I got your Mason-Dixon line right here.

In Manhattan
Elements #60 & 63 are SOLD OUT
#61 Mon/Wed @ 8:30pm, starts June 22 (1 slot left)
#62 Tue/Thur @ 7am, starts June 23 (1 slot left)
#64 Tue/Thur @ 8:30pm, starts July 7 (3 slots left)
#65 Mon/Wed @ 8:30pm, starts July 13
#66 Tue/Thur @ 7am, starts July 14

In Brooklyn
#9 Mon/Wed @ 7pm, starts June 29
CFE Running Seminar #2 (Saturday, June 20th)
Olympic Weightlifting Seminar #2 (Saturday, July 11th)
Friday 090612
Mid-Atlantic Qualfier, WOD #3
For time:
run 400 meters
21 overhead squats (95# men / 65# women)
21 box jumps (24″ box, men / 20″ box, women)
run 400 meters
15 overhead squats
15 box jumps
run 400 meters
9 overhead squats
9 box jumps
Post time to comments.

6, 7, 8am; 12:30pm: Instructor’s Choice
6pm Back Squats or “Cindy”/”Mary”
7pm Back Squats or Hang Cleans, Dips & Situps
8pm Black Box WOD

Big Apple BBQ is this weekend in Madison Square Park! Who’s in?

The pursuit of excellence and why it’s important

Low-carb lite–sort of

Getting CrossFit, Day 1: Beat by a girl

Adidas Oly shoes on the cheap (via)
Chasing appearance vs. chasing performance, and the ramifications (via)
Happy birthday, Richie!
Kim (left) and KJ rock the pull-ups:


  • Jeff

    last call for reservation
    6/12 Friday rest day dinner
    @ Ukrainian East Village Restaurant (in the East Village)
    starting at 7:30
    Jeff, Adam M, Good Sam, Jess A, Torch, Erica, Sara, Jeffrey B, Kurt & Melissa, Ashleigh, Rickey, Juan G, Jacinto, Aaron, Mike K, Kate, Max?, Sophie, Kelly, Hari, Brian K, Levi, Davi (late), Josh Rosenfield, Jesse Argon, Dex, Kelci?
    If you want in or out, let me know because I have to set a reservation.

  • Gabe K

    I’ll probably stop by.

  • Davi

    Thanks for the Oly shoe link.
    I ordered a pair of VS Dynamos a while back in size 5, but they were too small for me so I had to send ’em back. I was going to order a bigger size up…but I hadn’t even looked at the Adidas ones.
    There are a bunch of sizes in the Adistars.
    Maybe I should take my foot measurements and send the info to the suppliers, whether its VS or the Dynamic people…It’s a pain not being able to try ’em on first.

  • Davi, you’re welcome.
    FOR ANYONE CONSIDERING ORDERING THE ADIDAS SHOES, I hear they run small and narrow. Here’s two links that get into the nitty gritty on this topic:
    And for the newbies who periodically ask where they can buy Olympic lifting shoes in NYC, the answer is nowhere. You have to order them online. Period, end of story. This is America, and O-lifting is not only not a popular sport, it’s not even on the radar.

  • Fantastic quote at the top of the breathing article:
    “In crucial moments, breathing involuntarily comes to a stop. The circus performer knows this, the athlete knows it, the potter throwing a bowl on the wheel knows it, and so does the cartographer, who unconsciously holds his breath when he wants to draw a fine and accurate line. In the tea ceremony, in Noh acting, in judo, and in kendo, the tanden takes the lead in the movements of the body. We have already described how the artist or the calligrapher almost stops breathing when he draws a series of lines and gives new tension to the respiratory muscles every time he comes to an important point. He actually practices what we have called intermittent, or bamboo, exhalation. An elevated type of spiritual activity is manifested in this breathing.
    Our contention, then, is that controlled respiration generates spiritual power, and that attention, which is actually spiritual power, can never be exercised without tension in the tanden.
    – Katsuki Sekida

  • Rickey

    There are a bunch of Nike Romaleos Olympic Weightlifting Shoes on ebay. Just not in my size ;(

  • jim

    how do the Romaleos run? True to size? I wear a 10 in running shoes… 9 in dress shoes. Any suggestions.

