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Monday 090601 (68) (45)
Five rounds for time of:
40 pound Dumbbells split clean, 15 reps
21 Pull-ups
Post time to comments.
Compare to 081009.
Dumbbell split clean – video [wmv] [mov]

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Newbie Lisa tells us what she thinks of training at the Black Box:

Lisa from CrossFit NYC on Vimeo.


  • Hari

    Your thoughts on the GM bankruptcy?

  • Gabe K

    It’s still too easy for these guys. I’m sure you’re not overly joyed about handing out tax money!

  • Max

    15:37 45lbs dumbells, great class this morning Jacinto

  • Kirk

    “Thoughts on the GM bankruptcy?”
    You mean like: what took so long?
    or: How long before Ford follows Chrysler and GM?
    or: Was it simple greed, an unwillingness to adapt to a changing market, or arrogance that they were untouchable that it went this far?
    or: Are they going to blame everything on the “global credit crunch” and take no responsibility for where they’ve gotten too? How does a company go from being the world’s largest car manufacturer to having current deptbs of over $173bn in a year…?
    or: Isn’t it swell that the US government is going to take a 60% stake and the Canadian government is going to take
    12.5% (leaving 17.5 to unions and 10% to bondholders)? Isn’t there something else our governments could be doing with that cash?

  • Adam M

    Happy Belated Birthday.
    In Re: GM, unfortunately, should have been done a long time ago, back when the obligations would only have been $100,000,000,000.
    In Re: LSA, with apologies for the brief plug, join the LSA group on Facebook if you are proud to be an apex predator.

  • Tony T

    I wouldn’t call myself a complete Libertarian because I believe government intervention is, at times, necessary.
    The US will own 60% of GM. The NYT writes, “Officials say the president will insist that once the government sets up new management and a board, it will remove itself from G.M.‚Äôs day-to-day operations. But even his aides anticipate intense pressure as the company‚Äôs managers are called to testify in Congress and face questions like why they decided to build new cars in Mexico and South Korea, rather than in Michigan or the South.”
    I just don’t see how the Government will be able take a passive role in managing this issue and others. I fear it will start dictating production timelines, R&D, product development and labor negotiations. This “deal” could end up making GM a worse off company than going straight into bankruptcy without government help.

  • JoeR

    Hari –
    Now that the government owns GM we can combine it with the DMV. Why buy a Toyota when you can get your car serviced and your drivers license renewed at the same place? It’s called synergy. I can put this in powerpoint if it helps.

  • Scaling options for this WOD (courtesy of CrossFit/Brand X forums):
    Big Dawgs:
    as Rx’d
    Women – 30#
    The Porch:
    Three rounds for time of:
    40 pound Dumbbells split clean, 15 reps
    21 Pull-ups
    Women – 30#
    Five rounds for time of:
    30 pound Dumbbells split clean, 15 reps
    21 Pull-ups
    Women – 20#
    Three rounds for time of:
    20 pound Dumbbells split clean, 15 reps
    21 Beginner Pull-ups
    Three rounds for time of:
    5-15 pound Dumbbells split clean, 10 reps
    15 Beginner Pull-ups

  • Josh Rosenfield

    If Obama wants to put in place a management team to run GM, he should look at the people running Lulu Lemon. Who would have thought selling spandex could become a billion dollar company, twice the market cap of GM.
    I’m sure that if they put their logo on Hummers, they’d be flying off the dealership lots.
    Also, Obama should take all that excess wheat we produce and just give it for free to the GM pensioners. Not only will they be grateful for the free food, but it will increase their likelihood of getting diabetes and dieing sooner.
    Brand recognition and cost cutting, this is what I learned in business school.

  • Kirk

    As Rx’d as possible.
    With no 40# DBs at the Box – used an 80# bar instead.
    How does the conversion between barbells and dumbbells work?
    Is there a formula for this somewhere?
    Thanks to Jacinto for a great refresher on split cleans and to the Posse this morning for pushing it hard!

