awful as it sounds.

  • Sophie

    I would LOVE to run with a group on the 5k days. I know I wont be able to keep up, but it will at least give me an idea of what I need to work up to.

  • torch

    there ya go! we can definitely monitor group 5ks!
    and now i’ve remapped my 5k route 3 times even going down to a paper map and a roommate’s car. apparently map my run did right by me…
    that said, we’ll get some official lists on courses to work with!

  • Levi

    Rickke, excellent post. I completely, 100% agree with you. I would have run the 5k if yesterday was not a personal rest day for me. I would have made it up if today was not an official rest day. I’ll just chalk it up to poor timing. It has absolutely nothing to do with me being lazy. Or my disdain for running. Or the fact that I love not running.
    KJ, seriously, you need to try this new schedule I’m on. One day on, three days off. I’m sooo sore by the end of the first day, I usually need a break.

  • Lisa

    I’d love a group 5K run too – Mike, I’ll keep you company at the back of the pack.

  • juan

    Can we make it so that all the planned 5k routes for the group runs end at the shake shack?
    …like every single one.

  • JoeR

    The 5k run was pretty terrible… although I subbed 5k rowing… and then I subbed 500 SDHPs.
    BTW, I looked up the times for the Rocky Mountain Qualifier WOD and some guy did it in 3:12.

  • B.garvin

    Hey Jacinto!
    Great picture of you on the Crossfit Games site!

  • juan
  • brian

    For those that are interested thare is a great 5k race this thursday night @ van courtland park in the Bronx. Cost $5.
    I’m not sure what time the race is, I think 630p or 7p.
    The 1 train goes up there.

  • For those of you who don’t already know, I’ve been making primal energy bars from scratch (recipe from the “Mark’s Daily Apple” blog: and bringing them in to sell as a fundraiser for the Affiliate Cup Team (all ingredients are listed on the container). I’m charging $3 each or 2 for $5, all proceeds going to the team. When I can’t be here myself to sell them, I’m leaving an envelope on the reception desk for people to put money in (the bars themselves are in a tupperware container on the desk).
    There won’t always be energy bars on hand at every class (they sell out fast!) but I’m going to try to make a few more batches over the next few weeks so that I can give our team a decent amount of money. If you’d rather not eat a yummy, healthy energy bar but would still like to support the team, please add your donation to the envelope–every little bit helps our team defray costs of flight/hotel/food.

  • Sara

    Nasty Girls:
    10:43, did the muscle ups with me toes on a box behind me. Really need to get a muscle up…
    KJ: you are not terrible at 99% of what you do, and if you ran with me I would be completely humbled. I have massive amounts of respect for all you people who are good at running.
    Allison: thank you soooo much for selling the energy bars. You’re the best!

  • Kirk

    Rikke et al
    I am totally with everyone who wants to do the 5k runs en masse. I am for sure one of those people who was always happy there was a sub…
    However, Rikke, Torch and others all make a great point to DO THE RUNNING.
    although, maybe I can start subbing whenever there is a WOD with double unders…

  • rob

    Made up the 5k. 34 minutes 52 seconds. Very surprised I finished.

  • Dean

    Where does the CFE group meet in central park? I was under the gold statue on the northeast side of columbus circle starting today at 6:25 and saw no one. Statue on the left —

  • kj

    Made up Saturday’s WOD: 18:21
    Sara, I’m in awe of that time! I’d be honored to run with you.
    And Levi, all I am going to say is the day I bust out 10 push-ups unbroken is the day you’ll be running a 10k with me.

  • Mike

    Qualifier WOD
    7:19 rx’d
    This was tougher than I expected it to be.
    Great job everyone in the 630 class with this one!

  • Sara

    kj, i’ll run with you anytime… keep in mind you’ll probably be walking because i’m sooo slow!
    Question: I have a client who is interested in attending a running seminar… she is not a crossfitter. What is the policy on this?

  • Sophie

    Qualifier wod: 9:25
    Did the front squats at 85#, pull ups chest to bar
    Push up finisher thing was fun, thanks Torch!

  • Gabe K

    5K Row – 18:41 (not a PR)
    Push-up finisher was…interesting
    Apparently the Jew DID build the pyramid tonight

  • Brian

    sorry i was a few minutes late, however Lisa and John were there.
    we usually meet west of the statue near the concession stand, there is usually a big group of team in training that also meets right there,we meet closer to the entrance and the concession stand. sorry for the inconvenience. we have been doing our work outs at the mall (centrally located) just south of 72nd street transverse opposite side of the band shell.

  • jim

    6:31 – qualifier @ 135lbs.

  • I made up Nasty Girls.
    It was a humbling experience. I thought about Rickke’s post.
    Cleans. Cleans. Cleans.
    So, my time was ~19 minutes.
    my muscle ups are getting closer
    I did them jumping from a very significant distance Рthe rings were at a height where it was not even remotely possible to jump to lock out РI always ended up at the bottom of the dip so I absolutely HAD to do the full sequence of the movement. I counted only successes EXCEPT for one attempt that I counted on the second round at Torch’s urging since I seemed to be stuck there forever. I lowered them slightly for the final round.
    I blazed through the squats; went slow but steady with the muscle ups, but then I really fell behind with the cleans relative to the others in the 7 pm crew.
    Started my cleans at 95#, dropped to 85# ‚Äî-> at this stage it makes no difference what weight I‚Äôm using. My cleans suck no matter what. I know I will improve them over time and I’m adding cleans to the grease-the-groove plan.
    Before the WOD I did 5 X 3 (well, actually 3 X 3 and 2 X 4) of 85# strict presses.
    After the WOD I did handstand pushups, pistols, and more cleans at 65#. And we had fun making goofy plank/pushup pyramids.
    Thanks to Torch, Jim, Sophie, Avery, Josh, Gabe, and anyone else who witnessed, cheered, and otherwise provided support while I turned my thighs purple.

  • billy

    WOD 7:21@ 117#

  • Dean

    Thanks Brian. I’m new so I only recognize a few people. I’ll be sure to find you around there next time, that huge group of 100 other runners really ruined my chances this time.

  • Paul

    Did Nasty Girls as Rx’d : 13:30. Muscle ups were all singles, need to work on stringing those together but this was my first time doing more than 1 in a row.