  • Audrey

    Jeff, I’m in. Thanks!

  • jacinto

    Jeff Iam sorry i can’t make it tonight
    I just twisted my ankle really bad.Iam going to the emergency

  • Made up the 7 X 1 squats workout today (first time doing this WOD)
    x-fit warmup
    135 X 5
    185 X 3
    235 (f)
    230 (PR)
    235 (f)
    235 (f)
    Then did some hang cleans with the bar to practice form and some deadhang PU work (3 X 7 – my hands are on the cusp of blistering/ripping again!). Razor is in order.
    Thanks Max and Torch!

  • torch

    Today is Richie Portello’s birthday! Happy birthday Richie!!!

  • Jai

    Jeff, mind if I jump in on the dinner? I’m a Crossfit newbie, but I’m been to a few (more than a few, really) beginner classes and I actually have tonight free!

  • JoeR

    I don’t know if I need special weightlifting shoes… but I definitely need that one piece weightlifting suit! Hope no one minds if I start doing WODs wearing it.

  • jim

    Guys with the Romaleos: Should i bid on the 9.5 or 10’s? I wear a 10 in running shoes, but 9 in dress shoes. I want them to be snug, but not uncomfortable. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  • Brett_nyc

    Jim, go with 9.5.

  • Lisa

    Jacinto, I hope that ankle is not as badly hurt as you think and that you are being well taken care of.

  • Jeff

    Jacinto heal up soon!
    Happy birthday, Richie!

  • Josh Rosenfield

    What’s the going rate for Nike Romaleos, specifically in the impossible to find size 10?
    I may or may not have found someone who may or may not have them in my size.

  • Diego

    I’ll head over to the restday dinner also.
    Thanks Jeff

  • Chris

    http://www.crossfitrrg.com/ – Crossfit RRG is almost there, lets make it happen.

  • Adam M

    I will be late to the dinner. Is this also a shabbos dinner?
    Which now reminds me that I may no longer be the largest Jew at the dinner. However, providing Brett does not show up, I believe I retain the designation of largest Asian. And of course, largest Asian Jew.

  • Tony

    I have dinner plans but I might stop by and say hi later. Thanks dude.

  • juan

    1.5m run (10:08)

  • Brett_nyc

    bench @ 205, Pullups were unbroken butterfly practice, not true max rep sets
    1 less bench press than last time. Need to do more of these.
    Adam, the crown is yours, wear it well.

  • Gabe K

    Obligatory “It’s not the size that counts…”

  • try the mid-Atlantic qualifier?
    did it 2x 10:45 first, 9:15 second. used a treadmill, and had cheated by only getting btwn 70 and 80 on the OHS. 2nd at 75lb

  • Elizabeth

    Did the rest day WOD today.
    While headed back to the box from my second 400M run, I ducked under the scaffolding with the intention of getting back out into the street as soon as it was safe. Just then, a giant rush of water( I hope!) fell on my head from above. It was like someone dumped a bucket of water over my head! “eeewwww! What was that…?”
    I wasn’t interested in finding out so I jumped back into the street and finished the round SOAKING WET! So, so gross…
    I love crossfit.

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  • Kurt

    Juan- nice job on the 1.5. Are you training for a specific run?

  • Avery

    I tried the Rest day WOD out at Brooklyn tonight.
    11:51 minutes
    68# OHS
    I am going to pretend that the 3 extra pounds really slowed me down. Seems that sub-10 was the top three scores for women, but after that it was in the 10 to 14 minute range for the remaining finishers.
    Slowest part of the WOD was no surprise at the moment – running. Recently, my met-cons have become more painful but my lifts are stronger; all OHS unbroken.

  • michelle foxman

    adam m- have not met you but if only it had been a shabbos dinner I could have gotten out of my own.
    jacinto i hope u r feeling better!!!

  • Rickke

    Made up cleans, dips, sit-ups.
    Subbed 95# cleans, skinny purple band on dips.
    5 rounds + 8 HPC
    Tough WOD. Thanks for the encouragement, Justin!