  • Dan DeF

    A cut and paste from the NY Times:
    “Mr. Obama is taking several risks under the plan. None may be bigger than the decision that the United States government will take a 60 percent share of the stock in a new G.M., leaving taxpayers vulnerable if the overhaul is not successful. (Canada, for its part, is taking a 12 percent stake.)
    But he asserted that any alternative to his plan would be worse, and that a liquidation of G.M. ‚Äî the only other real option ‚Äî would send the unemployment rate soaring over 10 percent and would radiate damage throughout the economy.”
    GM failed– that is why we have bankruptcy court. We should treat them like every other company that files for bankruptcy and see if reorganization will make them sink or swim.
    Lehman’s bankruptcy was the largest ever with $691 Billion in assets. According to CNN, GM is the 4th largest filing with $91 Billion behind Lehman, WaMU, and Worldcom. Unlike the first three, no private company is interested in purchasing GM.
    If GM is liquidated, it may hurt in the short term, but in the long run, it may be the best thing. The US taxpayers have been throwing good money after bad at GM only to have GM spend it faster than they get it. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been wasted prolonging GM’s filing for bankruptcy.
    On the other hand, to let GM be liquidated, along with their 244,000 employees, (who would be the first in line for unemployment) would be a huge new burden on US taxpayers.
    Two bad options. I don’t know which is worse.

  • Rickey

    Crossfit Boston just posted another Nutrition Cert for June 14th. Anyone interested in taking a road trip to boston?

  • Kirk

    Perhaps a bit more about Erin Doyle… the namesake of today’s WOD. A Canadian Forces soldier known for his toughness and his tough attitude. Several gyms have been named after him and he is famous for a story in Afghanistan: Erin was ill and moved boxes and gear while troops were under fire in order to get everyone out. He literally almost killed himself to get it done, not stopping when most others would have (that story and others are recounted in the attached link).
    I love it when the hero WODs come up. I know some people don’t like it and don’t like hearing about it, or being reminded… I think we should be reminded more and really think about the things that are happening in the world – the things some people are doing that go well beyond the places and things most of us will experience, or be asked to do…
    Erin Doyle:
    “He died pulling the trigger. He died screaming into the face of the enemy. He died doing what every soldier wants to do. If he had to go, that’s how he’d want to go, defying the enemy to the last. He stood against it though, you know what I mean? How many guys do you know have actually stood against evil people? He paid the ultimate sacrifice for it, but didn’t he give the rest of us hope in doing that?”

  • juan

    25’s and C2B (23:15)
    +10 burpees
    thanks for the link on Master Corporal Doyle.

  • Lisa

    it is good to know about the person behind the name of the WOD, especially when it is a hero, so thank you for posting that.
    Of course now I feel guilty for only doing 3 rounds and not 5 😉

  • juan

    Affiliate cup update:
    The Thursday heat has been canceled due to the fact that CFHQ can now accommodate all heats on Friday, July 10th.Which I think is pretty awesome. Those of you I’ve asked so far email me if this changes anything for you. Anyone interested in going to California and participating let me know here in comments.

  • Davi

    Juan – re the games: I want in.

  • Hari

    How much taxpayer money should the government spend to save one job? While each of us might pick a different number, I’ll start the bidding with $25,000.
    The government has now spent approximately $2,000,000,000,000 dollars on bailouts and stimulus packages. For one fortieth of this amount, it could have simply written $25,000 checks to 2,000,000 people and saved us $1,950,000,000,000.
    Put another way, if the government has in fact saved 2 million jobs at cost of $2 trillion dollars, it has spent $1 million per job saved.

  • Gabe K

    I tend to agree. Also, though, how many governmental jobs are created/maintained through the “need” to administer all this funding?

  • Hari

    Gabe K,
    “Also, though, how many governmental jobs are created/maintained through the “need” to administer all this funding?”
    Fewer, I suspect, than the number of jobs that are destroyed by having taxpayers take on $2 trillion in debt.

  • Jeff

    From my old pre-CF benching experiences, I used to estimate that the DB to barbell conversion would be about 150% (or 2/3 in the other direction).
    That is, a pair of 40# DBs should be converted to about a 120# barbell.
    Or, if you wanted to sub for a 135# barbell, you’d use a pair of 45# DBs.
    Of course, that’s only my rough personal conversion and it would be different for everyone.

  • Kirk

    Flawed theory – and you know it.
    That $25 000 wouldn’t save anything (especially if government “simply wrote $25 000 checks to 2 000 000 people). giving most people $25 000 doesn’t do anything more than pay their bills for a few months – then you’d be right back where you started, except with less money…
    The concept is an interesting one: that $ 1 mil has been spent on each job saved, but you also know it doesn’t work that way. Gabe obliquely refers to all the tertiary jobs affected. Whole communities depend on some of these plants for their very existence.
    Of course, not just those extended jobs, but all the various ones in the supporting industries to the auto industry (and all the other bailouts as well).
    Let’s not even get into the related in jobs in all the other countries besides this one that will be affected (I am Canadian you know…)

  • Hari

    Okay, Kirk, so you pick a value. How about $50,000 per job, or $100,000 per job? (Can be paid in $2500 per month checks for 20 to 40 months, if you prefer.)
    And, of course, we’re presupposing under the current scenario that these jobs can be saved for more than a few months or years.
    Will you be willing to buy stock in the new GM at, say, $10 per share (i.e., to you believe that GM will be able to keep its people employed)? Would you be willing to lend money to the new GM?

  • Kirk

    As I’ve already pointed out – those types of numbers are irrelevant…and useless.
    Also, GM’s strategy will have not very much to do with how many people it can keep employed so much as how viable they can make themselves and how quickly. From an investment standpoint, that is often the time to buy-in… However, individual investment in the company is not going to save jobs, not in the short term.
    Funny you should ask about buying stock in GM as Magna, a Canadian company has just purchased both Opel and Vauxall from GM, so someone figures there is eventual money to be made here…
    My point, which you have not so artfully avoided, is that the money is not directed at saving “2 million jobs”, but potentially much more than that.

  • Hari

    My point is that GM has not been saved and the additional benefits to related businesses and communities that you cite will be short lived.
    Is it your position that the government is providing a benefit that simply cannot be calculated, and therefore any attempt at cost-benefit analysis is misguided?
    Are you of the opinion that we should be willing to spend another $2 trillion to bailout more companies, municipalities, cities, and states?
    Do you see any reason to balance these expenditures against the need for taxpayers to repay the debt?
    Assuming 100 million people do the bulk of the repayment, those people have each been saddled with $20,000 in debt this year alone.

  • Josh Rosenfield

    Funny, I thought the 2 million jobs was exactly the reason we’re bailing out GM. That there is systemic risk in the American economy if all those people go jobless.
    I lean towards Hari’s opinion that I would rather support these people who have lost their jobs with free checks, rather than see my money filtered through a failing automotive company.
    Opel and Vauxall were profitable before GM bought them, and that is why they are being picked up like meat off a carcass. Same with Saab. If someone truly thought GM could be a profitable company again, a PE firm or hedgefund would be grabbing it. The fact is, no one wants to deal with the union contracts and the pensioners.

  • Brett_nyc

    Interesting discussion re: GM.
    Another lens through which to view this collapse is Design, and by that I mean the aesthetics, physical design and engineering of the end product. Ultimately the Big 3 were formed and exist(ed) to sell automobiles. When people no longer want to buy your automobiles, you’re in deep shit. Period. Cars are all about desire and emotion; and for the last 2 decades, Detroit has been designing and selling junk.

  • Kirk

    I agree that GM has not been saved, but I didn’t see that as the discussion (not to mention how we might define “saved”). I don’t believe simple math and stats covers this massive issue. Trying to simplify it down to the idea that the individual taxpayers will now be “saddled with 20 000 in debt this year alone” is ridiculous.
    I’m always interested to note that in financial discussions here that you shape them around what the individual taxpyer is going to have to pay…as if it works like that. What you seem to be saying is that you are unwilling to support the systems in your country to assist in this situation if it means the money is coming out of your pocket…
    I’m against wasteful spending as much as the next guy (likely more). Is that what you are calling this?
    When you talk of “cost benefit analysis” – whose cost and whose benefit are you really talking about?

  • Fred

    In terms of cost to the US tax payer, bailing out GM is peanuts vs. bailing out banks. Everyone seems to question the GM bailout but somehow thinks bailing out AIG, BofA and Citi was justified (or yeah “they’re too big to fail” . Give me a break).
    You could also argue that the government should have let BofA and Citi fail and there would have been healthy banks ready to pick up the pieces (either in or out of bankrupcy). Look at Lehman Brothers. Sure it disrupted market for a while, but Barclays bought the US operations, and Nomura the European ones.
    Let’s talk about social justice for a moment. Is it socially fair to save banking jobs and let auto manufacturing jobs go? Just as you can say that GM was doomed because of high cost, poor design, etc…so were banks given the amount of risk they had on their books and the lack of adequate oversight.
    PS: I’m a banker

  • Chris

    I grew up with four auto plants within a 10 mile radius of my home in suburban Ohio. All of my friends families, and a large chunk of my family worked in the auto industry. My grandfather built Cadillac’s, and M-4 tanks in that same Cadillac plant during WW2. What you dont hear much of, because its pretty obvious but obviously needs restated, is that the auto companies are an integral part of this countries infrastructure and defense. This is in large part why they are being bailed out. Failing businesses should die, period. Autoworkers should find new work. I have no sympathy for corporate welfare, or the idiotic moralistic decision making that led to Lehman going down. But this is very different, its not like your local 7-11 is going out of business. We are talking about real infrastructure.

  • Hari

    “What you seem to be saying is that you are unwilling to support the systems in your country to assist in this situation if it means the money is coming out of your pocket…”
    I have not said this at all. I fully accept my responsibility. I pay 100% of my tax obligation (at both a quantity and a rate above that of the average taxpayer). So, I fully support (financially, if not philosophically) the “systems in [my] country to assist the situation.” My position is that the government is not assisting the situation, but making it worse.
    It seems to me that if you begin with the assumption that nothing can be quantified (e.g., there is no way to place a value on a job saved) then you are reduced to the proposition that whatever the government does is right by definition.

  • Kirk

    Not in the least. By removing the “money” part of this equation, the “quantifiable” bit, it does not make the government right. However, I am trying to look past a simplification of a much bigger situation – and by bigger I don’t just mean how we do the math, but the greater impacts of it on society.
    Randomly throwing numbers at a problem and using that flawed mathematics to try and say that what has been done is a mistake is a gross misrepresentation of the situation. Look a little bit further than that $25 000 that seems to keep coming up…
    Regarding the taxes issue – as you have (sort of) said, it is not about whether you pay them, but whether you like it. You don’t pay them because you choose to, nor because you agree with them, you pay them because you have no choice…and clearly, you don’t much like it.
    To move this along – using your concept, what would happen in a year if the government just paid out that $25 000 to each person who lost their job?

  • Tony T

    18:48 used the 45lb barbell for splits.

  • Jacinto

    Juan if you do not get the five needed for the team
    count me in.

  • Aram

    25:29 w/25# dumbells. (93,47)

  • Kim

    25# KBs
    green band pullups

  • Rory

    Setting aside GM for the moment, I am curious about people’s thoughts on the “Jeans” link. That post, and the bulk of its comments, seem to directly contradict the many “don’t worry, crossfit won’t make you big” links we’ve seen before.
    Personally, I’ve always been suspect about those links. Having a thin waist and being “skinny” are not the same thing, and having an attractive body (by society’s standards) is not necessarily the same as having a fit body (by crossfit’s standards). Obviously there are lots of subjective opinions in there, and everyone’s body is different, I’m just saying that having a high CFT and wearing those cute skinny jeans may be conflicting goals. Which I guess is to say that I agree with today’s article–crossfit is not designed to get you into fashionable jeans, it is designed to make you fit; if that’s a problem for you then you should adjust your perspective.
    Would love to hear more people’s thoughts on this, though, especially women.

  • Levi

    17:20 with 35# dumbbells

  • Hari

    “To move this along – using your concept, what would happen in a year if the government just paid out that $25 000 to each person who lost their job?”
    We would have $1.95 trillion still available for other worthy (perhaps more worthy) causes. To move your argument along, what will happen in two years if these bailouts and stimulus programs don’t work? If they prove to be little more than throwing good money after bad?

  • Davi

    That was a flesh-tearing disaster.
    35# kettlebells
    pull-up hand-tear hell
    Should I perhaps have gone lighter with the KBs? Maybe, but I think the real problem remained the pullups and grip failure/hand wreckage.

  • Steve-O

    20:01 w/ 95# barbell

  • george

    subbed 105 lbs barbell did a hang split clean, but did not go down into a full lunge

  • 15:39 rx’d

  • Mike

    18:49 rx’d with 45lb dumbells
    Juan, do you have enough for the team yet? I need to see about getting the days off, but if I can I’m in.

  • Davi

    Re Rory’s comments:
    I don’t know what to say about it. When I get into conversations with some women – especially some women in the larger, multifaceted thing that we might call the ‘yoga community of NYC’ – they express interest in Crossfit and lifting and simultaneous concern about ‘bulking up’.
    I am not the poster child for delicate, tiny, conventionally feminine grace. I’m ‘petite’ in terms of height, but I can’t really stand as evidence that you won’t get bigger doing Crossfit. I came to Crossfit with basically the same body shape I have now, except 8 bazillion pull-ups in only a few months later and I seem to have grown new deltoids (AWESOME!) and gotten measurably stronger in a variety of ways (as my recent bike ride demonstrated quite clearly to me).
    I don’t own or wear pants. I had to wear some last weekend for work and, yes, they have the dreaded ‘waist gap’ (shock! horror!).
    I wear pants to train/practice yoga/dance in. I wear bike shorts. When I’m not in some kind of dance/yoga/athletic attire, I’m in a dress or a skirt (usually with shorts underneath for better biking and spontaneous handstanding). I cannot buy pants off the rack. But I couldn’t buy pants off the rack before I started Crossfit. I used to have pants made when I was in high school. And I’ll probably do that again some time in the not-too-distant future. It’s expensive to have them made and time-consuming unless I become a rockstar seamstress, but so are alterations to pants that don’t really end up fitting when all is said and done anyway.
    And, to that I say: so what?
    This is nothing new for me. Perhaps for some women the Crossfit-induced experience of not being able to buy clothes straight off the rack is like some kind of world-shattering paradigm shift.
    Sure, I’d like to have some pants that fit me, but that just means I need to find better pants, not better thighs.

  • Kirk

    Once again, you have focused on the money.
    When I asked “To move this along – using your concept, what would happen in a year if the government just paid out that $25 000 to each person who lost their job?” I was asking about the PEOPLE – you know, those potentially millions who will be out of work… By “perhaps more worthy” you somehow mean more worthy than them?

  • Davi

    There is now antibiotic/analgesic ointment all over my laptop.
    the perils of post-pull-up posting

  • Tripp

    15:53 with 35lb dumbells
    I usually don’t pick at details like this, but “As Rx’d” is with 40lb dumbells. Considering we don’t have any 40lb dumbells at the Manhattan box, I’m curious how anyone did this WOD “As Rx’d,” assuming of course they did it at the box.
    Also, there was an interesting debate tonight on form when it comes to “split” cleans with dumbells. It seems like most people were touching their knee to the deck in the split, but this seems more like a clean with a lunge than an actual “split clean.” For example, I don’t think anyone would do a heavy split jerk with their knee touching the deck. Has anyone read anything about this point on the main board? It seems like they’d indicate the split should include a lunge to the deck if it were required. In any event, most of my splits were to the deck with the knee anyway. I also realize that this may very well be the only CrossFit WOD that includes a split-clean with dumbells.

  • Sophie

    53# barbell
    Pull ups were incredibly slow

  • Kirk

    Indeed. You will note on my post I wrote “as Rx’d as possible” and then asked about dumbbell to barbell conversions as we do not have many DBs… To which I received no “official” answer (thanks for your answer Jeff! When I was in Bogota, we used 40# DBs in place of a 95# bar…similar concept)
    As for the “lunge form”, Jacinto was very clear with how we should have our legs and the back knee was most definitely not on the floor, but rather, the feet and knees were similar to a split jerk position.

  • Tripp

    Kirk –
    Exactly times two. I didn’t mean to single anyone out or seem too crabby (wanted to use another word but didn’t seem publicly appropriate) about that point. Ultimately, I’m a firm believer in CrossFit stat reporting being only important to the person reporting – in other words, who really cares. But it’s good to be accurate if you’re going to post I guess. I’m just not in a good mood tonight as I’ve been wallowing in errands and packing all day today for my way too soon departure from the city.
    I think Jacinto’s instruction is probably the most technically correct. However, with fatigue and “for time” being involved the knee to floor action is bound to happen.

  • Tripp

    Oh yeah – I also noted your earlier post about dumbell to barbell conversion, and Jeff’s response. I wish this topic had gotten more discussion, as I personally never realized there ought to be a conversion factor.

  • Kirk

    I’m with you – both on the stat reporting being important to the one reporting and the not being in a good mood thing as well… My teams are having trouble, particularly right now in Pakistan…
    Where are you being deployed?

  • Jeffrey B.

    subbed 35# DBs. 20:17.

  • Hari

    24:30 Sub 35 lbs
    (68,54), (35,27)

  • Kurt

    sub 1 pood KB
    Scale 11 pullups a round

  • Hari

    “Once again, you have focused on the money”
    Yes, I find it difficult to make arguments about economic policy without referring to money.
    “By ‘perhaps more worthy’ you somehow mean more worthy than them?”
    I mean more worthy than creating zombie companies that are kept alive through ongoing transfusions of government cash. Even Sweden is unwilling to do this for Saab:

  • Neil

    It’s a common misconception that all GM employees and employees of their suppliers lose their jobs if GM goes under. Politicians and unions are creating a furor with their “10% unemployment” scare tactics. In the event that GM has to be liquidated, some healthy company will buy up their assets at firesale prices. They’ll tell the unions to fuck off, and they’ll generate a profit. Why would this happen? Because demand for cars isn’t going to change, and the factories and employees will still be there. They just won’t make $70/hour, which is fine, because they are not worth $70/hour. Unfortunately, the unions have political ties with the Obama administration, which insists that the laws of economics do not apply to labor unions. So, unfortunately, GM will become Amtrak. It will continue to make shitty cars, and it will eventually file for bankruptcy the next time a recession comes around.

  • In re: dumbbells vs. barbells, I found a bunch of discussion online by googling “dumbbells barbells conversion.”

  • Hari
  • Jeff
  • Paul

    13:37, subbed 35 lb kettlebells.
    Extra pullups (dead hang) and pushups after.

  • kj

    25:23 w/ 45# bar.

  • Grace

    26:40 with 30# DB’s
    Did this in Brooklyn. My hands are paying for this today.

  • Lisa

    Davi, it must be nice to wear custom-made clothes even if they are expensive 🙂
    It was heartening to see so many women at this morning’s class – hopefully the ‘bulking up’ myth is fading.

  • Reagan

    As Rx’d 20:01
    Black Box (113,113)